Let’s discover out the point record in an NBA jeu in auto history de the league and the ranking of tous the football player who pursue this record


When nous talk around Score enregistrer in année NBA game, conditions météorologiques are talking around legendary performances, those seul days in which thé players ont expressed us to the maximum et have continued to be in history.

Let’s find out the all temps NBA single-game scoring leaders.

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The Highest points Ever scored in une Game

The NBA point record in a game was achieved par Wilt Chamberlain that with auto 100 points obtained in 1962 calmer remains unattainable, specifically considering that kobe Bryant is in second place with 19 points behind.

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The legendary Wilt Chamberlain in thé 1960s imposed a scary dominance that dirige him à be omnipresent in this special ranking, although cette “only” places 7th in auto NBA’s meilleur scorers ever.

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The phenomena de the NBA aujourdhui are encore very frais from being able à worry this record, if you consider that LeBron James and James Harden are parce que le now stuck at a personal best of 61 point in a game.

List ns NBA single-game scoring leaders

1Wilt Chamberlain1001962Philadelphia WarriorsNew York Knicks169–147
2Kobe Bryant812006Los Angeles LakersToronto Raptors122–104
3Wilt Chamberlain781961Philadelphia WarriorsLos Angeles Lakers147–151
4Wilt Chamberlain731962Philadelphia WarriorsChicago Packers135–117
5Wilt Chamberlain731962San Francisco WarriorsNew York Knicks127–111
6David Thompson731978Denver NuggetsDetroit Pistons137–139
7Wilt Chamberlain721962San Francisco WarriorsLos Angeles Lakers115–127
8Elgin Baylor711960Los Angeles LakersNew York Knicks123–108
9David Robinson711994San Antonio SpursLos Angeles Clippers112–97
10Wilt Chamberlain701963San Francisco WarriorsSyracuse Nationals148–163
11Devin Booker702017Phoenix SunsBoston Celtics120–130
12Michael Jordan691990Chicago BullsCleveland Cavaliers117–113
13Wilt Chamberlain681967Philadelphia 76ersChicago Bulls143–123
14Pete Maravich681977New olions JazzNew York Knicks124–107
15Wilt Chamberlain671961Philadelphia WarriorsNew York Knicks135–126
16Wilt Chamberlain671962Philadelphia WarriorsSt. Luigi Hawks121–128
17Wilt Chamberlain671962Philadelphia WarriorsNew York Knicks135–149
18Wilt Chamberlain671963San Francisco WarriorsLos Angeles Lakers129–134
19Wilt Chamberlain661969Los Angeles LakersPhoenix Suns134–116
20Wilt Chamberlain651962Philadelphia WarriorsCincinnati Royals132–152
21Wilt Chamberlain651962Philadelphia WarriorsSt. Luigi Hawks147–137
22Wilt Chamberlain651966Philadelphia 76ersLos Angeles Lakers132–125
23Kobe Bryant652007Los Angeles LakersPortland trace Blazers116–111
24Elgin Baylor641959Minneapolis LakersBoston Celtics136–115
25Rick Barry641974Golden State WarriorsPortland trace Blazers143–120
26Michael Jordan641993Chicago BullsOrlando Magic124–128
27Joe Fulks631949Philadelphia WarriorsIndianapolis Jets108–87
28Elgin Baylor631961Los Angeles LakersPhiladelphia Warriors151–147
29Jerry West631962Los Angeles LakersNew York Knicks129–121
30Wilt Chamberlain631962San Francisco WarriorsLos Angeles Lakers118–120
31Wilt Chamberlain631964San Francisco WarriorsPhiladelphia 76ers117–128
32George Gervin631978San Antonio SpursNew olions Jazz132–153
33Michael Jordan631986Chicago BullsBoston Celtics131–135
34Wilt Chamberlain621962Philadelphia WarriorsBoston Celtics136–145
35Wilt Chamberlain621962Philadelphia WarriorsSt. Louis Hawks136–130
36Wilt Chamberlain621962Philadelphia WarriorsSyracuse Nationals139–132
37Wilt Chamberlain621963San Francisco WarriorsNew York Knicks123–103
38Wilt Chamberlain621964San Francisco WarriorsCincinnati Royals122–106
39Wilt Chamberlain621966Philadelphia 76ersSan Francisco Warriors135–125
40Tracy McGrady622004Orlando MagicWashington Wizards108–99
41Kobe Bryant622005Los Angeles LakersDallas Mavericks112–90
42Carmelo Anthony622014New York KnicksCharlotte Bobcats125–96
43George Mikan611952Minneapolis LakersRochester Royals91–81
44Wilt Chamberlain611961Philadelphia WarriorsChicago Packers135–113
45Wilt Chamberlain611962Philadelphia WarriorsSt. Louis Hawks139–121
46Wilt Chamberlain611962Philadelphia WarriorsChicago Packers128–119
47Elgin Baylor611962Los Angeles LakersBoston Celtics126–121
48Wilt Chamberlain611962San Francisco WarriorsCincinnati Royals139–143
49Wilt Chamberlain611962San Francisco WarriorsSyracuse Nationals136–124
50Wilt Chamberlain611962San Francisco WarriorsSt. Louis Hawks130–110
51Michael Jordan611987Chicago BullsDetroit Pistons125–120
52Michael Jordan611987Chicago BullsAtlanta Hawks114–117
53Karl Malone611990Utah JazzMilwaukee Bucks144–96
54Shaquille O’Neal612000Los Angeles LakersLos Angeles Clippers123–103
55Kobe Bryant612009Los Angeles LakersNew York Knicks126–117
56LeBron James612014Miami HeatCharlotte Bobcats124–107
57James Harden612019Houston RocketsNew York Knicks114–110
58James Harden612019Houston RocketsSan Antonio Spurs111–105
59Damian Lillard612020Portland trace BlazersGolden State Warriors129–124
60Damian Lillard612020Portland follow BlazersDallas Mavericks134–131
61Wilt Chamberlain601961Philadelphia WarriorsLos Angeles Lakers138–117
62Wilt Chamberlain601961Philadelphia WarriorsLos Angeles Lakers123–118
63Wilt Chamberlain601969Los Angeles LakersCincinnati Royals126–113
64Bernard King601984New York KnicksNew Jersey Nets114–120
65Larry Bird601985Boston CelticsAtlanta Hawks126–115
66Tom Chambers601990Phoenix SunsSeattle SuperSonics121–95
67Allen Iverson602005Philadelphia 76ersOrlando Magic112–99
68Gilbert Arenas602006Washington WizardsLos Angeles Lakers147–141
69Kobe Bryant602007Los Angeles LakersMemphis Grizzlies121–119
70Kobe Bryant602016Los Angeles LakersUtah Jazz101–96
71Klay Thompson602016Golden State WarriorsIndiana Pacers142–106
72James Harden602018Houston RocketsOrlando Magic114–107
73Kemba Walker602018Charlotte HornetsPhiladelphia 76ers119–122
74Damian Lillard602019Portland trace BlazersBrooklyn Nets115–119
75James Harden602019Houston RocketsAtlanta Hawks158–111
76Jayson Tatum602021Boston CeltisSan Antonio Spurs143-140
77Bradley Beal602021Washington WizardsPhiladelphia 76ers136-114

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