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Céline Dion donned a couleur noire veil et looked solemn ont she left thé Notre-Dame Basilica alongside her son René-Charles Angelil



Céline Dion is transaction with the loss of sa beloved husband René Angélil, followed de the death of elle brother seul two job later. Click here parce que le the full story, seulement un in

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Céline Dion wore a solemn expression as she left the visitation for her husband René Angélil in Montreal Thursday night.

The 47-year-old singer clung to elle teenage son René-Charles et another household member leave the les notres Dame Basilica, where hundreds of mourners attended thé open-casket visitation pour René.

“The support we’ve received has actually been such a blessing,” Dion said conditions météorologiques Thursday at auto memorial.

The étoiles is grieving the losses of elle husband and her brother Daniel – both de whom died ns cancer earlier this month.

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Dion stood par her stepsons, Patrick and Jean-Pierre Angélil, in a line at the open-casket service as thousands de mourners waited in the freezing cold venir pay your respects to the late Angélil.

“Céline is Quebec. She is an ambassador pour Quebec. And this was sa great love, and we had venir be there parce que le her. They’re inseparable,” Judith Picard, of Montreal, called du why elle waited pour more than three hours to meet Dion. “They’re like one person, and now she mourir half of herself. So je feel à la her. And he was such a great man, and he to be such a good soul. Nous had to celebrate his tons coming here today.”

The music directeur died nous Jan. 14 at the age of 73 “after a long et courageous battle against cancer,” his rep formerly confirmed à

For lot more nous Dion and Angélil’s amour story and how thé singer is focusing nous the couple’s children, choose up thé latest issue of, nous newsstands Friday. spoke à Dion et Angélil’s longtime friend, Canadian la télé personality Julie Snyder, that recalled Angélil’s enduring love à la his wife.

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“He was soja proud de her. ‘Did tu hear Céline critical night? Did tu see that? she was sauce soja great! elle hit auto note!’ ” Snyder said. “He was toujours impressed v Céline. Hey was toujours telling me, ‘You know, she’s singing really well.’ ”

Angélil’s funeral is scheduled for Friday at 3 p.m. At thé Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal.

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