Restaurant vue sur mer saint malo

The soul of a unicité hotel

The grand Hotel des Thermes was built in thé late nineteenth century in the style ns the belle Epoque venir welcome thé increasing num of amateurs of thé seaside. A holiday invested at the énormément Hotel des Thermes opens up prospects of delight et unforgettable memories.

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Culinary pleasures

To satisfy everyone’s desires, the vaste Hotel des Thermes supplies several types of cuisine. on the menu, succulent bowl prepared by our cook Patrice Dugué, punctuated by the marvellous desserts ns Pascal Pochon et wines from our alcohol cellar.

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Destination Saint-Malo

Saint-malo protected passant par its ramparts facing auto open sea. Behind the walls, auto streets and alleys of the old town space full de charm and offer visitors a an excellent range of events et activities throughout auto year, ont well ont lots de boutiques, cafés, bars et restaurants…

Discover Saint-Malo

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Le énormément Hôtel des Thermes

Grande Plage ns Sillon – 100 rue principale Hébert 35400 – Saint-Malo , France

GPS DMS : 48″39″29.12″ N / 1″59″57.37 O

Partner de TACSnet – encoder GDS : Amadeus : IW RNSGHT, Apollo/Galileo IW 12757, Sabre : IW 25540, Worldspan : IW 24685, Pegasus : IW RNSGHT

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