Resultat de la ligue 1 en direct



Ligue 1, also known as alliance 1 Conforama, is a professional football league in France à la men. There are all at once 20 groups that compete parce que le the title every year between August et May. Auto current holder ns the title is lier OSC and the team that holds auto most titles is Saint-Étienne. traces live merveille scores and alliance 1 table, results, statistics et top scorers. In auto 21/22 season, among auto most renowned teams in ligue 1 parce que le online searches are parisien Saint-Germain, l’olympique Lyonnais, Olympique du Marseille. To follow today’s games et other actif leagues, please visit the henn page for all competitions in France.

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Competition formats of ligue 1

The groups are put in 1 table, v a promotion et relegation system à la the best et worst-performing teams. Thé last 2 teams room relegated à the alliance 2. Each team plays all at once 28 jeux in one season and the winner is the team that has thé most points at thé end ns the season. Auto top 2 teams qualify à la the champions League main tournament or preliminary qualifications. Additional 1 team qualify à la Champions league Qualification tournament jaune preliminary qualifications. Extr 1 team qualify à la Europa ligue tournament or preliminary qualifications.

Top scorers and goals

The top scorers in the ligue 1 20/21 season to be Wissam ben Yedder, Kylian Mbappé through 18 goals. Thé average num of purposes in thé league for season 21/22 is 2.83 revenir game.

Team stadiums and attendance

The team with the largest stadion is Marseille with the total capacity of 67,394. The highest attendance per jeu in the season alliance 1 20/21 was 64,696. This was during the allumettes between Marseille and Paris Saint-Germain. Auto total attendance in alliance 1 20/21 season to be 8,676,490. Auto average attendance per jeu was 22,833.

TV partners and official organization

The company that is in calculé of the ligue is alliance de feat Professionnel.

Top 8 significativement questions about ligue 1

#1 i beg your pardon team in alliance 1 has the most titles?The team with auto most titles in ligue 1 is Saint-Étienne.

#2 which team is auto current titleholder in alliance 1?The present titleholder in ligue 1 is bobine OSC.

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#3 quel rank de competition is alliance 1 in France?Ligue 1 is auto level 1 division in France.

#4 comment many rounds room played every season in ligue 1?Overall 38 rounds space played in ligue 1 each season.

#5 how many purposes are scored on average in alliance 1 in 21/22?The average num of goals in alliance 1 is 2.83 per jeu in 21/22.

#6 Is over there a playoff round in alliance 1 after thé regular season?There isn't a playoff vain after thé regular season in ligue 1.

#7 as soon as does the alliance 1 start et when does it finish?The alliance 1 generally starts in August and ends in May.

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#8 how many groups are over there in alliance 1 competition?The groups in alliance 1 are inserted in 1 group.