Can You phat Powerball Online?

Yes, tu can! phat Powerball online passant par selecting five henn numbers from 1-69 and a singlePowerball number indigenous 1-26. When you phat online with official lottery tickets, elle can choose your Powerball number manually, with thé Quick pick option, or use your saved chanceux numbers. You’ll get a scanned copy du your official us Powerball billet in your private theLotter account before every draw.

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US Powerball draws room staged every Monday,Wednesday, et Saturday at 23:00 EST!

You can learn more about how we purchase official lottery ticket here.


Can tu Buy Powerball Tickets digital Outside auto US?

Yes! as soon as you play Powerball online at theLotter, you can acquisition Powerball ticket worldwide. TheLotter"s local offices will certainly buy official us Powerball lottery tickets on your behalf native inside the US, and with theLotter’s check out Your ticket Service, amie will watch a scan du any and all Powerball tickets elle buy in your theLotter account avant the appartenir à draw.


What is the Powerball Power phat Option?

Powerball offers année optional multiplier known ont the puissance Play, i beg your pardon multiplies thé seven bottom prize divisions par 2, 3, 4, 5 or 10 times, depending nous the draw et jackpot size. Equivalent five henchmen numbers et the Power phat still makes tu a multi-millionaire passant par doubling Powerball’s second carré prize venir a staggering $2,000,000! To add the multiplier, simply examine the puissance Play des boites when tu buy her Powerball tickets online. Get more information on how to play with this incredibly rewarding phat option de checking the end ourPower phat guide.


How à Claim us Powerball Lottery Prizes at theLotter

Win with theLotter and receive automated win notifications dessus email or SMS. Powerball prizes will marche straight into your secure virtual account outcomes are published et soon after thereceipt de the compensation from thé official lottery operator.If you win a larger prize you will be invited venir collect her prize in human being in thé US through a trip paid for by theLotter! All Powerball wins space subject venir state et federal taxes. to see the latest win numbers and learn an ext about taxes nous US Powerball wins, please aller to auto US Powerball resultspage.


How Can je Be certain I"ll Receive mien Prize?

From purchase to payoff, theLotter is secure and simple. Per our Terms de Use, theLotter has no legal claim to your tickets whatsoever -- all winnings space 100% yours. When elle buy Powerball tickets online, a confirmation email is ressentir to you ont proof de ticket ownership. After the ticket is physically purchased, elle will likewise be able venir see a scanned copy de the ticket in her account ont proof-of-purchase. Due to the fact that our starting in 2002, theLotter has actually helped players acquisition tickets to auto biggest lottery in thé world and has had auto privilege de paying out much more than $100 million à over 6 million winners.


How do You Win auto Powerball Jackpot?

US Powerball offers an impressive $20 million* beginning jackpot and its $1.58 billionpersonal meilleur from January 2016 is the all-time lottery civilization record! When toutes les personnes the numbers conditions météorologiques your Powerball ticket match the five henn numbers and the Powerball, you win thé US Powerball jackpot prize! In addition to auto jackpot elle can success one de eight exciting an additional prizes consisting of a second prize the starts at $1 million! even when tu buy Powerball ticket online you are eligible venir win these impressive prizes - si your numbers rencontre those drawn! Learn an ext about Powerball and other popular us lotteries by checking the end our American Lottery Guide.

*Officially, the advertised jackpot is determined passant par game sales et interest rates, et it is announced prior venir each draw.

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theLotter’s nous Powerball Lottery Winners

Can you play Powerball si you space not a us citizen? Of course you can! This is evidenced not only on the main Powerball website, marqué also in thé stories du some ns our greatest Powerball winners below at theLotter.

Australian G. Won année amazing $1 million second prize in nous Powerball’s 2016/84 attract that took place nous Wednesday 19 October 2016. G. Is a veteran player who has actually been playing lotteries through theLotter because 2003. Ont we can see, keep playing et good chance comes at last!

Canadian P. From Quebec won $1 million in thé Powerball draw nous Saturday 27 February 2016, noting the lundi time in two months that a foreigner had won the coveted lundi prize. Review how cette discovered he was a millionaire while cette was eating breakfast.

73-year-old heure from El Salvador had one question nous his mind when auto Powerball jackpot struggle $1.5 billion: wherein can ns buy a Powerball ticket? Luckily thé answer was theLotter et he won the $1 million 2nd prize in thé historic draw nous 13 January 2016! "I won!" hey shouted out when hey heard the news. Cette plans to travel et retire in style. Review his histoire here.

B.U. From auto UK won auto Powerball’s second place $1 million compensation after playing seul five entries in thé draw conditions météorologiques 21 April 2012! When hey got the appel from theLotter informing the that hey was a gros winner, he thought ce was a joke. Ne sont pas joke! review quel the heureux player said after winning $1 million!

Fifty five ns our players from all over thé world teamed up in a Powerball syndicate in November 2017 and shared a $106,000 win, including two 3rd division prizes of $50,000. What was even an ext amazing is the every simple line of the syndicate’s 65 lines won a prize! Read thé story de the to win Powerball syndicate.

Latest news about auto US Powerball

After de nouveau rollover, Powerball"s next jackpot prize jumped to $123 million ($87.8 million espèces value) à la the draw nous Monday, 1 November. Buy your tickets today à la your chance at win this multi-million dollar American lottery prize!

A simple ticket offered in thé state of california matched the $699.8 million Powerball jackpot compensation in thé 4 October 2021 draw.

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This jackpot ranks as the 5th largest in Powerball history et the 7th best jackpot in U.S. Lottery history. Auto draw"s winning number were: 2, 22, 54, 66, et 69, et the Powerball alors was 15.