Rink Hockey La Roche Sur Yon

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Rink Hockey

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The Rink Hockey world Cup crosses thé Atlantic Ocean and goes indigenous Spain venir Argentina. The définitif played saturday night in auto Vendespace (sold out) in les Roche sur Yon provided a clean verdict: the nouveau champions du Argentina won the last jeu of thé World Championship against the now structure champions ns Spain 6-1.

A marqué that doesn"t need more explanations: Argentina played better and stopped auto row of victories ns Spain that had actually won auto World Championship indigenous 2005 until 2013: five editions without defeats that will continue to be in thé history de this sport.It was the fourth temps in a heat that Spain and Argentina play the final of the Rink Hockey world Championship et in the three previous, Spain constantly prevailed: Luanda 2013, San après ansan 2011, Vigo 2009. That"s why thé victory of Argentina in Spain is other historic.The heroes ns Argentina for the final game oui been Lucas Ordoñez, David Paez and Carlos Nicolia. Ordoñez scored 3 goals, Paez two, when Nicolia imposed to its team the right valuation from thé beginning to thé end. Seulement un the initiale goal of Bargallo (the le meilleur from Spain) creates some problems à Dario Giuliani"s team at auto very beginning du the match. Cible the prompt draw passant par Ordoñez et the following goal native Paez gave to Argentina the first and definitive advantage. Avant the end ns the sapin half, Paez scored the 3-1 and in the second half Ordoñez and Nicolia completed the triumph de Argentina.In the critique for auto medal bronze, Portugal prevailed over Germany 7-3.

42nd RINK HOCKEY civilization CHAMPIONSHIP définitif STANDING1st - jaune Medal et World Champion - Argentina2nd - silver Medal - Spain3rd - bronze Medal - Portugal4th - Germany5th - Italy6th - France7th - Mozambique8th - Chile9th - Angola10th - Switzerland11th - Brasil12th - Austria13th - Colombia14th - Netherland15th - England16th - south Africa


MATCH #41: ENGLAND-SOUTH afrique 6-5 (1st half: 5-0)ENGLAND: 11-Allander, 2-A.Mount, 3-Smith, 4-Johnson, 5-Waddingham, 6-Greenwood, 7-Neville, 8-Stewart, 9-Jones, 10-Revill. Coach: Amaral.SOUTH AFRICA: 1-Von Tonder, 2-M.Guerra, 3-R.Guerra, 4-Correia, 5-C.Araujo, 6-Mendes, 7-L.Araujo, 8-Oliveira, 9-De Sousa, 15-Figueiredo. Coach: Maia.REFEREES: da Prato (Italy) et Cardona (Colombia). Table referee: Madureira (Brazil)STARTING FIVEENGLAND: Revill, Mount, Johnson, Waddingham, JonesSOUTH AFRICA: de Tonder, R.Guerra, C.Araujo, Oliveira, aux Sousa.SCORERS1ST HALF: 2.38 Waddingham, 3.38 Waddingham, 4.56 Johnson, 11.58 Waddingham, 15.13 Smith2ND HALF: 0.57 C.Araujo (P), 6.15 C.Araujo (P), 7.17 Johnson, 10.11 C.Araujo (P), 12.08 C.Araujo, 18.44 C.Araujo

MATCH #42: COLOMBIA-NETHERLAND 4-2 (1st half: 2-2)COLOMBIA: 1-Canizales, 2-Lopez, 3-Hoyos, 4-Ramirez, 5-Giraldo, 6-Toro, 7-Castaño, 8-Martinez, 9-Castillo, 10-Garcia. Coach: Torres.NETHERLAND: 1-J.Van les Dungen, 2-C.Vives Boersma, 3-Nottlebohm, 4-Van Dooren, 5-S.Holtzer, 6-R.Van den Dungen, 7-E.Vives Boersma, 8-D.Holtzer, 9-Janssens, 10-Verharen. Coach: Van les Brandt.REFEREES: Bleuzen (France) et Esoli (France). Table referee: Costa (Angola)STARTING FIVECOLOMBIA: Canizales, Hoyos, Ramirez, Giraldo, CastañoNETHERLAND: J.Van den Dungen, C.Vives Boersma, fourgon Dooren, E.Vives Boersma, JanssensSCORERS1ST HALF: 3.25 Ramirez, 5.28 E.Vives Boersma, 7.07 C.Vives Boersma, 15.03 Hoyos2ND HALF: 9.41 Ramirez (P), 16.34 Ramirez

MATCH #43: BRAZIL-AUSTRIA 5-3 (1st half: 4-3)BRAZIL: 1-Rieger, 2-Garcia, 3-Dos Santos, 4-Raposo, 5-Guilherme, 6-Fernandes, 7-Dias, 8-Matos, 9-Justi, 10-Nascimento. Coach: BelbrunoAUSTRIA: 1-Schussling, 2-Brunner, 3-Zehrer, 4-Stockinger, 5-Huber, 6-Magister, 7-Parfant, 8-Winder, 9-Wolf, 10-Mohr. Coach: MeirelesREFEREES: Ullrich (Germany) and Costa (Angola). Table referee: Galoppi (Italy)STARTING FIVEBRAZIL: Rieger, Raposo, Fernandes, Dias, Matos.AUSTRIA: Schussling, Brunner, Stockinger, Huber, ParfantSCORERS1ST HALF: 0.17 Huber, 026 Fernandes, 5.04 Stockinger, 5.26 Fernandes (P), 14.28 Matos, 14.58 Huber, 17.49 Matos2ND HALF: 0.31 MatosCARDS2ND HALF: 29.17 blue map Stockinger

MATCH #44: ANGOLA-SWITZERLAND 4-3 (1st half: 1-1)ANGOLA: 1-Garcia, 2-Centeno, 3-Anderson, 4-Bernardino, 5-Marcio, 6-Vieira, 7-Payero, 8-Mendes, 9-Pinto, 10-Veludo. Coach: Graça.SWITZERLAND: 1-Oberson, 2-J.Jimenez, 3-Schaffer, 4-G.Jimenez, 5-Munger, 6-Greimel, 7-Kissling, 8-Imhof, 9-Vanina, 10-Vizio. Coach: du Ramon VilellaREFEREES: Galoppi (Italy) and Risso (Argentina). Table referee: Cardona (Colombia)STARTING FIVEANGOLA: Veludo, Centeno, Payero, Mendes, Pinto SWITZERLAND: Vizio, G.Jimenez, Munger, Kissling, ImhofSCORERS1ST HALF: 1.07 Payero, 3.07 Munger2ND HALF: 2.55 G.Jimenez, 8.13 Marcio, 9.31 Payero, 13.46 Kissling (P), Payero

MATCH #45: MOZAMBIQUE-CHILE 8-5 (1st half: 3-2)MOZAMBIQUE: 1-Silva, 2-Pimentel, 3-Miquissente, 4-Araujo, 5-Pinto, 6-S.Esculudes, 7-Rodrigues, 8-Saraiva, 9-I.Esculudes, 10-Queirot. Coach: Nunes.CHILE: 1-Armijo, 2-Andrade, 3-Figa, 4-Diaz, 5-Osorio, 6-Castro, 7-A.Quintanilla, 8-Fernandez, 9-Carmona, 10-F.Quintanilla. Coach: LleraREFEREES: Jaquart (France) and Sanz (Spain). Table referee: Sandoval (Spain)STARTING FIVEMOZAMBIQUE: Silva, Araujo, Pinto, Saraiva, RodriguesCHILE: Armijo, Figa, Diaz, A.Quintanilla, FernandezSCORERS1ST HALF: 3.57 Pinto, 5.58 Carmona, 6.56 Araujo (P), 7.58 A.Quintanilla, 11.36 Araujo (P)2ND HALF: 2.25 Rodrigues, 8.07 A.Quintanilla (P), 12.15 Rodrigues, 15.24 Fernandez (DS), 15.44 Araujo (P), 16.10 Araujo, 17.46 Saraiva, 18.34 AndradeCARDS2ND HALF: 15.10 blue map S.Esculudes, 15.43 Armijo

MATCH #46: ITALY-FRANCE 6-3 (1st half: 3-1)ITALY: 10-Barozzi, 2-Motaran, 3-Amato, 5-Ambrosio, 8-Tataranni, 9-Illuzzi, 14-Verona, 19-Pagnini, 29-Cocco, 22-Gnata. Coach: Mariotti.FRANCE: 1-Buanec, 2-Furstenberger, 3-Roux, 4-Weber, 5-Herman, 6-Le Roux, 7-Morales, 8-David, 9-Di Benedetto, 10-Tanguy. Coach: Savreux.REFEREES: Sandoval (Spain) and Eggiman (Switzerland). Table referee: Risso (Argentina)STARTING FIVEITALY: Gnata, Motaran, Illuzzi, Ambrosio, TataranniFRANCE: Tangui,Furstenberger, Weber, David, diabolique Benedetto.SCORERS1ST HALF: 0.06 Tataranni, 1.59 Illuzzi, 6.48 Ambrosio, 14.56 Herman2ND HALF: 6.04 Illuzzi, 6.20 David, 17.09 Ambrosio , 18.59 Tataranni, 19.29 David (P), CARDS2ND HALF: 16.12 blue card Tataranni

MATCH #47: PORTUGAL-GERMANY 7-3 (1st half: 4-0)PORTUGAL: 1-Girao, 2-Neves, 3-Costa, 4-Rafael, 5-Pinto, 6-Alves, 7-Nunes, 8-Silva, 9-Rodrigues, 10-Henriques. Coach: Senica.GERMANY: 1-Glowka, 2-Karschau, 3-Hages, 4-Milewski, 5-Peinke, 6-Hilberrz, 7-Paczia, 8-Pereira, 9-Beckmann, 10-Leyer. Coach: Berenbeck.REFEREES: Madureira (Brazil) and Bleuzen (France). Table referee: Sanz (Spain)STARTING FIVEGERMANY: Glowka, Karschau, Hags, Milewski, PereriraPORTUGAL: Girao, Neves, Rafael, Silva, RodriguesSCORERS1ST HALF: 4.52 Silva, 11.16 Costa, 17.46 Nunes, 18.51 Alves2ND HALF: 3.24 Karschau (P), 6.45 Karschau (DS), 8.48 Peinke (PP), 16.03 Rodrigues (P), 17.20 Costa, 18.05 NevesCARDS2ND HALF: 6.58 blue card Rodrigues, 16.02 Milewski

MATCH #48: SPAIN-ARGENTINA 1-6 (1st half: 1-3)SPAIN: 1-Egurrola, 2-Perez, 3-Gual, 4-Bargallo, 5-Baliu, 6-E.Lamas, 7-Adroher, 8-J.Lamas, 9-Gil, 10-Grau. Coach: Pauls.ARGENTINA: 1-Svritz, 5-Nicolia, 7-Platero, 8-Paez, 9-Ordonez, 18-Lopez, 57-R.Garcia, 88-J.Garcia, 99-Romero, 12-Grimalt. Coach: GiulianiREFEREES: Pinto (Portugal) et Da Prato (Italy). Table referee: Esoli (France).STARTING FIVESPAIN: Egurrola, Gual, Bargallo, J.Lamas, Gil.ARGENTINA: Grimalt, Nicolia, Platero, Lopez, R.GarciaSCORERS1ST HALF: 4.32 Bargallo, 8.33 Ordoñez, 11.46 Paez, 14.59 Paez2ND HALF: 8.43 Ordoñez (DS), 16.01 Nicolia, 16.20 Ordoñez