Road trip, johnny hallyday 2020

At the heart of this documentary, image of escape et memories of Taulier's friends during his last American road trip


Pierre Billon et Johnny Hallyday in -

Three year after thé death ns the rocker, la france 3 broadcasts Friday night "Johnny Hallyday, à our promises: the last trip".

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Directed passant par François Goetghebeur, the documentaire immerses us in Johnny"s critical American roadway trip.

Three years ago, nous November 30, 2017, an overwhelming evening took place at thé Savannah in Marnes-la-Coquette.

After a dinner surrounded de his relatives, Johnny Hallyday uncovered with emotions the cinématique of his critical road pilgrimage in auto United States.

A mechanical ride, conditions météorologiques motorcycles du course, fabriqué with his friend a year earlier, in September 2016. A holiday film punctuated passant par the melodies of the Stones and Dylan, conceived de the director francis Goetghebeur, that had complied with them during auto twelve days of their American dream.

Intended à accompany Johnny"s nouveau album, cette was actually the cinématicien of his an extremely last trip.

Because only a few days after this viewing, thé Taulier left us.

Three year later, these image became the documentaire

Johnny Hallyday, to our promises: the last trip

, broadcast this Friday at 9:05 pm on france 3 oui part of année evening committed to the rocker.

At the moment captured nous the roads, in motels et traditional dinners, auto director added thé testimonies de those who burnt thé asphalt par his side: roche Billon, Philippe Fatien, Claude Bouillon, Billy, Dimitri Coste et Sébastien Farran.

Laeticia Hallyday and their daughters Jade et Joy additionally appear there.

After thé death ns the rocker, cette asked lock to go back to thé memories de this trip with the accents of "summer camp, ns this band de guys that go et take a trip".

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A story du hermit crabs et toads

Long-time friend ns Johnny, calcul Billon encore remembers through

20 Minutes

auto way thé rocker rode his bike: “Everyone has actually their position.

Johnny had actually a really peculiar one, he strapped his bag behind him et it wedged him completely.

He was curled up like a kind de hermit crab nous his rock, je looked favor a toad, Fatien was very upright, oui he is in life et Boubou walk what hey can!

"" Boubou "or" Boubouille "is Claude Bouillon, année old friend du Johnny (they are auto same age), with whom cette set up a restaurants at thé dawn de the 2000s and who attempted auto adventure of road trip for the tons time.

“It wasn"t easy,” he confirms.

I can parlez you that ns suffered enormously!

I said venir myself "what are amie doing here, you aller not oui the physical, not auto means" ".

To cross auto United claims in a dozen work is venir swallow an average du 500 kilometers a day, et to face the elements.

“I thought ns was dying!” cette says, psychic a stormy day the took thé whole team passant par surprise.

I deserve to honestly tell you that cette is a miracle the there were ne sont pas accidents, but oui I always said v Johnny, when i was v him ns didn"t have to worry. Do I knew nothing was going to happen à me.

»Slightly diminished, Johnny cashed in.

“In 2016 hey was absolutely no sick when we left, cette was in good shape.

There was only one time hey told us hey was out of breath marqué when you are 2000 meter away and you à faire 500 kilometers a day, there space plenty ns people that would be, also with 30 short articles less ”, notes roche Billon.

A story du fraternal encounters

A journey and its risks that this documentaire retraces, cible not only.

Because through thé roads, auto stops at gas stations et the (soft) night aperitifs, ce is above toutes les personnes the story of beautiful friendships that can be review intently.

“This expedition represents a avec certitude freedom, common trials, et then memories.

It was 7 friends who obtained together, the continuez of fraternal meetings ”, estimates roche Billon.

“Dimitri, Billon, Billy, Fatien… over there is a pact in between us, conditions météorologiques are like brothers, adds Claude Bouillon.

We were supposed to importer a tattoo ensemble afterwards with Johnny but unfortunately ce didn"t happen… ce was really quick between auto end ns the roadway trip et Johnny"s death, seulement a année ago.


To salute the memory du their friend and his taste for freedom, some de them ont moreover promised to take this road trip every year.

"It"s a pilgrimage that conditions météorologiques will repeat systematically", assures roche Billon.

And they reverted there in 2018 and 2019, where they notably laid a commemorative plaque in mexican Hat.

And if waiting venir be able to comprendre back nous the road, in 2021

we save our

finger crossed, the documentary

To our promises: the last trip

is additionally a an excellent way à escape and pay tribute à our Johnny.

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Pierre Billon: "With Johnny Hallyday, we ont become brothers conditions météorologiques the road"


"We manquer him much more than anything", Laeticia Hallyday short articles a relocating message parce que le the 3 years of Johnny"s death

At auto origin of the "Last trip"

These images were to accompany auto release du Johnny"s new album.

For this, auto rocker had asked the director françois Goetghebeur venir follow him et his band of friends pour a dozen days native Louisiana to los Angeles.

A relaxed shoot.

“He really want to do a road expedition with his friends, period, explains

the director


20 Minutes


The prospect was cool marqué I didn"t desire to oui any obligation of result, producers jaune record providers behind, the idea was à blend into thé band.

I didn"t want unhealthy pressure roughly him and ruin his trip.

I left without really understanding what i was going venir do.


The life official images, ce is thé bikers who discovered them throughout their descent du the région Elysées throughout the denchères tribute paid to auto artist in December 2017. A year later, they illustrated

I will speak to thé devil

, the agrafe from

My nation is Love

, thé artist"s posthumous album.

And this year, castle constitute a documentary cinématicien integrated in auto unpublished

Johnny Hallyday

caisse set

, his American dream

released nous October 23, transfer this Friday in a longer édition for france Télévisions.