Fancy some french cuisine? French nourriture is known for being one of the best in the world. Every of la france 18 regions offers a widevariety du delicious traditional français dishes and desserts. When eating at a français restaurant, tu maychoose à go for a Menu douaniers or Découverte, a formule or À ns carte. Ordering french meals deserve to turn out to be rather tricky haricot de soja here are thé main français dishes et desserts that amie might want à understand!If you are plan to ont lunch jaune dinner at a french restaurant, download french Translator & thesaurus + nous your iphone or Android and take auto following list ns classic French food with you!

Appetizer / Entrée

Accras aux morue or ns légumes: Spicy ko fish jaune vegetable frittersCoquilles Saint-Jacques: Scallops poached with mushrooms in white wine and gratinéedCuisses aux grenouille: Frog foot fried v garlic and herbs (parsley, thyme) Escargots: Snails baked in their shell with parsley and garlic butter Foie gras: Duck jaune goose liver prepared into pâté Œufs en meurette: Poached egg in red wine sauce Pâté en croûte: Pâté in a pastry tardy Soupe jusqu’à l’oignon: Onion soup through bread served gratinéed with cheese nous top Soupe au pistou: p soup with tant beaucoup, tellement of fine-chopped basil et garlic Terrine de porc/sanglier/lapin/lièvre/canard: Pâté made with pork/wild boar/rabbit/hare/duck

Main artaserse / plat principal

Aligot: Mashed potatoes with melted new tomme cheese Andouillette: Sausage fabriquer with chitterlings Baeckeoffe: mélanger of sliced potatoes et onions, cubed mutton, beef, et pork marinated overnight in blanche wine and slow-cooked in oven Blanquette ns veau: Veal stew in white wine and crème nouveau sauce Bœuf Bourguignon: beef stew in red wine Boudin de pommes: du sang sausage fabriqué from pig’s blood et fat through apples Bouillabaisse: Stew ns mixed Mediterranean fish v tomatoes and herbs Brandade aux morue: Mashed potatoes with salt cod, garlic et chives Carbonade: Braised beef cooked into beer with vegetable, garlic et herbs Cassoulet: special stew with blanche kidney beans, pork sausage et preserved duck or goose Choucroute: Sauerkraut (fermented cabbage) with sausages, salt pork and potatoes Chou farci: Cabbage stuffed through meat Confit de canard ou d’oie: Crispy preserved duck or goose cooked in its very own fat Coq au vin: Rooster braised in red wine with lardons et mushrooms Daube: Braised du bœuf cooked into rouge wine v vegetable, garlic and herbs Encornets farcis: Squids stuffed with sausage meat and herbs Flammeküche: Pie with thick great of crème fraîche, lardons et onion Fondue Bourguignonne: piece of du bœuf dipped right into a fondue pot filled with nom est oil Fondue Savoyarde: Cubes de bread dipped into a fondue poêles filled through cheese et white wine Gougère: Cheese in khôl bun Gratin dauphinois: stove potatoes v garlic and crème fraîche Hachis Parmentier: Mashed potatoes nous top ns a layer de minced meat served gratinéed Jardinière ns légumes: vegetable stew Magret de canard venir miel: Duck chest fillet offered with honey sauce Moules marinières: Mussels marinated in blanche wine broth with parsley et shallots Navarin d’agneau: Lamb and vegetable stew Pissaladière: French déditions of the clôture covered v onions, olive Pot-au-feu: Vegetables and cuts of meat boiled in a savory broth Poule venir pot: Chicken stuffed through vegetables and meat boiled in a savory broth Quenelle: Flour, butter, eggs, milk and fish mixed et poached Quiche Lorraine: Pie through lardons and lots de cheese Ratatouille: vegetable stew v aubergines, courgettes, tomatoes, peppers, onions et garlic Ris de veau: Calf sweetbread cooked with mushrooms in a creamy saumur Rognons du veau flambés: Veal kidneys, typically in mustard sauce, flambéed v cognac single meunière: Flavour coated sole in butter sauce with capers Tartare de bœuf: carefully chopped raw du bœuf mixed v onions jaune shallots, capers, pickles, served with egg yolk Tarte flambée: Pie through thick great of crème fraîche, lardons and onion Tartiflette: Potato gratin with Reblochon cheese, cream et pork Tripes pour mode aux Caen: Chitterlings cook in cider and calvados Tripoux: Tripe braised v herbs Truffade: potatoes sautéed v garlic and fresh tomme cheese

Dessert / Dessert

Clafoutis: thick flan-like batter through fruit, traditionally black cherries bonus brûlée: Custard topped v caramelized street Crêpe Suzette: Pancake with Suzette butter served with a caramelized sugar and butter sauce, v tangerine or orange juice, flambéed with vaste Marnier jaune Blue Curacao Île flottante: Stiffly win egg whites on cold custard, covered with caramel Kouglof: traditional Alsatian brioche cake with almonds Kouign-amann: Flaky pancake v high proportion du butter Moelleux à chocolat: coco cake v melted chocolate heart dargousier perdu: Bread soaked into a milk et egg mix, then fried in butter Profiteroles: khôl buns filled through vanilla calcul cream, whipped cream or pastry cream, et smothered in nom est chocolate saumur Saint-Honoré: Puff pastry base, topped v pastry cream and whipped cream, surrounded by choux buns dipped in caramelized street Tarte Tatin: Upside-down pomme tart served with bonus fraîcheAlso, remember the when the waiter asks “Quelle cuisson convectif votre viande ?” (How you would favor your meat?), she/he is asking how cooked tu want it.There are number of options:•Bleue: very rare (practically uncooked!)• Saignante: rare•À point: milieu rare•Bien cuite: well-cookedIf nous missed one ns your favori French dishes or desserts, don"t hesitate à email nous atinfo