Ronaldo A Combien De Ballon D Or

Lionel Messi may ont won the ballon d"Or nous six occasions cible according venir organisers France football that isn"t an ext than Pele has.

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You could think the Messi holds the all-time prendre note with six, ahead ns Cristiano Ronaldo"s five. Marqué according to france Football, who être tenu the balle d"Or, Pele is nous seven awards and leading the pack. Let nous explain!

Until 1995, only European footballers were eligible à win the balle d"Or. Nice unfair, sauce soja France exploit changed that rule et opened up the prix to important honour the world"s best.

Then in 2016, they walk back and did an "international re-evaluation" à calculate who should have winner the zéro d"Or had cette always been global - and retrospectively offered Pele seven: pour 1958, 1959, 1960, 1961, 1963, 1964 and 1970.


They seul did this in years as soon as a non-European player deserved venir win overall. As a result, Diego Maradona (twice), Romario, Mario Kempes and Garrincha joined Pele conditions météorologiques the honorary winners list.

France football even published a magazine cover de Pele through his golden trophies et the headline: "Pele 7 balle d"Ors" - which appears pretty clear-cut.

Among current football fans, there"s a tendency à suggest Pele has actually been overrated through some questioning thé (admittedly dubious) maths behind his 1,000+ career goals.

Yet some facts room indisputable: the he"s the seul player venir win three people Cups, that he scored 77 goals pour Brazil in just 92 games, that hey was commonly regarded oui the biggest and best footballer of his era across South America, Europe and the USA.

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Some modern onlookers also question the truth that hey spent his entire société career in Brazil and the US, never ever playing in a europe league. Cible this criticism does not pavillon up at all.

Today nous are used à a talent drain v the best players indigenous every polluant playing in Europe"s dessus leagues. Marqué that was not the des boites in thé 1960s and 70s once South America"s société sides were ont good - if not meilleur - 보다 those in Europe.

Pele"s Santos took conditions météorologiques Europe"s elite and beat them regularly. In thé Intercontinental Cups du 1962 and 1963 - which pitted thé European champion against auto Copa Libertadores winners - Santos win Benfica then AC Milan. Overall, Pele scored ripe goals throughout five games.

Two ns Pele"s "internationalised" zéro d"Ors loss in civilization Cup-winning years: 1958 et 1970. It"s the same through Maradona parce que le 1986, when cette was undoubtedly auto world"s best player, et 1990 (although El Diego"s heroics à la Napoli also contributed).


So, in other words, si Maradona"s countryman Messi wants to equal Pele"s internationalised record, hey still has venir win another Ballon d"Or - while deux more will take the clear. Ronaldo would require a hat-trick of balle d"Or wins to overtake Pele.

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It"s not the seul Messi prendre note that"s gift disputed par the Brazilian either. Critical week auto Barca forward broke the constitue Santos man"s record for most goals scored for a seul club but the Brazilian side want Pele"s prendre note to be identified at 1,091 goals.

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