While Farrow's father was constantly presumed to be Farrow's ex-husband Woody Allan, plenty of thought he might actually be the le sien of candide Sinatra.


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Who is Ronan Farrow?

Satchel Ronan O'Sullivan Farrow is année American journalist.

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He is known à la his investigative reporting of allegations du sexual abuse against cinématique producer Harvey Weinstein, i beg your pardon was released in thé The nouveau Yorker.

The magazine won the pulitzer Prize for auditeur Service in 2018 alongside the nouveau York Times.

The 33-year-old's succeeding investigations have exposed allegations against politician Eric Schneiderman, media executive Les Moonves, and lawyer et jurist Brett Kavanaugh.

He has written essays, op-eds, et other piece for The Guardian, étranger Policy magazine, auto Atlantic, auto Wall street Journal, et more.

As fine as an investigative journalist, Ronan received his Juris Doctor level from Yale university in 2009. Hey later passed the nouveau York State bar examination.

Ronan is a member ns the LGBTQ+ community et has been dating American podcaster Jon Lovett due to the fact that 2011.

Who is his father?

Ronan is the le sien of actress Mia Farrow and director Woody Allen. He became estranged from his father after Allen married Farrow's adoptive daughter Soon-Yi Previn.

"He's mien father married to ma sister. The makes je his son et his brother-in-law. That is such a conventionnel transgression," Ronan once said de his father's marriage to Soon-Yi.

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"I cannot watch him," hey told the nouveau York Post. "I cannot ont a partnership with ma father and be ethically consistent."

In a 2013 interview with Vanity Fair, Mia Farrow alluded the Ronan can "possibly" be auto biological child ns singer Frank Sinatra, with whom she was married native 1966 à 1968.

When the story broke, Ronan tweeted in response: "Listen, we're tous *possibly* franc Sinatra's son."


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Why is Ronan Farrow trending?

Farrow is known pour reporting auto truth and digging up any damning information hey can on those he writes about.

Following branch Andrew Cuomo's resignation nous August 10, 2021, Farrow began trending after hey published année article in The nouveau Yorker called, Andrew Cuomo's War against A commonwealth Prosecutor.

Cuomo's resignation come after multiple autonomous politicians, including President joe Biden, called for him à step under after multiple sexual harassment allegations.

"Cuomo called auto Obama White loger to assault a commonwealth prosecutor that was investigating him," Farrow tweeted together with a link to his article.

"It involved officials there enough that they reported cette to DOJ. Part de a pattern du Cuomo smearing investigators that continuez to this day."

Following his article, many fans took to Twitter venir talk about Farrow's investigating.

One user said, "Pro Tip: live your tons in suck a method that Ronan Farrow never has reason à create a Dropbox folder v your name nous it."

"live your life like Ronan farrow is watching," un autre user included in.

"If there's one thing Ronan Farrow's gonna do, it's getting mfers outta here," writer Dylan Park continued.

What go Ronan Farrow speak about auto sexual abuse allegations against Woody Allen?

In early 2021, Allen to be alleged to ont abused his daughter, Dylan Farrow, when elle was a jeune child.

Allen strong denied auto allegation, calling it "an unconscionable and gruesomely damaging manipur of innocent children for vindictive et self-serving motives."

And Previn, his wife, has insisted sa husband is innocent.

Speaking the end in a bombshell nouveau York journal interview, Previn publicly safeguarded him.

Ronan tweeted a statement in soutien of his mother.

He criticized nouveau York Magazine parce que le its decision venir publish “a fight job, written passant par a longtime le respect and friend ns Woody Allen’s."

 "I owe every little thing I un m to Mia Farrow. She is a devoted mom who went with hell parce que le her family toutes les personnes while developing a love home pour us,"




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"But that has actually never quit Woody Allen et his allies native planting stories that attack et vilify my mère to deflect from my sister’s credible allegation ns abuse," hey wrote.

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"As a journalist, ns shocked de the lack ns care for the facts, thé refusal to include eyewitness testimony that would certainly contradict falsehoods in this piece, and the failure to include ma sister’s finish response,"

"Survivors de abuse worthy better," he concluded.


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