Saint etienne paris coupe de la ligue

Saint-Etienne ongoing their mince run ns form conditions météorologiques Tuesday passant par dumping parisien Saint-Germain from the Coupe ns la Ligue. Ce was a hard fought win for das Verts, oui they overcame PSG 5-3 in penalties.

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PSG is toujours left to la honte out quel is going wrong, as they had an ext possessions et better chances.

For the second time this month Saint-Etienne obtained the best of PSG et came out nous top de the capitale giants. Unlike your previous rencontre in Paris, it took penalties parce que le Saint-Etienne to win.

PSG came à Saint-Etienne looking pour revenge et it showed. Ancelotti fielded a solid lineup, v Sirigu being auto only principale exception. PSG managed the la vitesse in auto early stages, marqué were retained at bay by Saint-Etienne"s defense.

Both teams had a clear cut chance in the sapin half, seul to come up short.

Ibrahimovic saw his joie wasted, as keeper stephane Ruffier was able venir deny his shot. Nous the other end, Saint-Etienne had actually a header cleared off the line.

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The seconde half went lot like the first half, as both defenses remained strong et limited auto oppositions space.


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When the game reached auto extra 30 minutes, PSG seemed to oui more in thé tank, continuously putting pressure on Saint-Etienne.

Ruffier came up large again ont he saved de nouveau Ibra chance. The loger squad held firm and forced punish kicks à decide that would go on to auto semi finals.

After 120 scoreless minutes, PSG lastly blinked in thé form ns Thiago Silva. Conditions météorologiques their third kick, auto PSG captain did no hit a an excellent penalty and Ruffier was able to turn it away.

Saint-Etienne sealed the deal when calcul Emerick-Aubameyang placed away his penalty. V it, he buried auto memories of his miss in thé African nation Cup and ended PSG"s run towards thé Coupe ns la Ligue title.

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Saint-Etienne keeps their impressive run going, ont the confidence du the Rhone-Alps club is ciel high.

Meanwhile, PSG is left feather for an answer à their struggles