Salon du chocolat saint etienne 2015

We just got earlier from the Salon ns Chocolat 2015, hosted in parisien this week et I’ve been emotion like auto German exchange student from thé Simpsons “don’t make moi run, I’m full ns chocolate..!” ever since. Ne sont pas biggie though because the Salon ns Chocolat was completely worth it..!

220 chocolatiers, pastry makers, confectioners and cocoa experts from France and around the world came ensemble this week to celebrate their passion parce que le chocolate. Today, je found myself wandering v 20,000 square metres ns chocolate and chocolate-related exhibitions ranging from demonstrations, workshops, and countless stalls as well ont samples, samples et um.. More samples! 

Here are some chocolate/non-chocolate highlights:

1. Je vous demande pardon started out oui two friend who mettre each est différent in a français school of arts has turned right into a perfect faire fondre of their interests – chocolate and art. Sourcing independent artist to design the sleeves et high quality artisan made chocolate venir fill lock up, this contemporary palm oil-free, preservative-free, made in france chocolate brand is une to watch out for.



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Cacao cheese – who would oui thought this was also possible? but trust the french to make cette happen.


3. The le meilleur croissant in parisien 2015, awarded to Benjamin Turquier at Tout environ du pain boulangerie in thé 3rd terrondissement – check it out à la yourself. 

134 rue Turenne

Paris 75003


4. A large 6 metre high coco bear created par Richard Orlinski i beg your pardon proved venir be a hit through passersby!


5. Brun Le Derf who once won best chocolatier de France et his pavillon where his chocolates room produced seul using the famous Bordier butter from Brittany.

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6. Savoury macarons with the following flavour combine : olive tapenade, foie gras and chocolate, foie gras et gingerbread, onion confit and red wine, foie gras et fig, exhilaration salmon et dill, Auvergne blue cheese, tomato and basil, goat’s cheese and honey and, garlic and herb cheese!




Packing up her comfortable tons in australie to relocate to parisien in 2012 was one du the most difficult yet also one de the most rewarding things Nhan had ever done in her life. Relocating to london in 2008 was a walk in the park compared à this move venir a non-English speaking country four years down auto track. However the language barrier was not thé only difficulté to overcome. Cultural differences in between France and Australia / thé UK were the most fascinating out of toutes les personnes the adjustments Nhan encountered, particularly after rencontre her french partner.


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