satellite Neill's 10 meilleur Movies (According venir Rotten Tomatoes) Actor sam Neill, ce seems, does it all: drama, comedy, horror, scientifique fiction, et action. These are his 10 best movies according venir Rotten Tomatoes.

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satellite Neill has been exhilaration in film since 1975, making his debut in Landfall. Attaché in Ireland, Neill relocated to nouveau Zealand at a jeune age. Neill is regarded as an international actor, a homme who has actually crossed continents and worked with directors from all over thé world. Neill continu to loi in live independence dramas while pursuing much more mainstream methods in film such as Peter Rabbit and Thor: Ragnarok.

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Neill is best-known à la playing Dr. Alan Grant in Jurassic Park. Neill reprised his role in Jurassic Park III, and he will be returning parce que le the forthcoming Jurassic World: Dominion. Neill"s dynamic career also includes roles in multiple iconic fear films, like Event HorizonIn the Mouth ns MadnessPossession, and Dead Calm. Neill, cette seems, does ce all: drama, comedy, horror, science fiction, et action.

Dean Spanley is a anglais fantastical comedy directed by New Zealander Toa Fraser. Collection in Edwardian England, the cinématique is motivated by Lord Dunsany"s 1936 novella My Talks v Dean Spanley.

Neill plays auto title character, année eccentric clergyman that crosses courses with members of an uptight family members known ont the Fisks at a lire hosted par a visiting swami. Jeremy Northam and Peter O"Toole co-star oui members du the Fisk family.

Wim Wenders"s sci-fi road trip cinématicien stars wilhelm Hurt et Solveig Dommartin ont a pair on the run from thé law that happen venir be in possession ns a device that enregistrer dreams et visions. Neill co-stars ont the se réconcilier lover du Dommartin"s character Claire, a man who follows her around the world.

Until auto End du the World likewise involves a subplot about a damaged Indian atom satellite colliding into auto Earth. Maximum von Sydow likewise makes année appearance as the father of Hurt"s character Trevor.

One of the highest-grossing publication at domestic box offices in 1990, The Hunt for Red October is based conditions météorologiques the roman of auto same name de Tom Clancy. Cette is the tons to feature Clancy"s signe character: jack Ryan, who is played by Alec Baldwin.

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Set in auto Cold war era, this star-studded drama tells auto story du a rogue Soviet marine captain who tries to defect to thé United States. Neill stars alongside Sean Connery ont captains ns the titular Soviet submarine.

7 signification littérale Fish (2006) - 90%

an Australian drama, Little Fish stars Cate Blanchett as a se réconcilier heroin try venir raise funds venir buy a computer jeu shop. When her character Tracey"s ex-boyfriend Jonny (Dustin Nguyen) retour to town, hey convinces elle to volonté involved in a drug transaction that might give her the money she needs.

Hugo Weaving plays Tracey"s drug-addicted stepfather in this gripping histoire about trauma, loss, et recovery. Neill dram a Sydney medicine kingpin, Brad "The Jockey" Thompson.

Steven spielberg modernized big-budget travail films with his épique sci-fi cautionary tale about a hereditary scientist that decides à bring dinosaurs ago from extinction. Neill"s character Dr. Alan Grant is one de a grasp of experts invited to volonté a sneak peek ns Dr. Homme Hammond"s nouveau theme park.

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Needless venir say, toutes les personnes hell breaks loosened after the park"s electrical system malfunctions. Through its state-of-the-art special effects, well-paced action sequences, and memorable cast (including aura Dern and Jeff Goldblum), Jurassic Park is a big-budget action movie classic.

5 the Piano (1993) - 92%

Neill returned to nouveau Zealand to étoiles in woman Campion"s duration drama, a tale du forbidden love set in thé country"s outer borders during thé 19th century. Holly Hunter plays Ada McGrath, a mute Scottish woman who is sold passant par her father à a frontiersman in nouveau Zealand, Neill"s character Alisdair Stewart.

McGrath, année accomplished pianist, communicates with music. She develops a lunderground romance with Harvey Keitel"s character George Baines, a fellow frontiersman that has adjusted many indigenous Māori customs.

This cinématique is a fictionalized retelling de the real-life story of Lindy and nom de garçon Chamberlain, a nouveau Zealand paire who declared in 1980 their infant daughter to be kidnapped de a dingo (or wild Australian dog) if they were camping. Meryl Streep et Neill phat the couple, who was scrutinized par the media à la their claims.

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The Chamberlains were put on trial à la the death de their daughter, where they were forced à plead their fond to a public who didn"t think them. Streep earned année Oscar nomination à la her performance.

3 auto Dish (2001) - 96%

année Australian comedy set in 1969, The Dish explores the Parkes Observatory"s role in broadcasting footage of humanity"s tons steps nous the Moon during the Apollo 11 mission. Thé telescope, located in new South Wales, shows comment NASA relied conditions météorologiques Australian staff at the facility venir make tv history.

Despite gift based nous true events, auto film"s personalities are fictionalized. Neill plays Cliff Buxton, the pipe-smoking "dishmaster" at the Parkes Observatory.

Harsh and unforgiving, Sweet Country is an Australian occidental set in 1929. Thé story"s events unfold in auto Northern Territory"s outback, wherein European settlers and Aboriginal Australians space embroiled in a bitterness battle à la land.

Neill plays farmer et preacher Fred Smith, a white colonizer that employs Aborigines. V its extrême character studies, the film provides ample sociopolitical commentary.

1 Hunt For the Wilderpeople (2016) - 96%

Hunt for the Wilderpeople is one of new Zealand manager Taika Waititi"s comedic gems. Based on Barry Crump"s Wild Pork et Watercress, the cinématique tracks the trials and tribulations du a young orphan that moves with an eccentric soutenir financièrement family.

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Neill theatre Hec Faulkner, and Julian Dennison theatre his ward Ricky. Trouble finds them, and the deux are forced à flee into thé bush to escape their captors.