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The idée of thé Galaxy Note, a high-end smartphone through a digitizer, is calmer unique et well implemented passant par Samsung. Cible the machine cannot utilize the promised added performance of the Snapdragon 805. However, the remarque 4 probably has the best smartphone display, i beg your pardon shines bright and can additionally convince outdoors.

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The Samsung Galaxy note 4 is auto latest upgrade du the flagship smartphone v a digitizer from the South korean manufacturer. Besides the currentSnapdragon 805processor there is likewise a greater resolution display with a higher pixel density. Cible Samsung additionally improved the build quality et uses a metal frame pour the first time, so the maker is no only an upgrade in terms of performance marqué also in terms ns materials. Thé S-Pen to be reworked oui well and is supposed to have more press levels. Only the USB port is a step down. This time it only supports the 2.0 standard, while the Note le3 still had actually a USB 3.0 port.

There are currently not countless devices that can keep increase with thé Galaxy note 4 in terms ns specifications. Samsung is also encore the seul manufacturer that offers such high-end smartphones with extr digitizers. Auto South Koreans charge quite a lot as well, the RRP is hefty at 769 Euros (~$960) et therefore 20 euros (~$25) greater compared to thé predecessor. Can thé smartphone accomplish its promises?

None du the rivals ont digitizers marqué are otherwise among auto most powerful devices on the market. Auto list consists of theLG G3,Sony Xperia Z3,HTC one M8,Apple iphones 6 Plus,Nokia Lumia 1520as well as theHuawei Ascend girlfriend 7.



The plastic sheathe looks like leather.
It is not that easy to clamp a remarque into the gap.

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The des boites of auto Samsung Galaxy noter 4 is now a bit thinner cible also a bit longer in return. Regardless of the gros 5.7-inch screen, thé device feels an excellent in auto hand and is no too hefty with 176 grams. Thé slightly higher weight contrasted to auto Note 3 (168 grams) is probably a result de the metal frame. However, the latter improves auto quality impression of auto smartphone significantly, haricot de soja we ont no difficulties with a couple of grams more.

The construct quality is conditions météorologiques a very high level. Auto gaps room even, cible the gap between auto display glass and the metal frame could actually it is in a peu smaller. Part gap-gate scenarios show that elle can insert thick entreprises cards, marqué we cannot confirm this. Sure, there can be an ext dirt 보다 usual, marqué we could seul clamp a thin piece du paper through a parcelle of patience et we could seulement un insert it passant par a millimeter. Samsung could ont done a better job, cible this is no a severe issue.

The Galaxy noter 4 is fully resistant against pressure and also very torsion-resistant. The plastic back cover has a leather design et can it is in removed. Under auto cover are the replaceable battery et the slots parce que le the micro-SIM and memory card. Auto device is, unfortunately, neither dust-resistant nor waterproof.

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210 g0.463 lbs158.1 mm / 6.22 inch77.8 ment / 3.06 inch7.1 mm / 0.2795 inch172 g0.3792 lbs157 mm / 6.18 inch81 mm / 3.19 inch7.9 ment / 0.311 inch185 g0.4079 lbs153.5 mm / 6.04 inch78.6 ment / 3.09 inch8.5 ment / 0.3346 inch176 g0.388 lbs151.2 mm / 5.95 inch79.2 mm / 3.12 inch8.3 mm / 0.3268 inch168 g0.3704 lbs146.36 mm / 5.76 inch70.6 ment / 2.78 inch9.35 mm / 0.3681 inch160 g0.3527 lbs146.3 mm / 5.76 inch74.6 mm / 2.94 inch8.95 ment / 0.3524 inch149 g0.3285 lbs146.5 mm / 5.77 inch72 mm / 2.83 inch7.3 ment / 0.2874 inch152 g0.3351 lbs142 mm / 5.59 inch72.5 mm / 2.85 inch8.1 mm / 0.3189 inch145 g0.3197 lbs
The Galaxy Note le 3 had a USB 3.0 port, cible the remarque 4 seulement un supports auto slower USB 2.0 standard. The ports is used for data transfers with a computer et to recharge thé smartphone. Cette also médias OTG et MHL.

The microSD slot médias memory cards through a capacity du up à 128 GB. Cette can be offered to boutique media files et also apps. You get soutien for App2SD, soja the apps can be introduced from thé card as well.

Our review unit does not faire un don the streaming étendard DLNA, but Wireless Display jaune Miracast, respectively, in return. This is unfortunate since most TVs, Blu-ray and DVD players soutien DLNA, when Miracast typically requires année additional adaptor.

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An infrared transmitter is available as well et allows the control ns TVs, set top boxes, Blu-ray et DVD players as well as AV receivers. Entry are conveniently executed in combination with the app Smart Remote.