Samsung galaxy s10+ edition performance

How an excellent is the Samsung Galaxy S10’s performance?

The Samsung is powered by a Exynos 9820 in Europe et the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 in auto USA.There’s 8GB of agneau on all versions, i beg your pardon is enough à la apps to stay in memory for année extended period.It’s a super-fast téléphone in général use, with no lag in jobs such ont browsing jaune gaming.For auto most part, auto synthetic benchmark scores reflected my real world findings, with auto handset scoring about quel we’d expect.

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The super caveat in this partie is that je reviewed the Exynos 9820 Samsung Galaxy S10 version, haricot de soja the outcomes will likely be an extremely different si you pick up auto Snapdragon 855 dépense being offered in areas such ont the USA. Ns haven’t however benchmarked jaune conducted any du these test with auto Snapdragon 855 model.

This high-powered chipset is acquiring its tons outing here, and it’s capable of to run pretty much any jeu or app from thé Google jouer store with zero issues. This is specifically what i found during the review process. Graphically heavy jeux such as PUBG suffered zero lag jaune stutters. In addition, processes that I’d think about intensive – loading RAW des photos into Lightroom, à la example – didn’t strain the chipset. The phone also own sufficient bélier (8GB) to make multitasking smooth, et to for sure apps stay in memory for an extended period.

Even though auto 3DMark scores are lower than we’d expect, there’s nothing in auto actual performance to suggest any type of issues. I’d likely put ce down to some software program inconsistencies jaune incompatibility v these Exynos chipsets.

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Galaxy S10 processor: Geekbench


Geekbench is a CPU focused benchmark, et is arguably the most well-known and commonly provided benchmarking tool. Ce offers scores à la single-core and multi-core performance. Single-core scores used à be auto most considérable metric of a phone’s performance, since most Android apps are optimised venir use only a seul thread. However, advances in Android median more and more procedures are multi-thread. The Galaxy S10 falls slightly below the iphone XS (Apple A12 Bionic), marqué is ahead de 2018 flagships such ont the Pixel 3 and OnePlus 6T.

Galaxy S10 all at once system: AnTuTu


AnTuTu is a generalist benchmark the synthetically essai everything from theoretical gaming performance à picture editing et basic réseau browsing. Once again, auto S10’s score is nous the greater end of the phones here, i beg your pardon is to be expected considering thé newer hardware at play.

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Galaxy S10 graphics: 3DMark


3DMark’s Sling shot benchmark focuses conditions météorologiques checking a phone’s GPU performance. Oddly, thé S10 falls listed below some of its rivaux here, even those that room running older hardware. Thankfully, this seems venir be a blip; real-world use proves this is a terrific phone pour gaming.