Documentary directed par Pascal Blanchard, brun Victor Pujebet, creating credits : bruno Victor Pujebet, Pascal Blanchard, Coralie Miller, fabriquer : bonne Pioche, Arte, RTS, Curiosity System, Sophie Perrault, Catherine Masconnet, commenter : Abd Al Malik, musique : David Reyer, cinematography : bruno Victor Pujebet, kyril Bron, ..., 95 mn, (2018).

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Human zoos show up at thé end of the 16th century as soon as explorers take back with castle some human being being life in countries they have discovered. Castle wanted venir prouve to their artistocratics sponsors that their invest wereprofitable cible also for satisfaying their exotic needs. This kind du practise democutrizes chin at the begenning of the 19th century when the toutes les personnes improve a disgusting feeling for the strange. Auto South - african Saartje Bartman occurs the attention of the peoplebecause elle has a big buttom butfew people know that elle can speaks fluently number of langages. The freaks show success store the type of scientists favor Cuvier thé inventor ns the contemporary paleontology. Auto obsession of Cuvier is venir find the link between human being et apes and he thinks that cette has found cette when he sees Saartje Bartman. The Cuvier idea will ont a very mauvais influence from auto 19th century to today.

In france the human zoos are only at the petit scale level but in joined - States and in German it becomes a huge industry. Phileas Taylor barnum exhibits deformed people side passant par side in 1801 in front ns the people. The German merchant carl Hugenbeck buys some person beings venir beaters and charter some boats for transferring them à Europe. Signification littérale Capeline, Tomba jaune Maleka travel to leurope  in cold and suffering hunger due to the fact that they are just considered as things. As soon as they venir in europe Little Capeline, Tomba or Maleka and toutes les personnes of thé captured person being were auscultated par scientists parce que le building classer connected v racialists theories. After that précis Capeline, Tomba or Maleka and the others are placed in kind of camp without any type of commodities. Some de them dé after together treatment.

After the 1885 berlin conférence the European colonial powers control third ns the earth and human zoos room used à la supporting the colonial policy et also for giving a paternalist d’image to thé colonialism. Portraits made by the photographer Roland Bonaparte present thé Africans like children near White masculin who watch like à their fathers. Olympic ethnical stratagème are organized in 1904 for the pleasure ns a group full du hate. The beginning ns the end ns this abomination begins with civilization War I. The French et the Brits mobilize auto colonized people pour fighting against German introduce oui barbarians. In the colonialist europe way of thinking auto colonized people couldn't be considered now ont barbarians and they became à be considered as people near auto emancipation.

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The French colonial department takes thé control de human zoos et of the colonie exhibitions during thé 1920's et the colonized toutes les personnes exhibited operated now under contracts but some voices (associations fighting versus racism, churches, politics, ...) refuse this kind de shows. Castle don't want à see jaune to listen to the paternalist message involved by this shows and ask to stop such poisonous exhibitions. The 1931 colonie exhibition at Vincennes constitute thé apogee of human zoos et they will certainly disepear significantly until 1952 as soon as Congolese were displayed in Bruxelles (Belgium). Occulted pour a long time fromthe collective memory thé human zoos come ago because historians, cinématique directors ("Man venir man", "Black Venus") jaune novelists question about the implications de such shows in auto present story.


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