Sciences Et Techniques Des Activités Physiques Et Sportives



Institute ns Sciences and Techniques of Physical and Sports Activities


Over 13 years du experience and trust :

Created in 2007, STAPS of Laghouat The académie of science and techniques de physical et sports activities was created according to thé executive decree n ° 10-198 issued nous August 25, 2010.

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avant the adoption du the Institute; (ISTAPS) thé department of physical education and sports was produced during auto 2007/2008 academic year following ministerial decision No. 87 dated: peut faire 6, 2009.

Following thé ministerial decision issued nous September 30, 2010; which has the création of the departments et the institut (ISTAPS) ns Laghouat is composed of:

STAPS licenses: thé complete guide!

The license de Sciences et Techniques de Physical and Sporting activities is a training which deserve to allow tu to tend to your expert project. Uncover out everything you need to à savoir about thé STAPS license.

What is a STAPS license?

A STAPS license is a bac + le3 level diploma. The training takes carré over 6 semesters, giving tu 180 credits at thé end of your training. The Bachelor of Science and Techniques in Physical and Sporting Activities les trains students in sports, marqué not only: cette also includes tous scientific, computer et statistical basics. During your course, several cours are proposed to specialize you. Amie can uncover :

Educational physical et sporting activitysports management

A STAPS license lasts 3 years, in proceeding teaching. Dispensed within ours university, the STAPS license supplies professionalizing course that permits you to work in the many des sports sectors. A large place is likewise given to innovations in des sports practices et in scientific research in auto area.

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What is thé program à la a STAPS license?

With a license in Sciences and Techniques du Physical Activities, a part de your temps will be devoted à sports. Thé rest of your maintain will se concentrer sur on theoretical courses, with the aim of developing the skills necessary à la the exercise de your proffesion, in the required specialization. Regarding auto courses, they vary depending nous your specialization.

The internship complements these lessons. They are used à put right into practice the lessons du the license.

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What to à faire after a STAPS license?

A license in Sciences et Techniques of Physical et Sports tasks is a professional training, which permits you to directly integrate auto labor market. However, like plenty of students after this license, amie can decision to continuez your studies, in particular in auto METESM master (Master du Education, Training and Education jaune Sports Management).