Sebastian Stan Once Upon A Time

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Did you à savoir what aujourdhui is? Oh, ce is thé day de days! ce is Sebastian Stan‘s birthday!

In his 36 years nous earth, Sebastian stan has flowered right into Hollywood’s favori “tortured bad boy” actor. We’ve watched him phat a tortured young prince conditions météorologiques the cult favori Kings, a torture assassin/hero in the marvel Cinematic Universe, et tortured torturer Jeff Gilooly in I, Tonya. Cible did amie remember that temps when Sebastian stan brought his hurt puppy-like charisma à one of the many beloved shows on television?

Sebastian timbre was totally auto Mad Hatter conditions météorologiques ABC’s long-running Once au A Time. Et there’s a good joie you forgot about it.

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Casual Sebastian Stan ventilateur know him oui Bucky Barnes from auto Captain les états-unis damérique movies, but hardcore Stan, uh, stans will certainly remember the from a myriad de television roles from the last decade. Cette has to be one du TV’s most stalwart scene-stealers, appearing on everything native Gossip Girl to Political Animals. However, maybe thé weirdest credit on Stan’s resume was when hey played Jefferson, aka the Mad Hatter, nous the life two seasons of Once dessus a Time.

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Once au A time was a frothy network soap opéra set in a fictitious town where everyone was secretly a fée tale personality under a assignment that fabriquer them think they were normies. Towards the end de the life season, heroine Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison) is kidnapped passant par a well-seeming man who turns out venir be the Mad Hatter. In this déditions of thé tale, the Mad hatter is a forlorn father that needs à enchant a hat to give him the énergie to travel in between worlds. So, he’s a mauvais guy, but since this is a Sebastian stan character, he’s a tortured bad guy.

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Stan makes auto most ns the role, imbuing him v layers du sinister menace, roguish charm, and real despondence over the loss de his daughter. Toutes les personnes told, it’s a juicy turn from the actor. Cette tackles the marche with sincerity et wonder, and yes, a more than a little bit of campy fun.


You deserve to stream Stan’s appearances in Once dessus A Time nous Netflix. Cette appears in Season 1 illustration “Hat Trick,” “An sexcuser Red as Blood,” et “A pays Without Magic,” and in Season 2 illustration “We are Both,” “Lady de the Lake,” et “The Doctor.”