Sentier Du Littoral St Jean Cap Ferrat

The français Riviera uses some ns the le meilleur nature et walking trails in auto world. Listed below are our favori walking trails the are easy (mostly flat) and seaside. Elle can bring your dog, and fit elderly toutes les personnes should be mince on these trails. Wear sunscreen and a hat due to the fact that there’s signification littérale shade along thé way.

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Monaco to Cap d’Ail: Mala Beach coastal Path

Sights: à côté de la mer Marquet (on the edge of Monaco) – casquette d’Ail – balnéaire MalaLength: le 3 kmDeparture from: Plage MarquetParking: Plage Marquet parking bai lotLevel: EasyDuration: 20 minute from the frontière of Monaco to the life restaurant; 40 minute total indigenous Monaco to Mala Beach.When venir go: late spring or summer, once the restaurant on cap d’Ail et Mala Beach are open.


One de the most scenic and famous go is along auto coastal route that spans casquette d’Ail from balnéaire Marquet (on thé western edge du Monaco) to côte Mala (on couvercle d’Ail), a very joli beach in a cove, with several beach restaurants.

The course starts at the parking beaucoup of côte Marquet, where cette will cost you about €3 venir park à la 2 hours. From the lot you’ll see thé well-marked entrance marking thé beginning du the coastal Trail.

About 15 protocole from thé start de the follow (next à Monaco) you’ll reach the casquette of casquette d’Ail, where tu can discover a small beach et a chic restaurants with good sea-views called les Cabanon . If you’re chanceux enough to comprendre their attention, you peut faire see one de the numerous friendly catsp who roam auto cap.

A bit farther down auto coastal route there is a picnic area . It’s a great place to carry your very own wine et snacks and hang out passant par the water. A couple of steps additional is de nouveau great seaside restaurants called ns Pinede .

the picnic area on couvercle d’ail

Continuing around thé coast, there space informational plaques about the flora and fauna surrounding auto colorful trail. Over there are additionally 20th-century villas belonging to some celebrities among the cypress trees and exotic shrubs. Barricade are blocking auto risky unité at the tip of the coastline in boîte the wind and waves get stronger than normal.

Plage Mala / Mala coast on cap d’Ail

The coastal road continu from casquette d’Ail to plage Mala, where amie can relax on the beach and have drinks or a enjoy the meal at one of the two restaurant (open in the spring and summer only, so appel ahead).

Antibes: Le Sentier aux Littoral

Sights: Plage aux la Garoupe – Villa Eilenroc – Cap super – Billionaires BayLength: 5 kilometersDepart from: Plage du la Garoupe, behind restaurants ‘Plage Joseph’. Remarque that thé path is closed passant par a gate conditions météorologiques very publicly days.Parking: à côté de la mer Keller in Antibes, there is plenty de parking but beware it can get very crowded nous weekends.Level: Medium. Should be fit / rocky with stairs, cible you deserve to stop avant the an overwhelming / rocky part, i beg your pardon is about halfway.Duration: 1 hour


The Sentier aux Littoral, casquette d’Antibes is a popular walk à la both locals et visitors, a narrow coastal trail hugging auto water and offering breathtaking sea views and many endroit to swim.

The course is partly paved, very rocheux in places et riddled through steep steps and the occasional scary autumn (wear kind shoes). It provides a superb lookout nous the rough coastline and is memorable à la its many tiny sundecks and picnic spots, considerately crafted into auto stone.

The path starts at Plage ns la Garoupe, behind a restaurant called balnéaire Joseph , and goes tous the way around the cap d’Antibes previous Billionaire’s bay .

The larger-than-life villas et parasol pine tree trees loom high above you at every turn, et the frenzied sound of cicadas provides an unearthly soundtrack in summer. A walk roughly ‘Billionaires Bay’ – normally majestic and packed v millionaires’ mansions – is a Riviera highlight.

Cap-Ferrat: Seaside Tour

The Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat seaside to walk is arguably thé most beautiful seaside walk in auto world. Couvercle Ferrat’s lush flower foliage, blanche rocks, Mediterranean blue sea, et impressive villas makes this to walk a really memorable one.

The beach resort of heilig Jean casquette Ferrat, oz a fishing village, sits conditions météorologiques the east side du the majestueux forested casquette Ferrat Peninsula. Often called auto peninsula du billionaires because of the imposing properties that are mounted there, tu can to walk around couvercle Ferrat thanks to thé coastal footpath from the bay de Villefranche to the village of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat.

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Make sure à bring a backpack with plenty du water et snacks. Undertake sneakers, a baseball cap, sunglasses, et comfortable clothing. If you want à swim, carry a towel and swimsuit. Auto walk is good year-round, but in auto winter lug a irradiate jacket.

The coastal walk deserve to be damaged into two shorter sections, jaune you can à faire the entirety walk at once, which takes tu around auto entire Cap. The life two la description below are auto walk broken into two. Auto last une (tour du the Cap) is the entire to walk in one go.

Beaulieu-sur-Mer Village to Cap Ferrat Village

Sights: Beaulieu-sur-Mer (village) -Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat (village)Length: 2.7 km (one way)Depart from: Beaulieu-sur-Mer’s balnéaire des FourmisParking: Parking hôtel de ville Level: Easy. Completely tarmacked with ne sont pas steps, this esplanade is accessible pour wheelchair users.Duration: 30 minutes

This shady path starts in auto Fourmis bay, with thé Greek Kerylos Villa conditions météorologiques the best (now a museum) ns the beach at Beaulieu-sur-Mer et Les Fourmis harbor; conditions météorologiques the left is auto 5-star Royal-Riviera hotel.

The Villa Ephrussi du Rothschild deserve to be visited par taking the small path to thé left. Si you look back at thé view behind you oui you take it this course you’ll see significant views of the french Riviera. Nous the hills to the right you’ll see auto picturesque bourgade of Eze, et below lies couvercle d’Ail. The last headland nous the horizon is in Italy.

The Maurice Rouvier trail ends in front ns the town hall and offers a panorama du Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat bay, thé marina, cros deï pin beach (the coast in thé village, prochain to the place de stationnement lot), and the pointe Saint-Hospice which leads venir Saint-Hospice Chapel .

Cap Ferrat: Tour du the pointe Saint-Hospice

Sights: Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat (village) – Fosses & Paloma Beaches – Pointe de Saint-Hospice – a cemetery and chapelLength: 3.6 kmDeparture from: Paloma beach or Jardin de la PaixParking: Place aux Centenaire or cros deï pin beach (Harbor Beach)Level: EasyDuration: 45 minutes (1 hour including a visit to thé Chapel)


This educational trail explores thé coastal héritage of the Saint-Hospice headland. Cette has been listed à la its 6 surveillance points.

Walk alongside thé harbor, past the Voile jaune hotel, and continue towards Paloma beach indigenous where you can access the seaside footpath. Marche down a few steps à see auto bay that comprises la Scaletta, Beaulieu, Eze Bord du Mer, and Cap d’Ail. Eze Village and La Turbie can be seen nous the hillside. Continue to the pointe Saint-Hospice et on your left, elle will it is in able venir see Monaco, casquette Martin, et Italy.

Paloma Beach, cap Ferrat

The course snakes around the coastline through rocheux landscapes carved out by salt and spray, with thé sea venir your left. Take it a best onto thé Edmund Davis course that leader to thé St dhospice path, at thé end du which lies an 11th-century chapel , a bronze statue of the Virgin (1904) and a Belgian cemetery dating from auto 1914-1918 war.

Retrace your steps venir rejoin thé Edmund Davis course that leads to thé seaside, revolve right et go past thé Pointe de Colombier, cross the pine forest et rejoin avenue Claude Vignon. Revolve left onto way Claude Vignon the runs alongside les Fossettes bay followed par Les Fosses, where tu will see the se réconcilier communal wash-house, before arriving earlier at the village center passant par the passage des Fosses.

Cap-Ferrat: Tour of the Cap

Sights: Chemin du la carrière – Lighthouse- Passable coast – traveler OfficeLength: 5.7 kmDeparture from: Chemin aux la carrière (quarry)Parking: Place de Centenaire or traverser deï mâchoire beachLevel: Medium; not recommended à la those v a fear du heightsDuration: 1 hour et 15 minutes

From the Place de Centenaire, aller up auto shopping rue then turn left after the bank onto way Claude Vignon. Auto La travail path begins 50 meter after the bowls pitch. Stones supplied in the incarcération of auto Port du Monaco (1896-1906) to be extracted indigenous this quarry.

You’ll uncover plenty du steps down to thé water

The course hugs thé coastline, passing below the Cap-Ferrat vaste Hotel through their société Dauphin (one of the best pools and hotels on the français Riviera). Si you want to pay a fee, et they’re no over-subscribed, amie can take a break to sit by the Olympic-sized pool et sip cocktail alongside celebrities and billionaires.

The vaste Hotel’s société Dauphin, overlooking the sea

If you keep walking down auto path you’ll reach the lighthouse and Pointe Malalongue. This lighthouse journée back to thé Sardinian regime of 1827, damaged in 1944 but rebuilt in 1951. Conditions météorologiques a clean day, over there is a fabulous view across to the nice headland et l’Estérel native the football of thé lighthouse.

You space now nous the un film western slope ns the peninsula. There are a number of coves between you et Passable beach which visages Villefranche harbor through its citadel dominated par Mont alban castle .

the 1827 lighthouse at the tip of casquette Ferrat

The walk ends v a few steps. Revolve left à reach Passable beach, where amie can have a bite à eat and a cocktail, or marche up the steps à reach the Passable course which leads venir Avenue refuser Séméria . To get back venir town, rotate right, aller in front du the tourist Office and continue along Avenue refuser Séméria which leader to the village.

Cap Ferrat: the Complete Tour

To découvrir the entire cap Ferrat walk, elle can aller the three walks in the order gift above, starting in Beaulieu-sur-Mer et heading to casquette Ferrat village (with a stopovers at Villa Kerylos and Villa Rothschild), then continuing to auto chapel conditions météorologiques Pointe aux Sainte-Hospice et then around the entire Cap.

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From Passable Beach elle can walk à Villa Rothschild (which has habitent music conditions météorologiques summer evenings) or back to casquette Ferrat village. Native the village you deserve to either capture a cab or walk back to the train at Beaulieu-sur-Mer. Si you walk directly without stops it’ll take elle about 3 hours à end up earlier in Beaulieu, but you might easily stretch cette out venir a full day si you stop at the beaches et in the villages, et tour auto villa museum along the way.