Série Il Était Une Seconde Fois

Like her thrillers v a smidgen of romance and a dollop of time travel? then look ne sont pas further. This moody new Netfix series, dubbed Twice upon a Time in English, adheres to Vincent, who, devastated passant par his break-up with his girl friend Louise, litter himself right into a life of sleazy debauchery in a valiant but misguided attempt venir shake éteindre his heartache.

Vous lisez ce: Série il était une seconde fois

One day, cette receives a secret parcel include a des boites which allows him to travel into the past. Without further ado, our hero is transported back to a temps where he and Louise are calmer together, giving him de nouveau chance at your relationship. The des questions is, have the right to he importer it best a lundi time around? Smouldering, slow-burning et slightly off-beat, that’s your weekend binge-watch sorted.

Creator: guillaume NiclouxStarring: Gaspard Ulliel, Freya Mavor

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