Series les plus vues sur netflix

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Many du Netflix’s most popular spectacles are owned de companies that plan to complete with Netflix. Which means many de those shows peut faire vanish from the streaming services in the suivant few years.

So si you prefer watching “The Office,” “Grey’s Anatomy” jaune “Gossip Girl” nous Netflix, amie should enjoy them while tu can. An ext than half of the 50 most famous shows conditions météorologiques Netflix room owned par companies planning à launch their own streaming prestations de service — disney (and its to-be-acquired Fox), NBCUniversal* and WarnerMedia — according to les données from analysis firm Jumpshot. Jumpshot procedures online views of Netflix la télé shows and movies par tracking auto web page its panel du users visit. Auto top 50 Netflix spectacles account for 42 cogner of tous Netflix views, according venir Jumpshot.

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But just because a Netflix challenger has a well-known show nous Netflix doesn’t average they’ll take ce away from Netflix: They can also charger Netflix a beaucoup of money parce que le it. Critical month, à la instance, Netflix shelled the end $100 million à WarnerMedia à la exclusive rights through 2019 venir “Friends,” a show that tons aired a quarter of a century ago.

That deal makes an ext sense when amie learn that “Friends” is thé second-most-watched show on tous of Netflix, with about 4 percent of total views this year, according à Jumpshot. Thé most-watched démontrer is NBCU-owned “The Office” (U.S. Version), which accounts parce que le about 7 percent of tous views.

Note the Netflix itself own a num of auto most-popular shows, according to Jumpshot, including “Orange Is the new Black” et “BoJack Horseman.”

Jumpshot generates the data passant par looking at web browser task on année anonymized globale panel ns 100 million réseau devices native which cette sees billions de online actions each day. Parce que le this data set, every temps a U.S.-based machine went to a Netflix web côté to play a la télé episode jaune movie, the counts oui a view.

Netflix has said in the past that auto overwhelming majority of its views come from personnes watching on connected TVs, and Jumpshot’s data doesn’t measure the behavior. But it’s reasonable to assume that personnes who clock Netflix passant par browsers et people that watch on Rokus jaune Xboxes temporisation to watch the same stuff. Netflix declined à comment.

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* NBCUniversal is a minority investor in Media, which owns Recode.

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