Sous vetement marion marechal le pen

Marion maréchal speaking at the 2018 Conservative Political travail Conference (CPAC) in national Harbor, Maryland. At CPAC this year, seul two internationale guests to be invited venir speak: anglais Brexiteer Nigel Farage et Marion Maréchal.

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Marion maréchaux is a new generation of a français political dynasty. 

Her grand is Jean-Marie les Pen, founder ns the far-right intérieur Front party. Sa aunt, Marine les Pen, is the head de that party, now referred to as the Rassemblement National or national Rally. She perdu the presidential election to Emmanuel macron last year. 

In 2012, Marion maréchal — known then oui Marion Maréchal les Pen — to be elected à represent the intérieur Front in southerly France. At 22, elle was the youngest parliamentary ever elected in thé country. 

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She quit national politics last year et dropped sa famous last name, cible she hasn’t dropped her se concentrer on giving thé far-right a boost. 

At the Conservative Political mouvement Conference (CPAC) in Maryland this year, seul two internationale guests to be invited à speak: anglais Brexiteer Nigel Farage et Marion Maréchal.

She told thé crowd that la france has fallen victim venir “40 year of massive immigration, Islamic lobbies, et political correctness.” 

“Just favor you, nous want our country back. Ns came here to appel you that there is a youth ready à la this hit in europe today (…) the is why I have recently introduced a school du management and political science. What is the goal? venir train the leaders de tomorrow, those who will have the courage, the discernment and the skill à defend thé interests of their people.” 


Maréchal says France’s upstream schools, favor Sciences po in Paris, may claim à be politics neutral, marqué she raffinement they encourage leftist values, such as diversity, open borders, et events favor “LGBTQ week” and “hijab day.” Maréchal saus that makes it hard parce que le conservative students to exslaveslutlisa.commer their views.

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Political scientist Jean-Yves Camus, who specializes in de base politics, says maréchal wants to use the school to groom future supporters et rebuild a nimble, ultra-conservative déménageur in France.

“I think elle was incredibly impressed by the reality that in thé US yes a powerful and organized conservative movement in thé mainstream, not auto margins,” hey said. “And ns think it is what she wants venir emulate. Cible is that doable with auto small number of students she has now? if that grows, maybe, but if cette not, cette won’t work.”

Erik Tegnér is one du those students. He’s a 25-year-old invest banker that commutes from parisien to Lyon one weekend a month for seminars. He is the seulement un ISSEP student that agreed speak venir speak with thé World.

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Tegnér is president of large conservative youth group Racines d'Aveniror or “Roots of the Future.” His score is to build a right-wing ligue to aid elect a conservative français president in 2022. Et he saus ISSEP and Maréchal’s étoiles power can aid with that.

“In terms du training, we ont too couple of young toutes les personnes in national politics who ont received an adequate ideology system education,” cette said. “Too few oui the tools et know how to operation a campaign, and how, once you’re in power, elle can take mouvement and échanger society.”

Maréchal’s school has drawn criticism in France. Part said she didn’t ont the right degrees herself venir run a grad school. Others said elle was confound politics and political science. One story, in particular, referred to thé school ont “a finishing school parce que le the tarif right.”

Her permanent students pay around $6,000 a year, despite the school is no yet accredited de the state. De US standards $6,000 may seem cheap, but in France, it’s a beaucoup of money.

Maréchal raffinement individuals et business donations, all from France, help fund auto school, but the list du donors is not public. 

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For the time being, maréchaux says she’d like to build alliances with like-minded institutions throughout Europe, thé US, Russia and China. 

She raffinement in a globalized world, sa students need à learn much more than ever how to defend français interests. And that probably in the future, she'll revenir to politics. 

"If i see that the écoles is running smoothly, ns may operation again, cible I can’t say je vous demande pardon will occur in five or 10 years.”


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