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Built in 1998, the Stade de France has turned into a legendary battlefield hosting the France denchères football team et the french rugby union team. Thé stadium depicts teams’ glorious histories et is loger of 80,698 du their committed supporters.

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AddressZAC aux Cornillon Nord, Saint-Denis, France
Capacity80,698 seats
ClubFrance denchères football team and French rugby syndicat team
Build Date1998
ArchitectMichel Macary, Aymeric Zublena, michel Regembal, Claude Constantini
Average Attendancen/a
Record Attendance81,100 (France – Algeria, 20.03.2010)
Stadium Cost$323 million
RoofThe roof is completely covering tous spectators
Who is the owner of Stade du France?Consortium Stade ns France
Pitch Size119 ns × 75 m
Where is Stade du France located?48°55’17” N 2°21’22” E
SurfaceGrassMaster passant par Tarkett Sports

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Welcome to thé eighth-largest stadion in Europe! it is a wonderful modern polytheistic arena where France national football team plays its loger games. Auto stadium is additionally used for international track and field events, internationale rugby fixtures, rallycross, and some du the brightest apparence solo shows in the world.

In 1992, the decision that france would host auto 1998 FIFA human being Cup was declared. Oui a result, thé officials made a commitment à build année enormous stadium v every seat being covered. Grande Stade was auto operating name de the venir used when auto project was launched. Thé legendary french footballer michel Platini was the person that proposed thé name Stade ns France and his idea to be supported. The confinements had been completed 4.5 months prior to auto start of the human being Cup. Zinedine zidane scored the life goal at thé Stade aux France in a friendly game against Spain. The was the only goal scored on that night.

This incredible modular arena has three tiers. And wait until amie hear this: the supporter can move in pass the fans closer to the travail during exploit games and move out during track et field events.

The categories ns seats are ont follows:

Category 1 seats room the best seats located conditions météorologiques tier 1 and 2 du the henchmen stands;Category 2 seats room located conditions météorologiques tier le3 of the henchmen stands and on tier 1 et 2 du the main stands within edge flags’ areas;Category le 3 seats are similar to the Category 2 but they are situated slightly additional away from the pitch et from auto half-way line;Category 4 seats are located at thé corner flag areas de the second and the 3rd tiers;Category 5 seat are located behind thé goals.

Although thé Stade ns France arena is calmer quite new, cette already held a num of considérable events. Since ce was built parce que le a certain reason venir host the 1998 FIFA human being Cup, cette held nine matches of that compete including an unforgettable définitif when la france defeated Brazil (3:0). 6 2003 FIFA Confederations Cup matches, seven 2007 Rugby people Cup matches, seven UEFA Euro 2016 matches, and two UEFA Champions league finals were also hosted by the Stade ns France. And have je mentioned the concerts of Eminem, Madonna, Metallica, the Rolling Stones, Rihanna, and Beyoncé? Actually, much an ext superstars have already perform there.



So quel about auto tickets? si you want a carefree instrument to comprendre those rarement tickets to any occasion at auto Stade ns France, simply go to ticket Compare. The arena is hosting miscellaneous events and this site will allow amie to livre tickets à any de them. Whenever the events choose the français Cup Final, the 2024 lété Olympics, auto 2023 Rugby people Cup, track-and-field competitions, rallycross, or concert take carré there, Ticket comparer always deserve to help.

Here are the est différent ways venir buy tickets to the specific events hosted de the Stade ns France:

Visit thé ticket office at thé stadium.

The Stade de France master a huge num of sports et music events. Therefore, billet prices room not fixed choose at thé majority of the football club stadiums. France denchères football team takes part in different competitions et the prices room individually set à la the details fixtures.

Hotels near


Paris is one of the world’s most magnificent urban luring des millions of tourists et business toutes les personnes year after year. Statistically, seul Beijing, Rome, et Shanghai have more hotels than the capital of France. Since the Stade ns France is situated in Saint-Denis, 6 mile from the city centre, you oui options à stay closer to thé major attraction or closer to thé arena in Saint-Denis, thé northern suburbs ns Paris. Choose the location that works better for you and go à which offers the meilleur choice of accommodations et excellent prices. What’s also great about thé Stade ns France – there room several an excellent hotels located right suivant to it!

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When français authorities committed venir constructing année epic multipurpose stadium that would host thé 1998 FIFA people Cup, they insisted that auto arena need to be situated ont close to the ville centre oui possible. Oui you deserve to imagine, it was nice hard to find a large void in the heart ns Paris. Sauce soja the venir was constructed in Saint-Denis, i beg your pardon is anyway seulement un 6.5 mile away from thé Eiffel Tower. Today the stadium area is dubbed ‘public transport destination’ passant par the authorities. This way that the easier à use auditeur transport system than private transporté to importer to thé ground.

By Train – showing up in paris from another European city passant par train ensures you comprendre probably the quickest faisabilité access to auto stadium. The international trains normally venir at Gare du Nord (North Station). A twelve-minute train ride will lug you venir the station known oui La candide Stade ns France. It is one of the closestly train stations de diffusion to thé arena situated 0.4 milles away from it. Si you are going from the quartier général of parisien to thé stadium passant par Suburban rail Network (RER B), tu can additionally head to la Plaine Stade aux France.

By Metro – heat 13 ns the parisien subway can bring you to St dennis Porte du Paris station. Its distance from auto ground is also 0.4 miles. The metro in paris is quite sophisticated marqué the best thing about cette is the you’ll be able to comprendre to almost any carré in the french capital. The ticket price in Paris métro is 2$.

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By Bus – there is no need venir use this transport method si you need to get to the Stade ns France quickly. However, si you have plenty du time and you space not fermé to heat 13 de the underground, you peut être want à see the city above auto ground. The bus network is an extremely well-developed in Paris and there are plenty of ways comment you can importer from different parts du the ville to auto stadium nous the bus.

By Car – google search for the stadium’s deal with “ZAC de Cornillon Nord, Saint-Denis” jaune simply “Stade ns France” in order to get direction for the là ride to thé arena. Auto roads can importer very busy so the standard directions can be useless, especially si you room in a hurry. It’s likewise recommended to livre parking in advance. Amie can à faire this at thé official website de the sports venue.

By Plane – Charles de Gaulle (CDG), Orly, et Beauvais are thé airports serving Paris. CDG is auto biggest ns them and located 12 miles away from the Stade aux France. The train ride from CDG to ns Plaine Stade ns France take away 29 minutes et you’ll oui to walk à la 8 minute from there. Orly is 20 miles away from thé ground and it’s located conditions météorologiques the opposite southern suburbs ns Paris. Take it OrlyBus to the Denfert-Rochereau-Métro-RER station and switch to Denfert-Rochereau station. Auto train will shortly bring tu to les Plaine Stade. Thé overall expected time de travel native Orly to auto Stade aux France is about 1 hour. Considering Beauvais, it’s an airport provided by budget airlines et you’ll oui to spend about 1 hour 30 minutes in transport avant you can importer to auto arena. First, you’ll oui to take thé regional former (TER) costing 8$. Ce will carry you venir Gare ns Nord (North Station) from where tu can easily get to la Plaine Stade aux France.


Stade de France is a marvellous incarcération with many là park options available. Marqué if you haven’t reserved ce in advance, at fois you’ll find cette a challenging task during the event when everyone rather is likewise in need of the vacant park spots. However, over there is constantly a solution. The approximate matchday paid parking bai price near the des sports venue in Saint-Denis is 8$.

Eating out nearby


Paris is a great city for foodies and certainly, there space some decent mise to eat in Saint-Denis and especially in auto area de the stadium. No matter whether tu are looking pour cheap street nourriture or one-of-a-kind dining experience, I’ve definitely got some good hints for you.

Pubs, bar & cafes

O’Grand Breton – is situated much less than a milles away from thé ground in Saint-Denis. The a wonderful carré to reap French nourriture including some vegetarian et vegan options on the menu. The interior ns this café is rather simple and lovely.Le Rameau – the laure of this le café is perfect si you want to hang out close to thé Stade du France nous a matchday. The prices space not specifically cheap. However, that a lovely le café with TVs, great starters and a variety du salads.Little je Bar – is not exactly the nearest pub to auto ground marqué if elle want à hang out somewhere in the quartier général of Paris, you can definitely check the end this cosy place. Little Temple bar is a really cute spot for all people who amour good beer and atmospheric ireland pubs.


Le Club – a wonderful restaurant integrated directly into thé arena. That a dreamlike location for every football et rugby maniac that wants venir enjoy his or sa lunch with année exclusive panoramic stadium view. It’s additionally a really neat carré with countless tasty fémoral to try for dinner and dessert. Thé lunch menus is destin of limite though.At Homes – is a great place to gain high-quality burgers with some amazing compositions and yummy homemade sauces, including really spicy sauces. Auto decoration of the venue is fantastic and it’s located about 1 milles away from the stadium.

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Chez Rochette – is one de the le meilleur restaurants in Saint-Denis. What’s additionally convenient is the it’s seul a 10-minute to walk from the Stade de France. The nourriture is shockingly tasty and although the personnel don’t constantly speak English very well, they space friendly et extremely helpful.