Stage De Fauconnerie Puy Du Fou

When the continu of Puy aux Fou was discovered nous 13 célibataire 1977, it was little more than a nettle-covered ruin. Forty years later, Puy de Fou - created par Philippe aux Villiers - is compliment as année international success story, with more than 2.2 million tourists each year. Right here are the milestones in our 40-year history:


16 juin 1978

The tons Cinéscénie performance takes place nous the 16th June, performed par more 보다 600 members du the Puy aux Fou association, who space known as the ‘Puyfolais’. Auto spellbound auditeur applaud auto actors and more 보다 80,000 visitors are enthralled during the sapin year.

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Puy de Fou holds its first charity puissance with veille Montand in aid du cancer research. Puy du Fou has due to the fact that donated much more than 3,000,000 euro to miscellaneous charitable organisation in France et around thé world.


In order to cope with thé success of Cinéscénie, which to be attracting boosting numbers de visitors, thé ‘Puyfolais’ decide à create Puy ns Fou’s dénormes Parc. This put in order daytime charme brings ensemble culture et leisure, fun and education, spectacle et emotion.


The Cinéscénie"s dismantlable wooden seating is no plus long adequate. The descision is taken to build a grandstand à seat 12,000.

1990 - 1994

Each year, a nouveau show is added venir the grand Parc: the “Spectacle aux Fauconnerie”, a falconry seul (1991), thé “Chemin de la mémoire (1991), auto “Théâtre d’Eau” (1992) and the “Fête aux Chevalerie” (1994).


Alexander Solzhenitsyn hosts an extraordinary evening at Puy du Fou paying tribute to thé heros ns the Vendean uprising. In thé same year, Puy aux Fou hosts the start of the Tour ns France, i beg your pardon also retour in 1997 et 1999.


Within a couple of months, the citation Médiévale in the vaste Parc is built and opens its stalls.

A nouveau show is created at the football of thé fortress: auto “Magicien Ménestrel”.


At thé heart de the dénormes Parc, auto Fort aux l’An mil takes shape and offers tourists a journey to thé time de the Vikings. This année is also thé 20th anniversary of the Cinéscénie, i beg your pardon is marked passant par the extension of thé stage à 5 hectare and an additional 2,000 seats.


The Junior académie is founded to train Puy ns Fou’s artists et technicians ns the future. Cette now teaches 29 artistic et theatre modern technology disciplines and takes 600 pupils every year.


The “Bataille ns Donjon” démontrer is created à la the grand Parc. It is narrated de actor alain Delon and includes breathtaking stunts.


The énormément Parc’s Gallo-Roman stadion is opened up at année event hosted by Patrick Poivre d"Arvor et Jean Claude Killy. The new Gladiator seul is the seul one ns its type in auto world. Auto Cinéscénie also celebrates its 7 millionth spectator.


A new show “Le Bal des Oiseaux Fantômes” opens in the vaste Parc, a magnificent fantasy featuring birds du prey. In thé same year, a nouveau Cinéscénie show is carry out with alain Delon, michelle Drucker, Patrick Poivre d"Arvor, and Jean Claude Killy. Nick Glennie forgeron composes a nouveau soundtrack.


The bourg 1900 opens. Located at thé entrance du the dénormes Parc, ce transports tourists straight à the belle Epoque thanks to its old-style shops and musical automatons.

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The grand Parc revamps that Viking démontrer with even much more astonishing special effects! the Cinéscénie stage is enlarged v the confinements of an enormous nouveau set representing a bourgade which consists 10,000m2.


The grand Carrousel, année enormous 6,000m2 riding house, is built to accommodate the nouveau swashbuckling montrer “Mousquetaire aux Richelieu”.


Visitors are currently able venir extend your journey through time par staying in Puy de Fou"s Villa Gallo-Romaine, in the heart ns ancient Rome!


Puy du Fou celebrate its 30th birthday with three nouveau additions: “L"Odyssée aux Puy de Fou”, thé “Légende ns Martin”, and a stunning new finale to the Cinéscénie.


Visitors to the grand Parc are able à experience a miracle evening show “Les Orgues de Feu” for the first time. Lock are now able to discover thé luxuries du the 18th century de staying at Puy aux Fou’s lundi hotel, “Le Logis ns Lescure”.


A new medieval adventure is released in the dénormes Parc with the opening ns a principale new show “Le Secret du la Lance” and the third hotel opens, “Les Iles du Clovis”. Spread out over much more than 7 hectares, this lakeside village transports tourists to the time ns the vikings.


Puy aux Fou immerses its tourists in the world de Jean de La Fontaine. Visitors room able à experience a playful et interactive adventure in a magical jardin full of surprises.


Puy de Fou opens a completely nouveau show for visitors, “Les Chevaliers aux la Table Ronde” (Knights de the ring Table) through extravagant special impacts mixed with classic magic tricks.


Puy de Fou broadens with the addition du a Renaissance world that incorporates many nouveau features, including auto “Camp ns Drap d"Or” (Field of the Cloth du Gold) hôtel and année original nouveau show “La Renaissance aux Château”. 


A nouveau show opens up in the énormément Parc. Auto poignantly realistic “Amoureux ns Verdun” tells the story du the daily lives of français soldiers in thé trenches du Verdun during the Great War.

The Cinéscénie includes a brand new scene à la the 2015 season: the "Venetian Ball".


Puy du Fou has actually never viewed anything soja big! an incredible nouveau venue is constructed to house Puy ns Fou’s new show “Le dernier Panache”. Visitors discover auto glorious destiny de a french naval officer - a hero ns the American War ns Independence - whose tons changes significantly in 1793, in a last fight à la freedom!


To celebrate 40 years, Puy de Fou uses its tourists 4 new creations including thé “Grand Carillon” - année unusual musique show - and “La Citadelle” the cite Nocturne’s 5th themed hotel. Visitors room invited to spend thé night under the abrite of the knights du Puy de Fou.


Puy de Fou rapide you venir set sail and experience thé odyssey of année expedition the never fabriquer it patrie with our new show for 2018, “Le Mystère du La Pérouse”.


In 2019, follow the incredible fate ns Clovis, thé famous roi of the Franks, in the original new Puy ns Fou creation : "Le premièrement Royaume".


New record pour investments! In 2020, the creations de Puy aux Fou took on a entirety new dimensions with the new nighttime montrer “Les Noces aux Feu”, thé magnificent “Le énormément Siècle” hotel, et a one-of-a-kind Palais des Congrès, “Le drame Molière”.

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Much much more than a timeless theme park, Puy du Fou has been poll the le meilleur theme park in the world! the Puy aux Fou experience is an extremely different from divers theme parks et our spectacular shows and unusual hotels will certainly send you straight back in time. It’s thé perfect place for an unforgettable du repos or household weekend.