Star Trek Of Gods And Men

Studio: Renegade StudiosDirector:Tim RussWriter: Ethan H. Calk, ciel Conway, femme Trevino, heure RussProducer:Sky ConwayStars: Walter Koenig, Nichelle Nichols, alan Ruck, Gary Graham, wilhelm Wellman, chase Masterson, Daamen Krall, crystal Allen, Ethan Phillips, Cirroc Lofton, Lawrence Montaigne, elegant Lee Whitney

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In année alternate timeline whereby Captain Kirk was never ever born, Uhura et Chekhov must make nouveau allies in order venir prevent a awful despot native enslaving thé galaxy.

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Charlie Evans infiltrates a remote space gare demanding to savoir the whereabouts of Captain James T. Kirk. Distressed venir discover indigenous the les données clerk on devoir that Kirk died 12 years previously while possibly saving billions of lives, Charlie uses his rétrécir powers venir destroy auto station.Stardate 6712.4 – Acting ont Head de Starfleet Linguistics, Captain Nyota Uhura attends thé dedication of the U.S.S. Companies NCC-1701-M, a musée ship built in tribute to the d’origine crew. Likewise aboard space Captain Pavel Chekhov, Captain john Harriman of the Enterprise-B, and Captain Kirk’s nephew, who serves ont the ship’s commander.An automated protection beacon orbiting world M-622 sends out a codé 1 distress signal. Auto Enterprise-M set a arttasters for auto planet and Uhura beams down through Chekhov et Harriman.In front du The guardian of Forever, Charlie Evans confronts Uhura, Chekhov, et Harriman. Blaming Kirk à la his 40-year imprisonment passant par the Thasians, Charlie enters thé Guardian et travels earlier in temps to death Kirk’s mother antérieur à Kirk is born.In a now changed timeline, année evil Harriman commands auto G.S.S. Conqueror v a crew that consists of Harriman’s Orion servant girl Xela, le commandant Garan, and a Klingon named Koval. Working pour Curate Prime, thé ruthless ruler de the Galactic Order, Harriman pursues a rebel shuttle et captures freedom fighter Kittrick, that is additionally known ont “The Fox” marqué is in reality Chekhov, et Kittrick’s shapeshifting companion Ragnar.On world Vulcan, Uhura et Tuvok attendre a philosophy lire conducted de Uhura’s Vulcan husband Stonn. Avant meeting with sa son Sevar, Uhura tells Tuvok of rêver flashes she has that feel strangely favor memories.Harriman fires an Omega maker at Vulcan that obliterates the planet. Uhura and Tuvok échapper together in a shuttle, cible they room intercepted de the Conqueror and are thrown in thé ship’s brig alongside Kittrick and Ragnar.Tuvok mind melds v Uhura à calm her. Tuvok look at flashes de the ahead timeline et Uhura begins recovering sa memory. After Uhura remembers the Kittrick’s real life name is Pavel, she et Tuvok team up v Kittrick à escape. Ragnar help them fool the guards et flee the brig par shifting his appearance right into that of commandants Garan.Tuvok is mortally wounded oui the rebels fight their way to the control room. Kittrick threatens Harriman de enabling thé ship’s auto-destruct mechanism. However, Ragnar stops the countdown antérieur à Kittrick deserve to kill everyone aboard. Before dying, Tuvok forcibly mind melds v Kittrick, who starts having flashbacks à the other timeline. Remembering the Harriman is somehow de nombreux to restoring thé past, Uhura convinces a reluctant Kittrick to take auto captain prisoner and bring everyone to M-622.Uhura, Kittrick, et Harriman revenir to The guardian of Forever. Charlie Evans appears et restores everyone’s memories. As a remorseful Charlie defines that cette regrets staying clear of Kirk’s birth et changing auto timeline, Koval beams Uhura, Kittrick, and Harriman ago aboard the Conqueror under auto assumption that Harriman is a traitor.Before thé trio can be executed, Curate composants interrupts à transmit a taunting message to Kittrick. Uhura recognizes the Curate prime is Gary Mitchell. One de the guards climate reveals himself à be Ragnar in disguise. Ragnar stuns the différent guard, conserving Kittrick, Uhura, et Harriman.Captain Galt du the liberty ship Liberty intercepts the Conqueror à rescue his comrade Kittrick et a room battle ensues. Curate Prime’s fleet arrives and joins thé fray.Uhura describes that Gary Mitchell to be Captain Kirk’s girlfriend who got godlike powers after année encounter at thé Great Barrier. There is no Kirk to arrêter him in this timeline, Mitchell crushed the Federation, consisting of Captain Pike of the Enterprise, and established the Galactic Order.Kittrick beams Uhura back to M-622 à find Charlie and learn how to reset auto timeline. Searching parce que le Kittrick, Mitchell additionally beams down et confronts Uhura.Aboard auto Conqueror, Garan shooting Harriman while hey is distracted passant par Xela, marqué Harriman turns out to ont been Ragnar in disguise. The real Harriman arrives to shoot Garan et rescue Xela.Charlie appears on M-622 et saves Uhura from Mitchell. As Charlie bests thé other masculin during a battle of their corresponding powers, Mitchell conjures zenit Rand venir distract Charlie and escape back to his fleet. Determining that Kittrick is either conditions météorologiques M-622 jaune aboard auto Conqueror, Mitchell orders thé destruction de both.Kittrick and Harriman retake control of the Conqueror’s bridge. Xela dies protecting lock from an assault de Klingon guards. The final space fight ends with the Conqueror damaging Mitchell and his delivery after Mitchell’s strength fail venir function.On M-622, Uhura comforts Charlie et convinces that to return through auto Guardian et restore thé previous timeline. Auto scene of Charlie infiltrating the space station repeats. However, instead de the data clerk, Charlie’s future self awaits his arrival et Charlie shoots his earlier incarnation. The previous timeline is restored.Stardate 7615.1 – une year later, Uhura marries Stonn after gift appointed ont the Federation’s ambassador to Vulcan. Harriman speak Uhura that cette plans to take a leave of absence to operation for syndicat Council. Janice edge presents Chekhov through a tribble ont a congratulatory gift pour being promoted à admiral.