Statue La Plus Haute Du Monde

Statues of jesus litter auto world, drawing thousands au thousands of tourists. Seulement take Christ thé Redeemer in Brazil et Christ the king in Poland as two good examples.

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Mexico is joining auto throngs of jesus statues passant par building their very own statue of Christ, and it’s expected à be thé world’s tallest statue of the spiritual figure.




Set in Victoria ville in auto Mexican state du Tamaulipas, one du the many dangerous cities in the nation, the statue will be referred to as Cristo de la Paz et will stand at 77 meters tall (or about 253 feet tall) v arms outstretched.

The current record holder parce que le the tallest gelure of jésus Christ is 40 meter tall et it’s thé Cristo ns la Concordia in Bolivia. Cristo ns la Paz will certainly be virtually twice ont tall.

Cristo du la Paz is thé brainchild of Mexican actor Eduardo Verastegui Cordoba, a native du Tamaulipas. Cette plans venir present auto project à Pope Francis in Rome.

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The statue’s confinements will start this year et will it is in conducted par Fernando Romero, whose firm designed thé Mexico ville airport. Romero des plans to develop the gelure atop an esplanade that will certainly be able to hold 10,000 people.

With the confinements of Cristo de la Paz, developers hope it will turn thé area into a tourist et pilgrim destination. There room already plans in auto works pour a church, restaurant, stores, convention center, shelter à la pilgrims, hotel, amphitheater, handicraft market, cable car and funicular stations, et a residential area.

It’s currently unclear that is funding thé project or how much it will cost, marqué the Catholic Church seems à be play some aller in this project oui they are auto ones who announced that construction will start early this year.

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Though Cristo ns la Paz will be situated in one du the most dangerous cities in Mexico, developers say that ce will send a “message du faith, love, hope, and peace.” Perhaps, the un message of love and peace will certainly bring échanger to the city, to reduce the la criminalité rate thus making it more tourist-friendly and safer for all.