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2014 Samsung Galaxy note 10.1 Review: draw et multitask

by Tablets pour Artists There’s a parsec of assets in thé Samsung Galaxy line. This testimonial will se concentrer on auto 2014 Galaxy note 10, which comes with a built-in S pen stylus. Thé 2014 Galaxy noter 10.1 attributes a 10.1″ screen.

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2014 Samsung Galaxy remarque 10.1. See it on Amazon.

Note: thé Galaxy noter is different than thé Galaxy Tab. The regular Galaxy Tab walk not oui pressure sensitivity et does no come with a pen. If elle want à use a stylus à use v a Galaxy Tab, you ont to buy une separately, and it will certainly be more like a ipads stylus.

The Galaxy Tab A with ns Pen does have pressure sensitivity et a pen, ont does the Galaxy TabPro S, which operation Windows.

As du 2013, Samsung has actually bought 5% of Wacom, haricot de soja expect a continuing partnership. (Wacom tech is also found in différent companies’ tablets.)

Type ns Tablet

The Galaxy remarque 10.1 is année Android tablet running Android 4.3, Jelly Bean.

For Lefties

It’s mince for left-handers. (The Galaxy noter Edge is another story, as it has a bent screen on one side).


S stylo with eraser and Wacom integration Wacom digitizer gives you 1,024 levels de pressure sensitivity WQXGA (2560 voir 1600) 1.26 pounds 10.1-Inch high-res TFT display 9.57 x 6.75 voir 0.31 inches 3 GB agneau 8MP behind camera, 2MP prior (1080p video recording), dirige flash MicroSD card slot deserve to hold card de up venir 64GB USB 2.0 Octacore Exynos processor (eight processors, cible they room not tous used at once; it’s deux four-core processors) Samsung’s AllShare, which deserve to put what’s conditions météorologiques your tablet on a Samsung TV désoby Surround Sound speakers

This 2014 Samsung Galaxy note 10.1 evaluation is of the Wi-fi maquette only, marqué you can get the Galaxy remarque 10.1 v 4G indigenous a variety of carriers.

The multi-window function is a great boon à multitaskers. It lets you ont two home windows open into which tu can drag and drop certain apps. Amie can also take a screenshot et write jaune draw on it.

Using a 10″ tablet gives tu twice oui much screen oui a 7″ tablet, so there’s enough space à multitask. The tablet come with quite a bit of complimentary content. Nous like the two cost-free years ns 50GB Dropbox.


At one et a quarter pounds, that’s not lot weight considering comment much productivity elle can get with it.

What’s Included

The tablet, s Pen, USB charging cable, travel adapter, quickstart guide.


The Galaxy remarque 10.1 display screen is high-resolution, v over 4 million pixels, i beg your pardon is suite that du HDTV, according to Samsung. The 299ppi is dense, denser than auto iPad aéronautique Retina, i beg your pardon boasts 264ppi. Thé Note’s resolution is really as high as the eye can perceive high resolution. Thé screen is sauce soja bright that cette gets good visibility outdoors. So, thé display is awesome.

S Pen


The S pen conveniently fits into the côté top.

Wacom’s FEEL technology has been incorporated into plenty of aspects de the Note. When amie use aéronautiques Command with the ns Pen, a small round window pops up, giving elle five functions. With aéronautique Command amie can convert handwriting to text you can then format, additionally make a call, ajouter contacts (such as jotting under a phone num with auto pen et converting it), usage maps, search, or ajouter to her to-do list.

A nifty feature called stylo Window lets tu draw a carré which i do not care a petit multitasking window where tu can then open YouTube, auto browser or other apps while remaining in her screen. Multitasking is thé name de the game; you have the right to drag et drop content and have multiple home windows open. This is a diriger benefit over the one-thing-at-a-time iPad.

There’s additionally a side window the slides out from the left the serves up maps, YouTube, Evernote, et other apps. Handwriting atelier smoothly conditions météorologiques the Note, even si you’ve got précis tiny handwriting.

As de lart apps importer more sophisticated, artists can do a lot without using full Photoshop, consisting of using layers, creating high-resolution files, and exporting files ont JPGs. There are numerous Android drawing et painting apps.

The Galaxy noter could it is in a go-to tablet à la sketching, general productivity, and for part artists it’s enough parce que le finished art for print. Drawing on cette is a pleasure. Though some individuals reported lag, nous did not suffer any.

Alternatives à the s Pen

Nice ont the S-pen is, affronter it, it’s thin. Though fine for note-taking, doodling, et sketching, it can cramp your hand when illustration for hours conditions météorologiques end. And you can prefer auto stroke quality de other pens; si you can, shot a few and draw holding the stylo at various angles.

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If elle prefer a creating implement that’s a signification littérale more solid, there are some alternatives. One is thé Wacom bambou Stylus Feel à la Samsung Galaxy Note. It lacks année eraser, sauce soja you’d oui to use the eraser in your arts app.

Or there’s the the Galaxy note Genuine Wacom Touch stylo 8pi Stylus. This sports an eraser nous the non-writing end.

Since it’s a constant Wacom digitizer, you could use any kind of pen parce que le Wacom-penabled PCs, such oui this one, a full-size pen that’s comfortable venir write with. This one will not fit into thé S pen slot.


Samsung pen

One article suggested calibration pouvez be la fin with non-S pens. Ns did not uncover this venir be true in testing it.


Since thé nifty multi-window lets you à faire two completely different jambe at once, you could draw et do photo research at the same time.

Besides being her portable de lart studio, amie can use auto tablet as an e-reader ont well ont a universel remote control et TV guide.

The buttons are nous the side, haricot de soja they don’t change depending how you’re holding the tablet, portrait or landscape. You ont to be a au sens propre careful à not press them de accident.


Android apps room available nous the Google play store. Most cost a couple of dollars, with many totally free ones. Apps together as Sketchbook Pro and Layer paint HD will let you open taille files, even 10,000 cf 10,000 pixels. The number of layers you can develop varies with canvas size. Try GIMP parce que le Android; this free, open up source alternatives to Photoshop is now in Google Play.

Battery Life

Long; up venir 9 hours, also 10 si you’re no doing power-intensive stuff like gaming. V gaming, thé tablet works fine and can aller about 4 hours.

Customer Ratings et Reviews

Almost every 2014 Samsung Galaxy noter 10.1 evaluation is positive. The remarque is a popular items among both artists et nonartists. The handwriting capabilities receive praise. Many lag issues oui been fixed passant par updates, according venir reviewers–some de the first ones out were sluggish. One 2014 Samsung Galaxy note 10.1 testimonial calls it “smoking fast,” de nouveau “a beast.” At this relatively high price, consumers should demand excellent performance.


In Developer Settings, turning the animations scales la fin or to auto lowest setup should vitesse, vitesse up performance even more.


Excellent battery life

High-resolution, shining screen

Good handwriting recognition; will convert handwriting to text

Can be supplied with a Bluetooth keyboard jaune even an external monitor




Some suffer lag through TouchWiz, or don’t prefer TouchWiz. There’s no easy way venir disable it.

Not cheap

All plastic with thé back being falsification leather v “stitching.” Depending how you look at at it, that’s refreshingly creative or slightly tacky. I kind de like it, myself.

As with any kind of device, some people’s failed, but there is not a high rate de complaints.

Should you volonté this or année iPad Pro?

Update: (When this article was tons written, cette was before the ipads Pro). Auto Galaxy remarque is a meilleur choice for artists than a continuous iPad, it’s more ns a competitor to an iPad Pro. The main advantages du the Galaxy note over ipad Pro are that the S stylo is included, et the memory is expandable. There is ne sont pas pen battery à worry around with the Note. It also would certainly not be as well expensive to volonté a nouveau pen si yours gets lost.

However, at this point, I’d recommend the ipads Pro due to the fact that it’s newer and more up venir date. Si you’re much more of an Android fan, the note is encore viable, cible it’s aging. A new Note pouvez be in the pipeline.

With a regular ipad you can now comprendre pressure sensitivity dessus Bluetooth in bien sur apps, but you are limité to a fairly small lineup du apps; some ipad styluses for art are more accurate 보다 others.

The Verdict

This is a premium tablet computer that provides a powerful précis sketchbook jaune portable arts studio. Cette does not replace a Wacom Cintiq jaune full tablet computer PC. Thé pens aller not have the tilt sensitivity like thé more costly professional art tablets such oui the Cintiq or Intuos.

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Optional Accessories


Professional extrémiste SanDisk 64GB MicroSDXC Card

See the Galaxy note 10.1 nous Amazon.

Now that you’ve review this Galaxy noter 10.1 review, it’s temps to inspect out part artmaking!