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Voici les compartiments et les corrigés ns l’épreuve d’Anglais LV2 du 2018 und 2019. Les programme a bien sur changé mais il existe toute ns même certains similitudes auprès la nouvelle épreuve. Celles annales tu seront donc très utiles convoque vos révisions.

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Extrait de sujet: document AStudents discover passion, friendship among hundreds de clubs, activitiesFinding a place to fulfill friends and be an imaginative is une key to happiness at Arizona StateUniversity, and among auto more than 1,000 clubs et organizations are number of dozenrelated venir playing année instrument or singing. Among those are five different groups who singa cappella.Adriana Whitmore has 5 been to sing since âge 9 and was in auto Chicago children’s Choirand Voice of Chicago. She knew she wanted to continuez singing when elle got à ASU butwasn’t certain how, until elle saw auto all-female Pitchforks grouper perform at auto ASUWelcome parce que le incoming freshmen1 last week.“I observed them et fell in love and I had à try out,” stated Whitmore, who autorisé to being a10 au sens propre nervous about auto audition.Hundreds of students attended thé a cappella auditions organized at the musique Building overseveral days this previous week.Research has discovered that students that make connections and are associated in university lifeare more likely à stay in school et graduate, according venir Kendra Hunter, senior15 associate dean2 of students.“It’s critical for students to be involved and to importer that sense ns belonging par contributing toa community and feeling that sense of pride,” she said.Hunter said that freshmen are still discovering their interests et can be connected inseveral various activities.20 “Whatever ce is that students space interested in, si there’s not a société or organization that’s inexistence, they can create their own,” Hunter said.From: mar Beth Faller,, respectable 23, 2018

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Extrait de sujet:2. It shows cette is a college that focuses nous creativity and makes students happy through extra-curricular activities.

B. 1. True. Line l.2 «more than 1000 clubs et organizations …related to playing an instrument or singing»2.false l.13 «freshmen are calmer discovering … in several different activities»

C.1. Singing2. When she was 93.all-female Pitchforks group4.because they song a cappella and they sang pour incoming freshmen

D. One personal benefit is «happiness» l.1 jaune «make connections» l.13 une acadamic advantage is «stay in school and graduate» l.14

E. Kendra Hunter urges students à be associated in, à be cursed to an activity in which lock can satisfy themselves. They deserve to be proud of themselves in their creativity et they deserve to belong venir a community.

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Extrait aux sujet

Document ALondon’s Cabbies to speak ‘The Knowledge’ Is meilleur Than Uber and A GPSGetting into auto back du a black taxi is thé quintessential london experience. Name any kind of spot in Britain’s capital and the driver knows precisely where to go et how to volonté there oui fast as possible. This is “The Knowledge.” Every cabbie must master it, and it takes years venir learn.For 150 years, drivers have known tous the city’s streets by memory et passed testsrequiring years de study. Now ce just take away Uber et a système de positionnement géographique to importer around — et this has actually unleashed a principale battle the pits a London tradition against a lentreprise challenging the taxi industrie worldwide. Brian Nayar, a expertise instructor, is worried. Hey says the Uber is hurting thé industry he loves.“There room companies, you couverts Uber, where as far oui I’m concerned, they’recircumventing the law,” hey says. Taxi association contend that Uber’s online car-booking application is auto same as a meter et is cheating auto system. Si you conduire a car with a meter in London, then you ont to have passed auto Knowledge exams et hold a one-of-a-kind license.As the battle continues, londres taxi drivers say Uber is undermining année important frère tradition dating back venir 1865. On average, ce takes an ext than three years to learn the Knowledge. Aspiring taxi motorists start thé journey at emplacement like thé West londres Knowledge School, one du several teaching programs in auto capital.First, lock flit approximately the city on mopeds1, learning auto streets, et then spend months in rooms hunched over large, laminated maps. They draw routes with marker pens and then fermer la porte their eyes et call out direction from the d’image in their mind. They’re building a psychiatriques map that will aid them paragraphe stiff tests et get thé coveted green badge to allow them to conduire a metered le noir taxi.For Nayar, it’s tous part du a great british tradition that is much more meaningful than just relying conditions météorologiques technology à la navigation.“I drive a london taxi, but I’m also année ambassador à la this great city, et you can’t get that from a GPS,” hey says...

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Document BSouthampton, England, April 10, 1912Helen Walsh was a short, slight woman through a permanent air of dissatisfactionabout her. Elle fussed around sa son now, brushing flecks ns dust indigenous his trousers andstray hairs from the shoulders du his jacket. Cette smiled at her, glad of the type she paid à him et pleased à see auto unmistakable look ns pride on elle face, proud in the fact the 5 her son was to work oui a steward conditions météorologiques Titanic’s maiden parcours from Southampton to nouveau York.“Not bad, love, not bad at all... à la a Walsh,” elle replied, tugging at his waistcoat à remove a slight pucker1 and pulling at his couvercle to straighten it. “Now, you remember to work hard, bother Daniel Walsh,” she chided, “and mental that amie look after those third-class 10 passengers just the same ont you would certainly any ns those rich Americans. The poor could not ont the hats and the an elaborate shoes, marqué they deserve venir be treated good ’n’ proper, you hear?”With elle family roots set deep within the working-class society du Southampton’sdocks, Helen Walsh had ne sont pas time at toutes les personnes for the stuck-up American millionaires andsocialites2 15 who, ce was believed, had chosen to sail nous Titanic à make entreprise contacts jaune to offer them something à boast around at one of their dinner parties. Nevertheless, sa background didn’t prevent her from being a proud mother, and she was absolutely happy that sa son to be going à be one of the three hundred stewards that would work nous this much-talked-about ship, taking an excellent pleasure in telling toutes les personnes her friends et 20 neighbors about it. Et although the gossip-loving, spying-on-the-neighbors aller of her would oui quite favored to savoir exactly how ostentatious thé first-class accommodations were, she was especially pleased the Harry had actually been assigned venir steerage class, venir look after personnes like themselves.Despite his mother’s noticeable delight that cette would be Titanic that hey would sail on.

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Compréhension du l’écritDOCUMENT AA . 1. This documentations is a poster advertising thé steamer boat venir travel to auto Americas. 2. it targets auto third-class travellers, those who are poor.B. This steam boat is lot bigger in size than the est différent boats. Cette also has much more powerful steam engines and we deserve to see cabins venir host thé travelers. Ce conveys a majestic and mighty la peinture of thé steamer contrasted to the other au sens propre boats.C. thé Statue de Liberty is linked with auto ship because it was auto frits thing that the migrateur from europe saw when they arrived conditions météorologiques the new continent. Cette is displayed in the far éliminer to symbolize the longue journey from leurope  to the USA.DOCUMENT BD. 1.Helen is Harry’s mère so take care of is Helen’s son. 2. Helen is proud of elle son because he is going to work on the Titanic: l. 4 “ theunmistakable look du pride on her face”. Elle is protective et careful ont she checks his appearance: l. 2 “ to brush f flecks du dust from his trousers”. Elle also wants him to be polite with thé customers:: l. 9 “ mind that tu look after those third-class passengers”.

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E. It is a distinct day since Harry is going venir board the Titanic ont a steward. It is année honour pour him et his mother.F. take care of is going à look after third-class passengers that is à say to serve them et ask them si they need something .

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Document A

The day i decided to embark on a cross nation road trip, i was practically immediately greeted by soutien by ma husband and my meilleur friends with whom ns shared thé plan. To those who knew je well, sure, it seemed borderline radical, marqué not at toutes les personnes out du character. Je had set éteindre on trips before to Europe, Mexico and toutes les personnes around the 5 South. Fact is, i was born with wanderlust1 in ma veins. Must ont inherited it from toutes les personnes my ancestors 3 generations ago who endured long boat rides across the Atlantic Ocean to start a new first in America.

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Document ALes réponse en commun sont grouper entre das ES s et das LA. B a married womanB. She plans nous trvavelling on her won across auto USAl.8 «why i’m traveling de myself across thé country «»l.12 «I wanted année adventure pour myself»l.13 «by myself»C. ES s et d L3 elments venir show elle motivations are:l.10 «I wanted time» l.11 «an adventure «l.12 «wholly mine» «l.13 mywanderlust» .she desires to faire something an individual on her own because she craves à la goingtravelling on her own.

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Document A

It to be 1910, then, and the twenty-fifth anniversary of mien coming was close to at hand.Thoughts of the previous filled moi with combined joy et sadness. Ns was conquer with a desire venir celebrate the day. Cible with whom? generally this is done by "ship brothers," oui East-Siders appel fellow immigrants who venir here conditions météorologiques the very same boat.

It came back to me that i had such a delivery 5 brother, and that cette was Gitelson. Poor Gitelson! hey was still working at his trade. I had not watched him à la years, cible I had actually heard ns him from temps to time, and I knew that hey was employed by a ladies’ tailor at custom work-related somewhere in Brooklyn. (The custom-tailoring shop cette had oz started pour himself had proved a failure.) Also, i knew comment to with a brother-in-law du his.

The upshot was that ns made an appointment v Gitelson for him à be 10 at mien office conditions météorologiques the great day at 12 o’clock, ns did soja without specifying thé object du the meeting, but I meant that cette would savoir (...)

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Document A

A 3 his arrival in the USA 25 years ago

B. They space “ship brothers” since they crossed the Atlantic Ocean nous a boat from Europe and spent auto journey together onboard.

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C. Gitelson helped the narrator when cette was poor when he arrived in auto USA . He gave the some money on heat 15-16 “ with his ten dollars” . Cette also aided him start his own business oui a keep going , someone who renders clothes nous line 15-16 “ ce was upon his advice …that ns had come to be a cloakmaker”

D. Gitelson was already well-established in thé USA , hey is referred to as “ an American dandy “ on line 15 whereas thé narrator was fairly poor et had non situation. Conditions météorologiques line “I in tatters” suggest hey was wearing negative clothes at that temps (...)

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