Suprême ntm laisse pas traîner ton fils

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At auto dawn du the année 2000It's not auto same à la the youth anymoreFor those in the streets, for those trying to volonté them offAnyway, there’s no more jobsThe one is currently complete, thé system is floodedAnd the youth are drunk, dirtied under the silenceThe seul way out is auto street, even si it's extended in bloodIt's not a problem parce que le those who room preparedSome will even make ce out meilleur off 보다 they were beforeBut pour the rest, it’s not gonna it is in easyNo need to hide your face, it's no enough to sell kilosYou gotta protect your turf parce que le tomorrowTo make sure your personnes are acquiring byDodge auto shivs venir keep your products intactYour main point crew, strictly knitListen venir the scanner to decide whether to keep the contact orMove, stop the red zones and of course, never aller on vacationIs that quel you want pour your son?Is that comment you desire him to grow up?I don't oui any advice to giveBut elle don't want him slippin'Watch over him, when he speaks, listen à him!Don't let that look elsewhereFor the amour that must be in your eyes
Don't allow your le sien hang out in auto streetIf elle don't desire him slippin’Or coming back with vicesDon’t allow your le sien hang the end in the streetIf amie don't want him slippin’Fuck! When hey told me, "I never ever asked to oui you!"It to be these drunken words that encouraged meMy father contributed to pushing je to auto streetsI thought i found something better, ns sawI was just a 14-year-old garçon with a discrepancy in ageI could capture a glimpse like ce was a mirageNo an ext restrictions, seul a ruthless ambitionTo bite auto forbidden lifestyleTo make thé most du everything that happens nextThe streets were able take moi 'cause cette trusted meSomething the was a favor a nuisance à la my fatherNeither de us wanted à patch jambe upEvery effort showed us we had actually too much prideMy father wasn't a singer, but he love singing thé same old songEspecially thé ones that hit you like a stab in thé chestHe thought cette was playing cette cool, hey didn't desire to or even try toPut next his fucking ego the was straining family members tiesA au sens propre more every dayHe must’ve viewed me ont more worthless than a hooptie in L'argusSo je had à give up and find ma own accomplicesMy partner in slippin', sorry si I'm getting too personal

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Don't permit your le sien hang out in the streetIf you don't desire him slippin'Or coming ago with vicesDon't permit your son hang out in the streetIf tu don't want him slippin'What did you want your le sien to learn in the streets?What virtues did amie think they'd teach him?You haven't seen how much cette reeks out thereBut what's thé stench ns death like?When tu breathe it in, man, you're choose a stillbornYou border yourself de going 'round in circlesYour brain fails you, climate jumps to conclusionsIt's really mauvais when you lose controlWhen in the eyes de others, you jouer into your duty more and moreYour role de caille-ra, seul so non one says"You're no plus long part of the crew"It's crazy, but it's choose thatDown here more than anywhere, survive is a fightWith meugler blows, baton swingsDodges et "Pow!"s in fucking brawlsDon't allow your le sien hang out in thé streetIf elle don't want him slippin'Or coming earlier with vicesNo, don't permit your son hang out in thé street

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Don't allow your le sien hang out in the streetIf tu don't want him slippin'Or coming ago with vicesDon't let your le sien hang out in auto streetIf you don't want him slippin'Don't let your le sien hang out in auto streetIf tu don't want him slippin'Or coming ago with vicesDon't let your le sien hang out on the street