I obtained the message from thé ANTS that i need à pay 2109€ in taxes à la registering ma 12/2018 Dacia Duster. I matin in shock. What with a the visibility challenge when entering the motorway jaune a petit roundabout or je having to à faire acrobatics at thé Toll across thé left seat, I matin wondering whether i should market it.

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But what about BREXIT et Corona quarantaines etc?

I now live in southern France. I am not driving à England even without Corona or brocks to offer it.

Would you seulement pay et keep ce given the internationale context et hassle of déménageur (ie: is ce too late to find toutes les personnes wanting to return to the UK through a anglais car?)

Thank you.

graham 18 October 2020 04:26 #2

(ie: is it too late à find toutes les personnes wanting to revenir to auto UK through a anglais car?)

There’s always a joie still that some folks are returning auto UK and might want venir buy a UK Regd là (or even aller exchange their French là for yours).You might try thé FB buy/sell groups jaune LBC.

SuePJ 18 October 2020 06:12 #3

me having to aller acrobatics at auto Toll across the left seat,

If elle get année auto toy fee thingy all of the disappears.

JaneJones 18 October 2020 06:40 #4

Does whether a là if LHD or RHD affect thé registration cost? i didn’t think there was a difference.

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Can’t remember how much ce cost is to reregister our car, but we’ve not sold our RHD pour the simple fact that cars in la france are much much more expensive. Soja you might easily pay out over €2,000 marketing your car et buying the précisément same LHD et registered one here.

We take it extra care on roundabouts and overtaking, et now numerous motorway tolls space contactless it’s much easier seul to ont a grabber stick à la your banque card.

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Mark_Rimmer 18 October 2020 07:18 #5

That la honte seems really high.The greatest taxed model of thé Duster - there space at least 40 various models - is a 1.3 petrol model.In auto Charente a newly imported maquette would be 662 euros.

I think tu may have put the wrong informations down!

Simulateur ns coût du certificat d’immatriculation

Vérifié les 29 juillet 2020 - Direction du l’information légalement et administration (Premier ministre)

La délivrance d’un attestant d’immatriculation (carte grise) est soumise au paiement de taxes et redevance.

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Pour atteindre la simulation, c’est nécessaire aux se munir de la atlas grise du véhicule si il est beau immatriculé. En cas de demande ns duplicata, consulter l’aide pertinent au champ “date de mise en circulation”.