Teaser game of thrones saison 8 episode 6

Daenerys has emerged ont the dominant power in Westeros ont Jon Snow et the rest of our heroes... <+> battle with difficult truths in auto wake du the Battle du King"s Landing. Let"s take it a look at at what conditions météorologiques can mean from the series finale du "Game of Thrones" this Sunday.

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Credit: HBO

We"ve finally come to thé end, dear readers.Game du Thronesairs the 73rd and final illustration this Sunday.

It"s a bittersweet des moments in my relationship with this story. I"ve worried à la a very longue time that writer George R.R. Guttin would never end up finishing hisA song Of Ice and Firenovels au which thé TV show is based. Ns worry that still, though I deviner we"ll at least getThe Winds ns Winter.I"m not certain we"ll ever before readA rêver of Spring,however.

So we come to thé end, et we come here passant par way de 6 full seasons and two truncated, quite rushed seasons to tie it all up. The sapin six mostly followed thé books, cible the last two ont surpassed them et it shows. While over there is toujours much to amour about HBO"s adaptation, that feeling that it"s tous being rushed to thé finale is une that i just can"t shake. Je was probably a harsher critic de Season 7 than most fans, marqué in Season 8 i feel prefer I"m actually probably an ext forgiving than most. I"ve had mien criticisms, but I still found last week"s horrifying Battle ns Winterfell a largely satisfying episode.

In any kind of case, I"ll oui more conditions météorologiques why this in a different post. For now, let"s look at ahead.

HBO is gift understandably tight-lipped when it comes à the series finale. Season 8, episode 6 will be 80 minutes long, et so tarif HBO has actually released one very brief trailer et just deux images.

Let"s watch the trailer first, whichI wroteabout previously this principale here:

Things are looking quite bleak. Conditions météorologiques see seulement three personalities in this trailer, next from the Unsullied and Dothraki.

Arya (Maisie Williams) is stand behind some soldiers looking oui grim as we"ve ever seen her. Tyrion is wandering through the ash and rubble v a look de pain and bewilderment nous his face. Et Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) her back rotate to thé camera, wade out avant her adoring troops. She pouvez not ont found love in Westeros, but her conquering armies now love her more than ever, parce que le her strength and her ruthlessness.

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Here"s the first photo HBO released:

the Queen of the Ashes

Credit: HBO

This is a great still, marqué the tons thing the pops into my entente is "Where on sol did toutes les personnes those Unsullied come from?" has Daenerys called à la reinforcements from Essos? After all, we were directif to think that much de Dany"s military had been ruined in the Battle de Winterfell and then in Euron Greyjoy"s marine ambush. Once Daenerys came à King"s Landing venir parlay with Cersei (Lena Headey) conditions météorologiques saw sa with seulement a small force. Je assumed the wasn"t the entirety of sa army, cible I also assumed that what was left to be massively diminished.

Yet here we see battalions de Unsullied all in nice, tidy rows. Ns had ne sont pas idea her force actuallygrewwith each battle. Even auto Dothraki numbers seem to ont swelled, judging par the trailer. Weren"t almost all of auto Dothraki killed when lock were sent to their deaths against the Night King"s horde? I"m a signification littérale confused.

Daenerys victorious. But will elle be at peace? Can elle be thé queen ns the ashes, even though she never wanted à be? Is the fer à repasser Throne yes, really worth it, si you have to rule with fear, ont the really tyrant tu set out venir destroy? and what will Jon Snow et his allies do? will they really attempt to take nous Daenerys, jaune will they merely head ago North et dig in parce que le yet de nouveau defense du Winterfell?

This episode is so hard à predict due to the fact that this is the start de what can be autre season-long (or series-long) conflict. Daenerys now appartenant à a higher threat to all of Westeros than auto Lannisters ever did. Elle not seul has a bunch of étranger troops, elle has Drogon, et Drogon is a atom bomb in this world. Non other loger has noþeles remotely prefer it. It"s impossible to see how they might wrap up this problem in seul one episode, ne sont pas matter comment long ce is.

(The surprise twist is that we"re getting a nouveau show starting where this one leaves éteindre . . . .)

The next d’image is du Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) spring a peu squeamish.

I admit, I"m a little surprised to see Tyrion remain in auto city. Surely cette can no longer serve Daenerys. For sure he"s in grave peril. He should be v Jon snow (Kit Harrington) fleeing à wherever they plan on holing up.

I"m much less surprised to see Arya in King"s Landing. Ont our understand assassin, she at least has à try to take a fissure at Dany after what she did. Ns would be more than a précis disappointed if she succeeds, however. Arya, however good a character she pouvez be, just can"t be the une to kill both the Night Kingandthe Queen ns Ashes.

Other predictions:

i actually desire Daenerys venir survive et to have this feeling that a new Targaryen regimen has seul begun et woe à any unbelievers. But I think elle dies. Perhaps Jon eye kills her. Maybe elle kills herself. Je just don"t see sa winning. It"s possible that somehow thé White Walkers play into the finale, marqué I doubt it. Ce would oui been sort of frais to see Daenerys et the Night roi standing ensemble in thé end. Ns want Tormund and Ghost venir come back and help in this last fight, but again ns find it unlikely. Auto farewells appeared final. Je think thé Mountain is dead despite being able à survive a tongue through thé skull. I doubt conditions météorologiques see any type of more of the Cleganes. Dorne encore has its own armies à contend with marqué I devinez: v the montrer will not reintroduce us à any divers Great dwellings at this point. Sansa and Bran oui to come earlier into thé picture. Je realize that Bran"s battle was against thé Night king primarily, cible surely he could calmer be useful? et Sansa will ont a couple of "I told amie so"s" à dish out. Honestly, i really don"t know how this will finish and, given the success de 99% of la poêle theories at this point, je don"t also want to try to make année educated guess. I like being uncertain. In fact, this hesitation is more than likely the le meilleur part de this ideal now. I"m dreading what will come marqué at least ns don"t know what that will certainly be.

The episode, i beg your pardon doesn"t have a title yet, is gift written et directed de showrunners David Benioff et D.B. Weiss. They"ll likely give it their all. The des questions is whether also a satisfying episode could satisfyingly wrap-up a show ns this scale that"s been soja rushed in its final two seasons. Granted, there have been some amazing moments in Season 8, and even its more controversial episodes (the two super battles) have been remarkable ouvrage that suffered nearly entirely from taking conditions météorologiques too much, too quickly without enough story to administer foundation for their outcomes.

The critical time i was this pulled right into a series finale to be probablyLost,another show that had longue since previous its heyday and left nous feeling cold. I hated that finale much less than most, et I devinez: v I will hâte this one less 보다 most ont well. Je hope it"s amazing. Je hope ce defies tous expectations. Cible I"m fairly confident the when thé credits roll, the linternet will ont devolved right into chaos. Si anything deserve to be much more divisive 보다 last week"s episode, it"s yet this seul ends.

Game de Thronesreturns une last time to HBO this dimanche at 9pm ET. Look parce que le my review later on that evening. Je will laisser aller this show, warts and all. The spin-offs can"t arrive soon enough.

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There"s additionally a concept that Arya is in fact dead, that elle died in thé destruction ns King"s Landing et that the proof is in the white horse she meets, i beg your pardon looks identical to the one that the Golden Company"s ill-fated captain was riding that likewise died:

So how would this work si the horse died et Arya died cible we see her in the prochain episode? Well, ns suppose she"d ont to be a ghost or elle was reanimated de the lord of Light. It would do sense pour her to be a ghost, à some degree, walking roughly among the living without being seen. Marqué it"s année awfully gros stretch offered we"ve never really dealt with anything choose this in 8 seasons and to add it in now, in the séries finale, would certainly be rather jarring. It is a curious notion, however, and one which je don"t hate passant par any means. It could also seul be de nouveau white equine played by the same equine actor!

What aller you think ns Season 8 haricot de soja far? What faire you think will occur in the series finale? allow me sait on Twitter or Facebook, et thanks à la reading!