Télécharger microsoft edge pour windows 10

slaveslutlisa.com sheet is thé fast et secure browser that helps tu protect your data and save time and money.

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Choose thé web internet browser that puts you life

slaveslutlisa.com edge is the fast and secure internet browser that helps amie protect her data et save time and money.


Browse with slaveslutlisa.com Edge across devices

slaveslutlisa.com edge is available nous supported versions de Windows, macOS, iOS, et Android.


slaveslutlisa.com Edge parce que le Windows

slaveslutlisa.com edge is the best browser parce que le Windows. Sync her passwords, favorites, et settings throughout multiple devices et start using slaveslutlisa.com edge today.

Also available parce que le

home windows 11 home windows 10 home windows 8.1 windows 8 windows 7 windows Server 2016 windows Server 2019


slaveslutlisa.com Edge pour macOS

slaveslutlisa.com Edge to be designed à feel at home on a Mac. Easily sync her passwords, favorites, et settings throughout many devices. Download slaveslutlisa.com Edge as your new trusted tricot browser today.



slaveslutlisa.com Edge for iOS

slaveslutlisa.com leaf is available à download conditions météorologiques your ios device. Sync her passwords, favorites, et collections, across your signed-in devices. Scan the QR code to install thé app.

slaveslutlisa.com Edge à la Android

slaveslutlisa.com sheet is available à download nous your Android device. Sync her passwords, favorites, and collections, across your signed-in devices. Scan thé QR codé to install auto app.

Introducing home windows 11

A new Windows experience, bringing amie closer to auto people et things you love.

Be productive

With human being class performance, speed, et productivity features, slaveslutlisa.com sheet is designed venir help you comprendre more done.

Get rewarded

With integrated tools venir help you save, slaveslutlisa.com Edge provides the le meilleur online purchase experience of any linternet browser.

Stay protected

slaveslutlisa.com sheet offers the highest rated abri against phishing et malware attacks on Windows 10.

Make thé most du your temps online

slaveslutlisa.com Edge features such as Collections, verticale Tabs, et Immersive reader help elle organize et get thé most ns your temps while browsing, streaming, searching, sharing et more.

slaveslutlisa.com edge PRODUCTIVITY attributes

Save de largent while amie shop online

v Price Comparison, Coupons, Ratings and Reviews, and MS Rewards in Bing and Rebates1, elle can find the le meilleur deals digital when tu shop v slaveslutlisa.com Edge et Bing.

slaveslutlisa.com edge SHOPPING features

Stay much safer online

slaveslutlisa.com sheet security features such ont SmartScreen, Password Monitor, InPrivate search et Kids Mode, assist keep you and your love ones protected et secure online.

slaveslutlisa.com edge SECURITY functions

Introducing Kids mode in Edge

A browsing mode for enfant with built-in abri and practice designs haricot de soja your kids can surf a tricot tailored just for them.

Which dépense is best for her Mac?

slaveslutlisa.com Edge has been optimized pour both Macs through Intel chips (most common) et Macs with pomme chips (some more recent Mac models).

uncover your Mac's chip belles

Click auto Apple logo in thé top left corner de your screen. Choose About This Mac. A dialog should appear. Make sure auto Overview tab is selected. Look à la Processor jaune Chip and check whether ce says “Intel” or “Apple”.

To install the browser, tu must it is in the pc administrator and might need to download updates to your windows 10 PC and restart it.

To install thé browser, elle must it is in the pc administrator and might need to download updates à your windows PC et restart it.

After installation, this terms are additionally viewable in slaveslutlisa.com edge at edge://terms.

These license terms are an agreement between you and slaveslutlisa.com grouper (or one of its affiliates). Castle apply venir this software program published de slaveslutlisa.com et any software program updates (“Software”) (except to thé extent such Software jaune updates are accompanied passant par new oradditional terms, in which boîte those different terms apply prospectively et do not transform your jaune slaveslutlisa.com’s civil liberties relating venir pre-updated Software). Si YOU COMPLY through THESE patent TERMS, YOU oui THE legal rights BELOW.BY DOWNLOADING jaune USING thé SOFTWARE, tu ACCEPT this TERMS. Si YOU aller NOT accept THEM, YOU have NO right TO et MUST not DOWNLOAD jaune USE thé SOFTWARE.

1.1.Windows patent Terms

. Your installation and use de the Software nous any home windows platform shall be governed par the license terms for your slaveslutlisa.com home windows Operating système software (“Windows patent Terms”) on which tu are using thé Software, and those terms room incorporated de reference. If the software application is downloaded from slaveslutlisa.com and labeled preview, insider, beta jaune pre-release, or is otherwise indicated as not being a final retail dépense of auto Software, thé applicable state in section 1.2 additionally apply venir your use du the Software. Section 1.3 applies to your use ns other prestations de service that peut faire be made available for use v your use of the Software.


. Notwithstanding above partie 1.1 as applied to Windows 7, 8, et 8.1, the terms ns the applicable home windows License Terms, or any home windows update settings you oui configured, auto Software regularly checks à la updates, and downloads et installs them à la you. You peut faire obtain updates seul from slaveslutlisa.com or authorized sources, and slaveslutlisa.com pouvez need venir update your système to provide you with those updates. Passant par accepting this agreement, you agree to receive this types du automatic updates without any additional notice.


. slaveslutlisa.com peut faire make preview, insider, beta jaune other pre-release versions of the software (“Previews”) available à you. You peut être use Previews seul up to thé Software’s expiration date (if any) et so long ont you comply with auto applicable windows License Terms. Previews are experimental, which method that Previews peut faire not operate correctly et may it is in substantially different from auto commercially exit version. In part instances, Previews peut être even inadvertently damage your an equipment rendering ce inoperable or cause première occasional crashes, data loss or apps to arrêter working or be deleted. à recover, you may oui to reinstall your apps, auto operating system jaune re-flash your device. In some instances, you pouvez not it is in able to aller back venir your prior version of the Software. Due to the fact that Previews pouvez contain much more errors or inaccuracies, elle should back-up your device antérieur à installing any kind of Previews. Conditions météorologiques recommend installation Previews conditions météorologiques non-production gadgets that are not business critical because you are an ext likely à experience crashes, setting et policy changes, loss of les données or apps, feature and functionality changes, cause première other apps to stop working, be updated, jaune removed indigenous your device automatically without notice and other potential issues. Nous highly recommend that you faire not install auto Previews conditions météorologiques any systems tu don’t directly control jaune that elle share with others. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this agreement, Previews room nontransferable et provided “AS IS.” by installing Previews on your device, you may void or un tube your maker warranty and may not be licensed has been granted to support from auto manufacturer du your device or network operator, si applicable. slaveslutlisa.com peut faire not provide faire un don services for Previews. Si you provide slaveslutlisa.com comments, signal or différent feedback about thé Preview (“Submission”), amie grant slaveslutlisa.com and its partner rights à use the Submission in any type of way et for any kind of purpose. Amie will not provide a submission that is subject à a patent that calls for slaveslutlisa.com venir license that is Software jaune documentation à third partie because slaveslutlisa.com has your submission in them. These civil liberties survive this agreement. slaveslutlisa.com may change or discontinue thé Previews, jaune terminate your accessibility to the Previews, at any temps without notice and for any reason whatsoever. You may stop using the Previews at any kind of time by un-installing and deleting toutes les personnes copies du any Previews.

1.2.1.Data circonscriptions for Previews

. Previews may not have included, reduced, or different security, privacy, accessibility, availability et relatability standards relation amoureuse to commercially provided services et software. Parce que le Previews covered under section 1.2, privacy et feature settings peut faire not work as intended, and the Previews may not occupational with est différent Windows privacy settings, including the diagnostic les données settings à la Windows 10 / home windows 11. Les données collected from her use de the Previews, including diagnostic, technical, error reports, durgences dumps and other related les données from your devices running Previews peut être be used, stored, processed and analyzed à keep Windows and the Previews up to date, secure, and operating properly. It also helps nous improve slaveslutlisa.com products et services et may be used pour any différent purpose explained in auto slaveslutlisa.com Privacy Statement. If you disable data collection through controls available in auto Previews, nous may continue to collect diagnostique information about thé download, the installation and removal of the Previews and “basic” data as described in the Windows Diagnostics section du the slaveslutlisa.com Privacy Statement. Theslaveslutlisa.com Privacy Statement(https://go.slaveslutlisa.com/fwlink/?LinkId=521839), and this paragraph, applies à Previews under partie 1.2.

1.3.Other Services

.The Software pouvez include attributes that provide année access mission to, jaune rely on, est différent services, websites, links, content, material, integrations jaune applications, including as provided by independent third parties (“Other Services”). Her use of Other service or de Software functions that rely conditions météorologiques Other Services pouvez be governed de separate terms et subject venir separate privacy policies. You can check out these different terms et policies v the est différent Services’ websites jaune settings, oui applicable. The différent Services may not be easily accessible in toutes les personnes regions. You peut être not use tokens thé Software uses to appel into a slaveslutlisa.com Azure services separate from the Software.

IF YOU habitent IN (OR room A entreprise WITH A PRINCIPAL carré OF entreprise IN) auto UNITED STATES, you re welcome READ thé “BINDING ARBITRATION and CLASS action WAIVER” section 2.14 BELOW. IT affecter HOW problems ARE RESOLVED.

2.1.Installation and Use Rights

. Parce que le installation and use of the Software nous any non-Windows platform, including marqué not limite to macOS and Linux, you pouvez install and use une copy of the Software conditions météorologiques any an equipment running such non-Windows platform.

2.2.Third Party Software

. Auto Software pouvez include third party software application that is licensed à you under this agreement jaune under their own terms or under open source licenses with source codé availability options. Patent terms, notices, et acknowledgements, si any, parce que le the 3rd party software may be available online athttps://aka.ms/thirdpartynoticesor in an accompanying notices file. Even si such software application is governed passant par other agreements, auto disclaimer, limite on, et exclusions de damages below additionally apply to thé extent allowed by applicable law.


slaveslutlisa.com peut être make preview, insider, beta or other pre-release versions of the software application (“Previews”) available to you. You pouvez use Previews only up to thé software’s expiration cétait une date (if any) and so long as you comply through these patent terms. Previews are experimental, which means that Previews may not run correctly and may be substantially different from the commercially released version. In part instances, Previews peut faire even inadvertently damages your device rendering ce inoperable or raison occasional crashes, les données loss or apps to stop working jaune be deleted. To recover, you may ont to reinstall your apps, the operating system jaune re-flash her device. In part instances, you peut être not be able to aller back to your prior déditions of the Software. Due to the fact that Previews may contain more errors jaune inaccuracies, you should back-up her device avant installing any Previews. Nous recommend installation Previews nous non-production tools that space not entreprises critical because tu are more likely venir experience crashes, setting et policy changes, ns of data or apps, feature et functionality changes, raison other apps to arrêter working, it is in updated, jaune removed native your device automatically without notice and other potential issues. Nous highly recommend that you aller not install the Previews conditions météorologiques any systems amie don’t directly control jaune that amie share with others. Notwithstanding anything to thé contrary in this agreement, Previews space nontransferable et provided “AS IS.” de installing Previews conditions météorologiques your device, you may void or collision your an equipment warranty and may no be entitled to support from thé manufacturer ns your device jaune network operator, si applicable. slaveslutlisa.com may not provide support services à la Previews. slaveslutlisa.com may échanger or discontinue the Previews, or terminate your accessibility to auto Previews, at any time without notice et for any reason whatsoever. You may stop using auto Previews at any type of time passant par un-installing and deleting tous copies de any Previews.

2.3.1.Data circuits électoraux for Previews

. Previews peut faire not have included, reduced, or different security, privacy, accessibility, availability et relatability standards relation amoureuse to commercially listed services and software. Pour Previews extended under section 2.3, privacy et feature settings may not work ont intended, et the Previews may not work with différent operating système privacy settings. Les données collected from your use du Previews, consisting of diagnostic, technical, error reports, crash dumps et other related les données from your tools running Previews pouvez be used, stored, processed and analyzed venir keep auto Previews up to date, secure, et operating properly. Cette also helps nous improve slaveslutlisa.com products and services et may be used for any other purpose defined in auto slaveslutlisa.com Privacy Statement. Si you disable data circonscriptions through controls obtainable in thé Previews, nous may continuez to collect diagnostiquer information about auto download, auto installation et any removal ns the Previews and “basic” data ont described in the Windows Diagnostics section de the slaveslutlisa.com Privacy Statement. Theslaveslutlisa.com Privacy Statement(https://go.slaveslutlisa.com/fwlink/?LinkId=521839), and this paragraph, applies à Previews under section 2.3.

2.4.Other Services

. Thé Software pouvez include attributes that provide an access alloue to, jaune rely on, divers services, websites, links, content, material, integrations or applications, including oui provided by independent third les pièces (“Other Services”). Her use ns Other service or ns Software functions that rely nous Other Services pouvez be governed by separate terms et subject to separate privacy policies. Tu can check out these different terms and policies v the other Services’ websites jaune settings, oui applicable. The other Services peut être not be easily accessible in all regions.

2.5.Communications with You

. slaveslutlisa.com peut faire use your communication information (i) to communicate with amie about her use of the Software, and (ii) venir provide tu with extr information, about the Software and other slaveslutlisa.com products or services. This contact may be de email, SMS, instant message, web chat, phone, in auto user interface, or other means, et may encompass offers. Tu can constantly choose whether elle wish venir receive advancement email, sms messages, phone call calls and postal publier from slaveslutlisa.com.

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. If you administer slaveslutlisa.com comments, signal or différent feedback about the Software to slaveslutlisa.com (“Submission”), amie grant slaveslutlisa.com and its partner rights venir use auto Submission in any kind of way et for any kind of purpose. You will not provide slaveslutlisa.com a entry that is subject venir a patent that needs slaveslutlisa.com to license that is Software or documentation à third parties because slaveslutlisa.com has your feedback in them. These legal rights survive this agreement.

2.7.Data Collection

. The Software peut être collect information about you et your use du the Software et send that à slaveslutlisa.com. Par accepting this agreement et using thé Software you agree that slaveslutlisa.com peut être collect, use, and disclose the information ont described in theslaveslutlisa.com Privacy Statementathttps://go.slaveslutlisa.com/fwlink/?LinkId=521839, et as peut être be described in thé user interface associated with auto Software features.

2.8.Scope de License.

The software program is licensed, no sold. This agreement gives you seul some rights à use auto Software. slaveslutlisa.com reserves all other rights. Uneven applicable law gives tu more rights regardless of this limitation, amie will not (and ont no right to):

(a)work around any technical restriction in auto Software that seulement un allow you venir use it in avec certitude ways;

(b)reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, decrypt jaune otherwise attempt to derive auto source codé of the Software, except et only to auto extent that auto foregoing border is (i) permitted by applicable law; (ii) required de third party licensing terms governing thé use of bien sur open-source contents that peut faire be included with thé Software; or (iii) required à debug changes to any libraries licensed under thé GNU Lesser General public License i m sorry are consisted of with et linked to de the Software.

(d)when utilizing Internet-based features, you peut être not usage those functions in any way that might interfere with anyone else’s use of them or to shot to avoir access to or use any type of service, data, account, or network, in année unauthorized manner;

(f)share, publish, distribute, or lend auto Software, provide thé Software as a stand-alone organized solution pour others à use, or transfer thé Software jaune this agreement à any 3rd party.


. Si documentation is detailed with auto Software, you pouvez copy and use the documentation à la personal reference purposes.

2.10.H.264/AVC et MPEG-4 visuel Standards and VC-1 cassettes vidéo Standards

. The Software peut faire include H.264/AVC, MPEG-4 Visual, and/or VC-1 codec technology. MPEG LA, L.L.C. Requires this notice:THIS PRODUCT IS licensed UNDER the H.264/AVC, auto VC-1, and THE MPEG-4 part 2 intuitif PATENT portfolio LICENSES parce que le THE PERSONAL and NON-COMMERCIAL USE du A CONSUMER to (i) ENCODE vidéos IN COMPLIANCE WITH thé ABOVE la norme (“VIDEO STANDARDS”) jaune (ii) DECODE AVC, VC-1, and MPEG-4 part 2 cassettes vidéo THAT to be ENCODED by A consumer ENGAGED IN A PERSONAL and NON-COMMERCIAL ACTIVITY or WAS acquired FROM A vidéo PROVIDER LICENSED to PROVIDE such VIDEO. No LICENSE IS GRANTED or SHALL it is in IMPLIED for ANY divers USE. ADDITIONAL informations MAY BE obtained FROM MPEG LA, L.L.C. SEEhttps://aka.ms/mpegla.

2.11.Export Restrictions.

You need to comply with toutes les personnes domestic and international fiddle laws et regulations that apply to thé Software, which include incarcération on destinations, finish users, and end use. For further informations on fiddle restrictions, visithttps://aka.ms/exporting.

2.12.Support Services.

slaveslutlisa.com is no obligated under this agreement à provide any soutien services parce que le the Software. Any soutien provided is “as is”, “with tous faults”, et without warranty ns any kind.


The Software peut être periodically check for updates, and download and install them parce que le you. You may obtain updates only from slaveslutlisa.com or authorized sources. slaveslutlisa.com peut être need à update your système to provide tu with updates. Amie agree à receive these automatic updates there is no any extr notice. Updates peut faire not include jaune support tous existing software application features, services, jaune peripheral devices.

2.14.Binding Arbitration et Class mouvement Waiver.

This partie applies si you live in (or, if a business, your principal place of business is in) auto United States.If you et slaveslutlisa.com ont a dispute, you et slaveslutlisa.com agree à try for 60 days à resolve cette informally. Si you and slaveslutlisa.com can’t, you et slaveslutlisa.com agree tobinding individual arbitration avant the American Arbitration Association under auto Federal Arbitration loi (“FAA”), andnot to sue in bas in front de a judge or jury. Instead, a neutral arbitrator will certainly decide.Class mouvement lawsuits, class-wide arbitrations, private attorney-general actions,and any différent proceeding wherein someone action in a representative capacityare no allowed; nor is combining individual proceedings without the consent of toutes les personnes parties. The complete Arbitration commitment contains much more terms et is athttps://aka.ms/arb-agreement-1. You and slaveslutlisa.com agree to these terms.

2.15.Entire Agreement.

This agreement, et any other terms slaveslutlisa.com pouvez provide pour supplements, updates, jaune third-party applications, is thé entire agreement parce que le the Software.

2.16.Applicable Law and lace to resolve disputes

. If you acquired thé Software in the United States or Canada, the laws of the state jaune province where you live (or, si a business, where your principal carré of business is located) govern auto interpretation du this agreement, claims pour its breach, and toutes les personnes other insurance claims (including consumer protection, unfair competition, et tort claims), regardless de conflict de laws principles, other than that auto FAA governs every little thing related à arbitration. If you acquired thé Software in any différent country, its regulations apply, except that thé FAA governs every little thing related to arbitration. Si U.S. Commonwealth jurisdiction exists, you et slaveslutlisa.com consent to exclusive jurisdiction et venue in the federal meugler in king County, Washington for all disputes heard in court (excluding arbitration). Si not, you and slaveslutlisa.com consent à exclusive jurisdiction and venue in the Superior bas of king County, Washington for toutes les personnes disputes heard in meugler (excluding arbitration).

2.17.Consumer Rights; regional Variations.

This commitment describes avec certitude legal rights. You may oui other rights, including customer rights, under auto laws de your state, province, or country. Separate and apart native your partnership with slaveslutlisa.com, you may also have rights with respect to thé party from which amie acquired auto Software. This covenant does not échanger those divers rights si the laws ns your state, province, jaune country à faire not permit it to aller so. Parce que le example, si you acquired thé Software in one ns the below regions, or mandatory nation law applies, then the following provisions apply venir you:


You ont statutory assures under the Australian consumer Law and nothing in this agreement is intended venir affect those rights.


If elle acquired this software program in Canada, you peut être stop receiving updates par disconnecting your an equipment from the internet (if and when you re-connect to thé Internet, however, thé Software will resume checking for and installing updates), or uninstalling thé Software. The product documentation, if any, peut faire also specify how to turn off updates pour your certain device jaune Software.

(c)Germany et Austria

. Si you room using auto Software in Germany, you may faire so seulement un subject to thé following terms:https://aka.ms/edge-germany.


THE software program IS licensed “AS IS,” “WITH toutes les personnes FAULTS,” et “AS AVAILABLE.” amie BEAR the RISK du USING IT. slaveslutlisa.com gives NO exprimer WARRANTIES, GUARANTEES, jaune CONDITIONS. Elle MAY oui ADDITIONAL consumer RIGHTS or STATUTORY guarantees UNDER YOUR local LAWS that THIS agreement CANNOT CHANGE. TO the EXTENT permitted UNDER YOUR local LAWS, slaveslutlisa.com EXCLUDES toutes les personnes IMPLIED WARRANTIES, including MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS à la A certain PURPOSE, et NON-INFRINGEMENT.


IF YOU have ANY BASIS à la RECOVERING damages DESPITE thé PRECEDING DISCLAIMER du WARRANTY, you CAN recoup FROM slaveslutlisa.com and slaveslutlisa.com’S AFFILIATES or SUPPLIERS ONLY directement DAMAGES increase TO the AMOUNT amie PAID for THE SOFTWARE or $5.00, WHICHEVER IS GREATER. Tu CANNOT recuperate ANY other DAMAGES jaune LOSSES, including CONSEQUENTIAL, lost PROFITS, SPECIAL, INDIRECT, PUNITIVE jaune INCIDENTAL DAMAGES. Venir THE haute EXTENT PERMITTED passant par LAW, these LIMITATIONS and EXCLUSIONS APPLY to ANYTHING jaune ANY cases RELATED TO the SOFTWARE.It likewise applies even si this remedy does not fully compensate you for any losses jaune fails of its crucial purpose or si slaveslutlisa.com knew jaune should oui known about the possibility du the damages. The above restriction or sauf may no apply to you because your state, province, or country pouvez not permit the sauf or restriction of incidental, consequential, or other damages.

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Source codé for portions of slaveslutlisa.com leaf is available free of calculé fromhttps://thirdpartysource.slaveslutlisa.comunder thé third party open la source license terms listed athttps://aka.ms/thirdpartynoticesand in slaveslutlisa.com edge at edge://credits after installation. Jaune to acquire this source code you peut être send a examine or money order pour US $5.00, including auto Edge dépense number, to:

Source code Compliance Teamslaveslutlisa.com CorporationOne slaveslutlisa.com WayRedmond, WA 98052USA

compelled diagnostic les données is collected to keep slaveslutlisa.com sheet secure, up to date and performing as expected. Privacy statement
help slaveslutlisa.com enhance our products passant par sending optional diagnostic les données about how you use auto browser, websites you visit, et crash reports. Learn more

installing slaveslutlisa.com sheet will ajouter the slaveslutlisa.com repository haricot de soja your system will instantly keep slaveslutlisa.com sheet up to date.

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