Tennis St Gilles Croix De Vie

thé Tennis société Saint-Gilles wants to be année open club, which must allow each et everyone venir practice tennis with passion, even if it is in leisure jaune in competition. The club provides that is members with two sports complexe with undeniable advantages.

passant par relying on the foundations that make cette strong: quality education, an offer adapted à each et everyone according venir their faim (competition jaune leisure), exceptional sites, thé committee wishes you toutes les personnes the le meilleur 2019/2020 des sports season.

See elle soon nous the court

indigenous left to right: Olivier ANDRÉ & Didier rousseau (presidents), Sylvain MARMIROLI (secretary), Christophe GLEVAREC (treasurer).

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since July 31, 1964, thé Tennis club exercises its henn activity, auto practice of tennis, in the town de Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie.

thé Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie Tennis société is an open club, i m sorry must enable each et everyone venir practice tennis with passion, whether parce que le leisure jaune in competition, building nous the foundations that do their strength: quality education, an offer adapted venir each et everyone according à their aspirations (competition or leisure) et exceptional sites.

price 2019-2020

Hourly rental

sol rental € 10

map 5x 1h 45 €

map 10x 1h 85 €

the invitation 5 €

auto 5 invitations 23 €

thé 10 invitations 45 €

(Card validity 2 years anniversary date)

Youth map - FFT license had

2 invitations had

Mini Tennis 5/6 year (1h / s) 95 €

Tennis school (1h30 / s) 115 €

Competition school (3h / s) 160 €

choice made de coaches

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Carte rouge - FFT license included

Leisure lessons (1h) et competition (1h30) from the end du September to thé beginning du June

2 invitations included

Adult card 210 € couple card (2nd card) 160 € Student card (over 18) 160 €

summer card (July et August) in Jaunay there is no FFT card

Adult card 125 € paire card (2nd card) 95 € jeune Students card 85 €

atlas Blanche - FFT license included

accessibility to land without courses

Adult map 170 € paire card (2nd card) 140 € Student map (over 18) 140 €


L'équipe pédagogique

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