Test pour savoir si on est gay

Scientists specify sexuality oui a spectrum the covers a broad range ns sexual preferences et identities that can evolve over time. Many personnes don"t even discover their true sexuality till they space in your 30s! do you wonder si you"re straight, bi or corrébration on thé spectrum? Take thé test et find out!

Answer the interroger truthfully et discover thé true nature of your sexuality!

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LetterFull WordMeaning
LLesbianA lesbian is a homosexual woman. Cette means a woman is sexually/romatically attracted venir women.
GGayA nuit is a homosexual man. Ce means a homme is sexually/romatically attracted à men.
LLesbianA lesbian is a homosexual woman. Cette means a mrs is sexually/romatically attracted à women.
BBisexual (Bi)A bi is sexually/romatically attracted à both women and men.
TTransgenderTransgender people have a gender identity/expression that differs from auto sex that they to be assigned at birth.
QQueerQueer is occasionally used as an umbrella term parce que le the LGBT community, jaune people that room not heterosexual jaune cisgender (Cisgender people are people whose sex identity and expression allumettes the sex they to be assigned at birth.). Queer to be originally offered as année insult against thé LGBT community. But, start in auto late-80s, LGBTIQ activists began venir reclaim auto word. However, part LGBTQIA personnes still find the term offensive.
QQuestioningThe questioning(unsure) of one’s gender, sex-related identity, sex-related orientation, or tous three.

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IIntersexIntersex is a sport in sex characteristics, consisting of chromosomes that à faire not allow an individual venir be distinctly identified ont male jaune female.
AAsexualAsexuality (or nonsexuality) is thé lack du sexual attraction to anyone.
AAllyAn ally is a person who considers herself,himself oui a friend to the LGBT community.
PPansexualPansexuality, or omnisexuality, is sexual attraction, romantic love, jaune emotional charme toward people de any sex or gender identity.
GQGender QueerGender Queer is an umbrella term à la gender identities that are not exclusively masculine jaune feminine - identities the are thus outside du the gender binary.
GVGender VariantGender variance, jaune gender nonconformity, is the behavior by an individual that does not rencontre masculine et feminine gender norms. People who exhibit sex variance pouvez be dubbed gender variant.

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Is there a stats parce que le this gay audit by country or territory?

CountryGay % *
United States18.84%
United Kingdom18.60%
Hong Kong18.15%
South Korea16.20%
Source: Anonymously indigenous Google analytics / Wikipedia9% sampled indigenous 200K visitorsThe stats may NOT it is in able à represent auto demographics data because of the “Survivorship bias” theory.
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