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Insect Biology research study InstituteUMR 7261Faculty du Science and Technology20 way Monge, se garer Grandmont37200 la tour (France)Site mapTours is accessible par TGV indigenous Paris, montparnasse station (55 min), Roissy-Charles aux Gaulle international airport (1h35), london (4h20), Brussels (3h30) or Geneva. The city of tours is also at the crossroads ns the motorways that cross la france from north to south and from east to west. La tour airport offers direct flights venir London et Dublin.

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if you travel de plane, the le meilleur solution is to sol at Roissy-Charles aux Gaulle (CDG) airport, from where tu can additionally reach Orly airport venir pick increase intra-European flights. Over there is a habitent TGV line in between CDG airport et Tours (Saint-Pierre des Corps). There are also possibilities venir travel de plane from parisien CDG to Tours-Val aux Loire airport.For more information on CDG airplane : is lien to most principale cities in France et Europe by the TGV network. Plenty of TGV les trains leave for Tours from montparnasse Station in Paris, adhering to the parisien - Bordeaux line. Some trains go directly to Tours Centre, cible most stop at thé TGV gare in Saint-Pierre des Corps. In this case, a shuttle autobus frequently leaves Saint-Pierre des physiquement for Tours quartier général (5 min). This shuttle is usually consisted of in her ticket. Usually, thé shuttle pipeline from the opposite platform after every arrival ns a TGV. The Tours quartier général train gare is situated in the ville centre, fermer la porte to plenty of hotels et bus connections.For information on the Paris métro network: livre your ticket online (TGV and others) :

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Our institute is situated in auto southern part de the ville of tours (Parc Grandmont), around 15-20 min from the city centre de bus. The autobus lines are coded v a number et a color code. Autobus tickets have the right to be bought conditions météorologiques the buses parce que le about 1,30€. Buses leaving from many emplacement in auto city, marqué depending nous the lare of her hotel, it is sometimes easier venir take your autobus from the henchmen station in front de the Town hall (place jean Jaurès). Buses heading south have to be bring away from the stop on the left side of the rue when you are facing the Hotel ns Ville. This arrêter is close to auto station: once leaving auto station, take the pedestrian street conditions météorologiques the left (attention: the autobus station opposite the gare corresponds to thé inter-city buses). To volonté to Grandmont Park, amie can take line 26 to Grandmont Park (stop at "Faculté ns Grandmont"), or line 02A to extrême Santé vinci (get éteindre at "Faculté aux Grandmont"), or line 11 to jouer Blotterie (stop at "Faculté du Grandmont"), or line 05B to St calcul Gare via blue jeans Jaurès then deux Lions (stop at "Faculté du Grandmont"). Our institut (building I) coincides to thé building situated in auto south-east corner ns the intersection of rue principale d"Arsonval et avenue Monge, opposite auto Faculty"s administration building.For more informations on the bus system of the ville of tours :

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à la tourist informations about our region, elle can visit thé official travel website of the capitale of the leader castles :