The big bang theory saison 10 episode 12

Howard and Bernadette's story makes thé most impression in auto latest patchy episode de The super Bang Theory...

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By Caroline Preece | January 9, 2017 | | comments count:0

When is a Christmas episode no a Christmas episode? when it’s a The Big Bang theory episode aired in January, that flashes back to December v very précis reason to back it up.

I’m torn nous this episode. Nous the one hand, ns enjoyed the formats change et the peek into what auto gang’s lives might be prefer when the fictional cameras aren’t nous them. Nous the other, the nothing nous haven’t viewed a million temps before et is, ont always, came to primarily with seulement un two ns the eight-strong cast. Thé Christmas template is also confusing for année audience that is watching practically a principale into the new year.

The mouvement is sectioned off into three separate vignette – one à la Sheldon et Amy, one for Penny et Leonard and one for Howard et Bernadette. The sapin shows Amy inform Sheldon’s maman about their nouveau living situation, et Sheldon reacting poorly when she doesn’t throw holy scripture and judgement at them. The second is the least fun, through Penny et Leonard having actually a bad experience v a Christmas tree, and the 3rd – showing Howard et Bernadette as new parent – my favourite.

Frontloading thé episode with the Sheldon and Amy portion hurt an ext than aided the général sense ns apathy in that, ont always, ce seemed to oui had thé most treatment put into it. It has shades ns nerd-hating in Sheldon’s mother’s presumption that ne sont pas woman could ever love a masculin who’s into ‘toy trains’ (insert any geeky dévouement here), but it do the efforts to comme? ou quoi on his and Amy’s relationship, albeit in a clunky, half-baked way.

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It’s your étendard ‘Sheldon is upset about a perceived slight and acts immaturely as a result’ structure, cible its predictability – and the fact it more or less appears to succeed – seul demonstrates how low expectations parce que le this kind ns episode space at this alloue in the show’s life.

That’s most evident with Leonard et Penny’s share de the runtime, which manages to be completely forgettable while encore being rather annoying. An ext than anything, after temps away parce que le the holidays, ce reminded moi of how little thé writers seem à give à these two anymore. Laissez-nous not forget the they’re supposed à be the male et female lead du this show, and it’s to be months because they had actually a storyline de note.

Bernadette’s baby blues and the attempts ns Howard, Raj et Stuart to co-parent advantage simply from being something nous haven’t viewed before, since bébé Wolowitz is a nouveau addition à this dynamic. Whether elle enjoyed see Bernadette struggle is more than likely a matter ns perspective, but the instants in which she reaches a moment of peace with a sleeping baby et proud husband is genuinely emotional (if not completely safe).

I’ve enjoyed thé pregnancy storyline native top à bottom, et if the démontrer decides venir move forwards through Raj and Stuart as live-in nannies then ns just expect they have the right to make cette about them ont well oui the new parents. Both de them deserve more than je vous demande pardon they generally get, cible I’ve longue given up nous expecting them to volonté their very own storylines.

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At this point last season, i was praising the success ns Sheldon and Amy’s split storyline, et now it’s Howard et Bernadette who are making auto most impression. Si nothing else, that spectacle how super Bang Theory have the right to be genuinely good when cette shakes la fin the shackles ns its condition quo, et this season has done tant beaucoup, tellement of that. Allongons hope we get a little less business ont usual in thé months leading up venir the faisabilité series finale, et more temps devoted à characters who haven’t been served in a while. 

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