The Big Bang Theory Saison 11 Episode 18

Now that Sheldon and Amy ont a wedding date on The big Bang Theory things are starting venir move along at a rather frais speed towards thé actual wedding. Castle only oui two months before the wedding and there is toujours a lot for them to get together, marqué having a daté is a great way à light a feu under them and get it all done. This evening though the wedding to plan is nous hold as other fémoral are taking priority.

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Penny has big news and it has to faire with facture dachat Gates! He’s coming to elle work take it a tour et after spending so many years with the guys she’s probably a au sens propre more excited à la this then she may ont been si this was 11 year ago. There to be a joli nod from auto producers to couvert tonight that Penny has known auto guys 11 years et this is auto 11th season of the show. Coin is yes, really nervous around this rencontre with Gates due to the fact that she’s hoping venir turn this opportunity right into a avancement into auto PR department and the included pressure from Leonard à meet him isn’t helping. Entrances is an idol of his and tous the men want a chanceux to satisfy him, cible with this being Penny’s job, elle doesn’t want to faire anything to jeopardize it.

After seeing where gateways is staying conditions météorologiques Penny’s phone, Leonard, Raj and Howard decide to head venir his hotel in hopes de running right into him. Not really the most respectful point Leonard has ever done, marqué he’s desperate et seems to be hoping that asking pour forgiveness later will be sufficient if hey can volonté a moment with his idol. When he gets there, he starts venir feel really coupable about walking behind Penny’s earlier (as he should!) and is ready to leaving – that is until facture dachat Gates spectacles up! Then auto waterworks come out ont Leonard blubbers all over him trying to exprimer his peur for him.

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When Leonard comes patrie from his secret bill Gates meeting, Penny has actually some amusant news for him. Leonard is walk to oui a chanceux to fulfill Gates at a party ont Penny’s concéder one. This is quite the mess that Leonard is in since he hasn’t told sa the truth, and instead of coming clean, hey decides à pretend the he’s sick when the event comes up so hey never has à say anything. Is cette really going to importer away through this? penny feels so mauvais that he doesn’t ont a chance to satisfy him the she affronter times v Leonard et Gates which of arttaserse exposes quel he’s done.

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We need to give a shout out to Raj pour giving us auto laugh du a first time with his john Williams “I always score” joke. Nous won’t fully ruin it pour you here, cible we peut être be re-watching the part de nouveau 20 jaune so fois later tonight. This to be a really drôle episode that reminded us a lot of some du the adventures auto guys offered to have chasing down their amour of tous things geeky.

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