The Big Bang Theory Saison 12 Episode 14

This week's Big Bang Theory featured too précis of Amy and Penny, marqué in return we got to see more ns Sheldon selecting his heart end his head. (Read critical week's recap in des boites you require a refresher nous that development.)

In thé latest episode—titled the "The Meteorite Manifestation"—Howard and Bernadette attempt to oui some alone time par hanging out in their nom est tub after hours. There's one précis problem: Their nouveau neighbor has decided à install motion-detector overwhelming lights that loi as a spotlight conditions météorologiques the Wolowitzes' chaud tub, bedroom, bathroom, tu name it. Bernadette et Howard room not amused.

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Neither is Raj, who is uninterested once Howard complains about Neighborgate 2019. Sheldon isn't intrigued either, offered that cette "has a Nobel prize crisis to deal with" (though the Nobel go unmentioned parce que le the rest du the episode). All that's left is Leonard and his nouveau laser—but passant par this point, Howard is an ext interested in seeing Bert's meteorite et I'm much more interested in rewatching Friends.


Sonja Flemming/CBSBut let's comprendre back to auto Wolotwitzes' problem. Bernadette and Howard pay a visit to the zoning bureau to see if there's anything lock can à faire about the situation. They can, marqué it's complicated. Howard sûr the entirety thing feel like much more trouble than it's worth, and that's comment we end that scene. Riveting.

Back venir Leonard, that is now at thé comic livre store sneezing end everything. Personalities rarely importer sick nous shows unless cette advances thé story, sauce soja I'm beginning to think Leonard's dying. Or maybe that's just me hoping something will certainly happen to raise the stakes in this episode.

Anyway, Bert needs something to cut open his meteorite marqué still doesn't want venir use Leonard's laser. Leonard feeling left out. Alrighty then.

Moving on, Howard and Bernadette raconter the gangs they had à spend fifty percent their day at thé planning office, and Sheldon is jealous. Bernadette says if cette likes planning and zoning effort so much, cette should come through them. So hey does. Leonard, meanwhile, continues to comprendre sicker.

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Once alone, Leonard speak Penny it's frustrating that Bert et Raj don't want à use his laser to cut through their meteorite. Cette knows his way is better, marqué Raj et Bert don't care. Oui I stated that ns don't either? coin offers à run out et get Leonard medicine, cible he tells sa Stuart already gave him ingredient at auto comic livre store et he'll seulement sleep nous the couch tonight.

While Leonard is resting (with his head on Sheldon's cushion!!! Is that even allowed?!), Sheldon visits Bernadette and Howard's house to see thé neighbor's balcony à la himself. "Oh boy, you weren't kidding," he says with thé excitement de a five-year-old. Cette asks Bernadette and Howard about property lines et permits from when they developed their deck, marqué they raconter Sheldon lock never obtained a permit à la their deck. Sheldon is appalled. He later tells Amy he's going à teach them thé lessons ns the law. Amy begs him not to, cible Sheldon says cette must follow auto rules.

In the next scene Leonard is toujours sick. Hey goes to the lab and sees the meteorite. He can't believe Raj et Bert are going to cut it with a "punk-ass diamond saw." je guess that's supposed to be funny, marqué I'm not well-versed in meteorite humor.

The complying with day Sheldon visits auto zoning office. He tells thé person in charger that hey knows who in violation ns the structure code cible doesn't sait if he should turn them in. This goes back et forth à la a while; by the end of the scene, we ont no answers. How will I aller on?

Somehow je do, and next thing je know, Raj et Bert interrupt Leonard slicing the meteorite v his laser. Then, in auto blink of année eye, Leonard starts eat Bert. It's full on Santa Clarita Diet, and I'm not even sure what démontrer I'm the town hall anymore. Then Leonard start attacking et eating Raj. Should i care? ns mean, at least things are getting interesting, right? i feel ont conflicted as Sheldon at the zoning commissioner's office.

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But don't worry, due to the fact that it's toutes les personnes a mauvais dream. Coin wakes Leonard up from his nightmare and says ce will all be OK. Marqué wait! Leonard starts eating Penny, and Drew Barrymore's schilah Hammond has joined him! Well, not exactly, but Penny ultimately wakes Leonard increase from his bad dream's mauvais dream and everything seems normalement again. Je think.