The flash saison 5 episode 19

The éclat Season 5 illustration 19 Recap

The Flash deals v Barry’s decision to revenir Nora à the émergence in thé previous episode. Iris accuses Barry of acting on emotion and is upset that hey didn’t talk with her antérieur à making a decision regarding their family nous his own. Barry can’t comprendre past the fact the Nora is working v Thawne, i m sorry Iris can overlook because Nora is your daughter. Barry retorts that si this had actually been anyone marqué their daughter, Iris would page with Barry, but she can’t because Nora has actually finally determined that she doesn’t la ruée her mother. The two aller on mauvais terms, v Iris staying at Joe and Cecile’s house for a while/

Snow Pack


Iris decides venir use a temps sphere to go to the a venir to watch Nora again. Ralph tag along, obtaining Nora into the confinement to uncover Nora with Thawne.

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Nora asked Thawne how he’s been able à travel in temps without other speedsters detecting him. Thawne help Nora doux into auto negative la vitesse force passant par using elle rage and negative emotions ont fuel à la her vitesse, vitesse instead du the light inside du her. Once Iris confronts Nora, Nora becomes enraged, i beg your pardon allows elle to tap into the negative la vitesse force et travel back à 2019. Thawne tells Iris that the seul way à help Nora is parce que le Iris and Barry to faire so untied as Nora’s family.

When Nora returns, she sits down with Barry et the deux agree à work together à save Nora from Thawne’s manipulations.

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Iris tells Barry the while Thawne is without doubt using Nora, the seulement un person she’s ever seen watch at Nora prefer Thawne walk is Barry. Iris thinks that maybe Thawne in reality cares about Nora and is trying to help her after all.