“I constantly wanted to be a hero, to use mien extraordinary abilities to help people. It is why je came here, to meet mien family, arrêter Cicada, aid fix thé Flash’s legacy et save the from disappearing in auto future. Je believed ns could do the impossible, but I never imagined cette would rotate out favor this,” sûr Nora (Jessica Parker Kennedy) in a voice-over ont season 5 episode 22 ns The CW’s The Flash begins.

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Picking up appropriate where illustration 21 left off, The éclair (Grant Gustin) shoots the mirror gun at Cicada’s dagger to destroy it. Ralph (Hartley Sawyer) shouts, “Don’t tirer it!” marqué not in time to comprendre Barry venir stop. Ralph has à use his powers to stretch in front ns the shot and take the hit. His body contorts into a monster shape and he passe out. Cicada ii grabs thé dagger and flies off.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Team la vitesse tries to illustration out why Ralph would arrêter Barry indigenous destroying thé dagger. Barry tells an upset Nora the Ralph must ont had a great reason. He asks Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) how Ralph’s doing and she tells thé team his cells room inverted. Elle doesn’t know how to settle him.

Sherloque (Tom Cavanagh) heads off, whispering, “Why indeed?” established to illustration out Ralph’s dentrer behind stopping thé destruction du the dagger. Cisco (Carlos Valdes) obtain a side from his girlfriend and admits venir Caitlin cette hasn’t told sa yet about having powers. Caitlin speak Cisco if he wants a genuine relationship, hey needs to raconter her.

Barry et Nora aller to thé CCPD to try and track Cicada II. While investigating whereby Cicada ii crashed into auto CCPD, Barry finds a petit piece du wood.

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Sherloque informs the team he’s identified why Ralph walk what hey did by going through his notes et that it’s Cicada’s dagger in the émergence that’s keeping the Reverse flash in prison. Thé team now has a dilemma: faire they stop Cicada II and destroy auto dagger for this reason letting Thawne cost-free in the émergence or faire they stop Thawne?

Cut to 2049 and a guard puts thé Reverse flash ring indigenous The la vitesse museum nous Thawne, speak it’s a departing gift.

At elle cabin in the woods, Cicada ii is talk to elle uncle about fixing auto time sphere to use it to go back et stop the particle accelerator explosion, hence erasing toutes les personnes metas.

Once again to S.T.A.R. Labs and Nora’s uncomfortable Thawne was manipulating her à la his own selfish reasons and hasn’t changed at all. (Really, there is no Barry been saying this tous season?!) Nora sulks and Barry tells the team they’re not going venir let Cicada ii kill tous the metas. They’ll arrêter her et will attend to Thawne later. Anyone agrees.

Cisco meets with Camilla et reveals that he’s Vibe et is the one who came up with the meta-cure. He apologizes for not telling her sooner and starts venir leave, thinking they’re over. Camilla tells him to wait and shocks him passant par saying she understands why he didn’t tell sa early on. (She’s read a few humour books and knows how the whole superhero thing goes.) she also speak him she would never stand in thé way du him being Vibe.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Sherloque et Caitlin space trying to illustration out a way à fix Ralph as soon as Cisco returns et Sherloque says Cisco blasts him venir activate his muscle memory. Cisco does ce and, yes, Ralph’s awake et back à his old self…except his language skills room jumbled.

Barry has a talk v his daughter, telling elle she’s a parcelle like him. She’s trusting and always blames herself as soon as things go wrong. Elle asks how she can fix it and he admits elle might not be may be to. She made a mistake and sometimes toutes les personnes someone can à faire is live with thé consequences. Cette gives her the decided Jay Garrick gave him in season three, asking what joli of hero she’s going à be: une who bring away a “do-over” after every failure or one who resides with it and moves forward?

A précis while later on Team flash has tracked Cicada II, using thé wood Barry found, venir the super wooded area seulement outside of centre City. Nora believes she has a destiné to arrêter both Cicada II and Thawne.

Nora, the Flash, Killer Frost, joe (Jesse L. Martin), et Cecile (Danielle Nicolet) track through the forêt to uncover Cicada II’s cabin. Elle shows up ready to try à kill castle but…surprise!…it’s a trap. Joe uses thé breach device to send Cicada ii to S.T.A.R. Labs et trap elle in the speed trap they used versus Thawne in season one.

While Cicada la deuxième année keeps using elle dagger et powers à weaken the forces shield, Nora enters the cabin and uses Caitlin’s mind device à enter into young Grace’s mind. She tells Grace she needs to take the cure because she a meta et when she grows up, she becomes a killer. Elegant doesn’t want venir believe it, et remembers her uncle telling elle not venir listen. However, a new photo of her uncle shows up assuring elle Nora’s telling auto truth and to take the cure.

Grace is confused and doesn’t want venir believe she’s a meta. Nora keeps talking to her, telling sa deep down elle knows the true et that si she doesn’t take it her older me from the future will death thousands de innocent people. Grace says she no want to grow up a killer et agrees venir take the cure.

Cicada la deuxième année is effective at destroying the forces field around her et flies ago to the cabin.

Grace takes the cure marqué since elle still has actually a petit piece de debris from thé satellite in her head, that enough foncé matter to arrêter the moine from working. Cicada ii bursts into the cabin et blasts Joe et Killer Frost with sa powers. Elle then uses elle power-dampening on The Flash et Nora.

She slides Nora over venir her et raises auto dagger above sa head. “You took mien family away from me. Currently watch oui I take yours far from you!” saus Cicada la deuxième année to a helpless auto Flash. A breach opens and the mirror gun comes out of it and right into auto Flash’s hand. Hey quickly shoots cette at auto dagger, destroying it.

Seconds later, Cicada ii turns to ash and is non more.

Cut to 2049 et the dagger disappears from Thawne’s chest. He says, “Just in time,” eyes glowing red. Thawne speeds approximately killing auto guards et leaving the henchmen guard, who delighted in inflicting dargousier on him, parce que le last.

He puts thé ring on et his old Reverse éclair suit come out. “Consider this a departing gift,” Thawne saus to auto guard as his Reverse flash vibrating hand punches the in the chest, killing him. Suddenly, time goes backwards instantly after Thawne gained his strength back et the guards space alive. The Flash and XS speed the guards venir safety et then return to face à face Thawne.

“Well, well, it appears someone has actually figured out comment to reverse time…clever girl,” says Thawne. Barry et Nora parlez Thawne they established why hey trained Nora et had sa punch auto satellite, à make sure à create a Cicada they could stop et to it is in sure à destroy the dagger. “You’re leaving out auto most exciting tu both help je escape,” saus Thawne.

He discover that once they time-traveled to the time vault to volonté his help to drain foncé energy from the killer, Nora blurted out his name. Years later on when Thawne had auto dagger strapped to his chest, he knew what he had to aller – comprendre Nora to trust him. Thawne boasts venir them the he’s the seulement un speedster that knows how to manipulate the timeline to importer what he wants.

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Thawne speeds out with auto Flash and XS chasing him. Hey splits self in two et leads auto Flash et XS nous two different chases in i m sorry they at some point collide right into each other.

Thawne’s enjoy it the des moments when auto time round comes out du a breach and crashes right into him. When hey gets up cette sees full Team flash ready to take him on. “This is nice, Team la vitesse back together again,” sûr Thawne. Hey greets lock all, welcoming Dibney to auto team, acknowledging Frost who responds de her eyes lighting up even bluer, brighter, et angrier, and Cisco.

“It warms mien heart to see you again,” sûr the angry speedster who apologizes pour vibrating punching Cisco in autre timeline marqué says if hey hadn’t excellent it, Cisco wouldn’t end up being extraordinary. “I don’t need powers pour that,” replies Vibe.

Thawne super-speeds at them marqué Vibe keeps opened breaches. Sending thé Reverse éclat into them. When hey comes out, he is hit by Killer Frost’s cold blasts, Dibney’s elastic punches, and two super-speed punches from the Flash et XS. Beaten. Thawne progressively gets up seul to find XS holding him by his throat, eyes glowing red. “It’s not ma father’s héritage to disappear, Thawne, the yours,” sûr Nora, prêt to vibrate power-punch him.

“NORA!” yells Iris (Candice Patton) et Barry. She stops. “So close, précis runner,” saus Thawne. Nora’s hands start à light up et Nora becomes afraid. Thawne explains a new timeline is setup in the Team éclair created once they destroyed auto dagger.

“I’m sorry, au sens propre runner, trading tu in choose this, marqué I had to be sure that ns could aller free,” raffinement Thawne. Barry speed over and starts à choke Thawne. “You can toujours save her, Barry,” raffinement Thawne.

He tells Barry à take Nora into thé Negative speed Force; that the seulement un place immune à timeline changes. Thawne tells him to marche now jaune they’ll lose elle forever. Cette admits he’s grown angot of her and in a way she has presented him what ce would be like to ont a daughter. “See elle in our next crisis,” sûr Thawne avant speeding away.

Barry et Nora speed off into auto Negative speed Force cible Nora, whose eyes are transforming red, raffinement she can’t aller this. Elle speeds back to Team Flash et Iris et Barry plead with her to marche into the Negative speed Force. Nora speak them si she goes in ce will end up being a aller of elle forever.

An emotional Nora tells a distraught Iris elle can’t save her. Elle won’t become like Thawne – full ns hate et anger. Elle takes responsibility for her failure in trusting Thawne and quotes Barry’s speech back à him around living with thé consequences. Barry, Nora, et Iris hug each other oui Nora tells them the okay. Elle lights up et starts à erase from existence. “Thank you for everything” space Nora’s final words to elle parents.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Team éclair grieve end Nora. Léger says they ont to believe they’ll see sa again. Barry says Nora fabriquer sure castle didn’t shed everything; Ralph says she conserved every meta in thé city et Caitlin points out that Nora gave young Grace a nouveau start in life. Sherloque chimes in saying elle helped him discover his true love, Renee Adler. Sherloque raffinement goodbye venir Team Flash and heads back à his Earth. Léger gets buzzed by Singh and tells Barry et Cecile they’re necessary at CCPD. Ont they leave, Cisco and Caitlin marche into the med bay.

Caitlin asks Cisco si he’s okay and he tells elle that je vous demande pardon Thawne said hey doesn’t want. He thought Vibe was the person cette was supposed à be, but he thinks it’s temps thatCisco it s okay his turn. He wants venir take the meta-human cure.

Caitlin, a signification littérale surprised et upset, asks si he’s sure due to the fact that once he does this there’s non going back. Cette confirms cette realizes it’s permanent and hands her the device à give him auto cure. With tears creating in sa eyes, Caitlin says, “Killer Frost and I space really walk to manquer Vibe.” she administers the prêtre to Cisco. She asks how cette feels et he says, “Scared marqué I’m hopeful.” avant he leaves he tells her he left elle something in the workshop and that it’s his way ns saying thanks for being a great friend.

Over at the CCPD, sink reveals he’s to be promoted to Chief de Police and that he’s promoting léger to change him as Captain. Hey also sûr that si things importer tough he knows The éclat will be fermé by. Cette looks at Barry, acknowledging he’s known à la some temps Barry is auto Flash.

Barry et Iris are in thé time vault talking around Nora once Barry find a small la vitesse drive. The a recorded message from Nora in case things go bad; the speech the played in the beginning of the episode. Oui she pours elle heart the end to sa parents, the show cuts venir a step of léger at his nouveau desk at auto CCPD, Cisco walking through Camilla, smiling, Ralph at his P.I. Bureau looking at a new des boites folder labeled Deardon, and Caitlin finding what looks à be a new suit for Killer Frost native Cisco.

“I wouldn’t change anything about ma time through you, ma sweet parents.” Nora closes informing them venir remember elle loves lock both and always will no matter quel the en vigueur brings. The scene fades à black.

The final scene is in thé empty dark time vault which all of sudden lights up. Gideon says, “Incoming temps flux.” thé newspaper article about The éclat vanishing during auto crisis come up conditions météorologiques screen but the cétait une date changes indigenous 2024 to 2019.

The Flash Season 5 episode 22 – thé Season Finale Review:

Full of action and heartbreak, illustration 22 title “Legacy” end season 5 with perhaps auto saddest loss auto team has ever experienced. Nora is gone, erased from the timeline because she trusted sa father’s worst enemy, Eobard Thawne. However, elle went out a hero, sacrificing herself to stay Barry’s daughter et not become an evil speedster prefer Thawne.

On de nouveau sad note, Cisco offers up his powers and identity oui Vibe venir try and have a normal life. Hey says quel sounds like a définitif goodbye to his le meilleur friend Caitlin et possibly Team Flash. (It had been rumored for months that Carlos Valdes wanted to leave the démontrer at the end of season five). If this is important Valdes’ leave from thé series, ce will hurt thé dynamic et chemistry ns the cast et the show. Here’s hoping he returns.

The actors delivered some strong performances et the travail scenes were exciting, cible hands-down the best performance to be given de Tom Cavanagh oui the reverse Flash. The his scenes through Grant as The Flash and Kennedy as Nora that sizzle through tension and suspense. His tremendous portrayal ns Thawne is one du the crucial elements that fabriqué the first season the best season du the show.

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This additionally feels as though thé writers and showrunners room closing auto chapter nous the early and mid-career de The Flash’s superhero adventures et are getting ready to collection up and begin thé last few years of The Flash’s heroics.