The Handmaid's tale Season le3 has begun! Here's everything you need to savoir about thé Hulu series, including news et reviews...

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By Kayti Burt | respectable 19, 2019 | | comment count:0

prêt to invest more time in Gilead? You’re in luck! The Handmaid’s Tale Season le3 is here.

Hulu’s annoucement of The Handmaid’s Tale Season 3 announcement came seul following the premiere du The Handmaid’s Tale Season 2. The drama, based nous Margaret Atwood’s 1985 novel of thé same name (which is gaining a sequel!), is conveniently Hulu’s most-celebrated d’origine drama therefore far.

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The Handmaid’s Tale follows Moss’ personality Offred in a dystopian émergence following a seconde American poli War in i beg your pardon women, called Handmaids, are forced into sexual and child-bearing servitude. In the first season, we meet Offred (aka june Osborne) who has been put int he home of le commandant Fred Waterford and his mam Serena Joy ont their Handmaid.

You deserve to read our complete (and fully spoiler free) review of The Handmaid’s story Season le3 here. Check out the trailer parce que le the next, toutes les personnes new episode…

Den ns Geek’s Delia Harrington sat under with thé cast ns Handmaid’s tale Season 3. Inspect out sa interviews here…

The Handmaid’s tale Season 3 Episode Guide

Click nous the blue links to read complete episode reviews.

The Handmaid’s tale Season 3, episode 1: Night

June embarks nous a bold ordre that has unexpected consequences; Emily et Nichole oui a harrowing journey; auto Waterfords reckon v Serena Joy’s choice à send Nichole away.

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The Handmaid’s tale Season 3, illustration 2: Mary and Martha

“June helps Martha with a dangerous task while navigating a connection with sa pious, untrustworthy new walking partner; Emily et Luke struggle with their transformed circumstances.”

The Handmaid’s tale Season 3, illustration 3: Useful

“June navigates a meeting during which she must face both Cmdr. Waterford et Nick; Serena joyeux tries à recuperate at her mother’s home; Lawrence teaches célibataire a hard lesson about thé difficult decisions cette makes oui a commander.”

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The Handmaid’s tale Season 3, illustration 4: God Bless thé Child

“June negotiates a truce in auto Waterfords? relationship; Aunt Lydia offers a brutal auditeur punishment.”


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The Handmaid’s story Season 3, episode 5: Unknown Caller

“June and Serena grapple with a new revelation around Nichole, leading to an incident the could ont far-reaching ramifications.”

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The Handmaid’s tale Season 3, episode 6: Household

“June and Serena grapple v a new revelation around Nichole, leading to an incident the will oui far-reaching ramifications.”


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The Handmaid’s story Season 3, illustration 7: Under His Eye

“June escalates sa risky essai to uncover Hannah; Emily visages her previous crimes as the ongoing international diplomatic dilemm becomes more complicated; Serena et Fred contemplate their émergence in Washington.”

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The Handmaid’s story Season 3, episode 8: Unfit

“June et the rest de the Handmaids shun Ofmatthew, and both space pushed venir their boundaries at thé hands of Aunt Lydia, who shows on elle life et relationships avant the rise ns Gilead.”

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The Handmaid’s tale Season 3, illustration 9: Heroic

June’s sanity starts à fray when elle is border in a hospital; an encounter with Serena Joy forces June venir reassess elle recent actions.

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The Handmaid’s story Season 3, episode 10: Witness

June has à deal v a devious ploy nous the aller of commander Waterford.


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The Handmaid’s tale Season 3, episode 11: Liars

A revenir to Jezebels puts everything in jeopardy; june is forced à trust le commandant Lawrence; Serena Joy et Commander Waterford try venir make a trip incognito.

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The Handmaid’s tale Season 3, episode 12: Sacrifice

Losses among their very own rocks Gilead’s leadership; Luke and Moira readjust to nouveau arrivals in Canada; june worries around disruptions to sa plan, seul to oui tragedy strike the entire household.


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The Handmaid’s tale Season 3 Trailer

Watch auto trailer for The Handmaid’s Tale season 3 right here.

You can likewise check out the sapin trailer below.

The Handmaid’s tale Season 3 Cast

Christopher Meloni (Happy!, legislation & Order: distinct Victims Unit) et Elizabeth Reaser (The Haunting ns Hill House) will be guest starring in Handmaid’s Tale Season 3!

Meloni will play commandants Winslow, “a powerful et magnetic commandants who hosts the Waterfords on an important trip.” Reaser will phat Mrs. Winslow, “Commander Winslow’s wife, that becomes a friend and inspiration to Serena Joy.”

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Warning: diriger spoilers à la the Handmaid’s tale Season 2 finale… read at your own risk!

The fate ns Aunt Lydia (Ann Dowd), that was stabbed in thé Season 2 finale. Executive producer Warren little field revealed in a recent entretien with EW the Aunt Lydia will be back parce que le Season 3.

“The sapin thing nous said is, ‘You’re not dead, marqué it’s going à be a pretty brutalement scene,"” littlefield said. “She was completely up à la it.”


Littlefield continued:

There to be different choices of how we shooting that, that could oui indicated that there to be absolutely nothing, ne sont pas signs ns life. But you do see ce at the football of auto stairs, the there space signs ns life. Is there an excellent risk? Absolutely. But yeah, again, ns think ns may oui done a super spoiler here. Aunt Lydia is such a powerful et important part de this world and this show. But we fear à la her life, et it is for sure life-threatening. Et that’s where nous leave her, in a life-threatening situation.

The Handmaid’s story Season le 3 Release Date

The Handmaid’s Tale Season le 3 began nous Wednesday, june 5 v three nouveau episodes automatically available. Climate the démontrer will continuez its normal once-a-week schedule parce que le the rest du the season. The Handmaid’s Tale Season 3 will save 13 episodes. 

Hulu’s Senior vice President of Originals, craig Erwich stated at his 2019 TCA winter press la tour executive séances that thé move to célibataire wasn’t about avoiding Game of Thrones in April. “We wanted venir give the show as much time as possible à maintain thé quality ce has. I’ve had the joie to see the tons two episodes and they’re spectacular,” cette said.

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