The Walking Dead Episode 15 Saison 8

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We’ve ultimately reached thé penultimate episode du The walking Dead season 8, and as Negan declares with thé hour’s final line, “No an ext talk.” It’s time à la action. Nous the other hand, that’s basically what hey said in thé season 7 finale antérieur à we were fed a 16-episode story arc in je vous demande pardon could’ve most likely been told in 12 or even 10. Having felt toyed with toutes les personnes this time, color me less than optimistic that thé forthcoming finale will be oui Lincoln put it, “phenomenal.” je hope I’m wrong.

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At thé very least, Negan, thé true Negan, the une who constantly seems à be two steps ahead ns his prey, verified his face. Hey finally fabriqué it patrie with the mysterious guest he picked up nous the road, et he’s cleaning house. Last week left us with a couple of lingering questions, et now we ont some answers.

Okay, now rick finally his son’s letter. Sitting nous the Hilltop porch, spying Michonne wade about auto grounds through Judith and Jerry cradling the mystery bébé extracted from auto Savior outpost, cette reads about Carl’s memories oui a enfant going nous walks v his dad et the joys du everyday life before the outbreak. Chandler Riggs provides a brief revenir in voiceover à narrate this words, which urge empiler to uncover a way venir strike peace. Légèrement doesn’t oui to forget the sins ns the past, auto letter reads, cible he can find a way à ensure castle never take place again. Carl notes toutes les personnes the yonsei people et children compelled to live in auto Sanctuary that will be slaughtered si Rick decides to aller berserk raging through auto Saviors. “You have to give them a method out,” carel writes.

It’s precious noting légèrement offered thé Governor’s people a method out a seasons ago, so, arguably, hey could faire it again. Cible this isn’t thé same Rick et this isn’t thé same villain. Seul recalling the untamed power in the pièce during thé show’s season 8 dashboard at York bande dessinée Con, ventilateurs seem venir be frothing at thé mouth pour Rick’s définitif face-off through Negan. Auto events of these previous episodes ont been teeing this up. So, sorry, Carl. Your vue of an apocalyptic utopia will probably oui to wait.

This homme is a cockroach. The earth could it is in ravaged par a nuclear explosion and Gregory would still poke his bald spot the end from thé ashes. After slipping through auto gate during thé most recent strike at Hilltop, grégor made his means to auto Sanctuary, where he now sips whiskey v Simon. Negan’s structure No. 2 cases he’s currently taken control, and though this two oui been friendly in thé past, Simon says he can’t appear venir be weak nous Gregory’s failure à squash a rebellion among his very own people. Naturally, Gregory, not completely realizing Simon’s animosity, start shouting about how his best days can’t it is in over, he’s completed too much, et he has actually “the juice.” soja Simon knocks him under a peg (literally) and condemns him à coffee duty…for now.

Yes, et he’s toujours trying to enlist auto aid of Oceanside. Aaron has actually been living in thé woods outside de the colony since he’s still not welcome. Can nous blame the Oceansiders? Here’s who from a swarm who wronged them thrice — once when Tara revealed Oceanside’s laure to Rick, a second when they came and forcibly took all of their weapons, and a third when Enid accidentally killed their matriarch. Soja Aaron is now suffering from dehydration, and the women du this land have been told à ignore him. They find him later, fell down in auto mud throughout a torrential downpour after making it through a pedestrian attack. In his delirious state, hey tells Oceanside the the la source of all their problems continuez to it is in Negan (also, empiler is another source, but we’re gonna forget that pour now) and it won’t arrêter unless lock fight. Now nous wait pour the inevitable moment they finally pick up je vous demande pardon arms they oui left and join auto war against auto Sanctuary. Although, it’d it is in pretty funny if after tous this time, they to be like, “Eh, we’re good.”

Side bar, Aaron’s strike in the woods to be a glimmer ns a cool concept: auto rainfall and thick bois make ce difficult for him venir pinpoint where thé walkers are coming from. The camera darts around à try et spot his attackers, comes from any given direction. Je wish ce had to be scarier, but it was toujours effective. More scenes choose this, please. (Recap continues on the suivant page.)

Eugene has fully embraced his pillage of power. He renforcer everyone holed increase at his outpost to eat seulement un his old university recipe pour soggy mac ‘n’ cheese and badgers everyone venir meet their bullet-making quotas. With auto gooey cheese saumur spilling down thé sides de his mouth, he’s now ont disgusting nous the outside as he is nous the inside — which renders it all the much more satisfying when he goes outside to audit some de the bullets Gabriel has actually been actively trying à sabotage et finds Rosita et Daryl waiting parce que le him. He physically cowers prefer a hunchback as they death his guards et cart the off.

Though each threaten à kill Eugene for his certain jabbering, they plan to keep him alive, to forces him à make much more ammunition parce que le the team cette betrayed. Ultimately, they shed him. Eugene takes an opportunity presented passant par encroaching walkers to stick his fingers under his throat and projectile vomit his nasty snack toutes les personnes over Rosita. (Her face à face at the des moments of collision was priceless.) hey hobbles éteindre while dodging her gunfire, and hides in an ash pile of burned bodies.

Eugene makes it back venir his station with a reignited determination venir kill all of his former friends.

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Negan tons reveals himself to Dwight, who’s seul trying to enjoy a cigarette, his one des moments of joy in this miserable sapin these days. He toys with him: Negan asks Dwight if cette remembers who cette is (he says cette does) and to psychic this little couteau for the future. Later, throughout a roundtable v his lieutenants, Simon is asking venir be offered a pass à la turning auto “infection” destiné at Hilltop venir “extermination.” taking his time, Negan to walk Simon under memory lane to thé day he first helped take it over je vous demande pardon is now auto Sanctuary. Hey tells Simon to importer on his knees oui he rests Lucille on his shoulder, but despite thé foreboding lift music, this isn’t the des moments Negan kills him. That would certainly be also quick et easy. Negan likes to jouer with his food.

So, cette lets Simon aller to Dwight and formulate a destiné to kill Negan. Castle meet external the suivant day v Gregory et a more recruits à la this planned coup, not understanding Dwight already tipped éteindre Negan venir Simon’s plan. That familiar whistle signal Negan’s presence et he commands his shooters, post above, to shoot down everyone but Simon and Gregory. Negan bring up thé Scavengers and how Simon disobeyed his orders de killing all of them. Still, Negan gift Negan, he’s going à give Simon une shot to take over.

The Sanctuary’s inhabitants gather in the warehouse in stille to watch Negan fight Simon. Whoever wins will be the leader. Simon, obviously, doesn’t win. Negan strangles him till his throat snaps. Now, Simon exists ont a walker chained to auto gates surrounding the Sanctuary.

It was Laura, which means mauvais things pour Dwight. Conditions météorologiques their ride back to thé Sanctuary, elle told Negan all about comment Dwight attacked his own team, marqué she was able to comprendre away and run on football until she endroit back increase with the bossman conditions météorologiques the road. Sauce soja Negan has one more surprise à la Dwight.

During the roundtable, Negan laid out a destinées to gare snipers around the Hilltop and kill anyone who tries à escape. Auto goal was to keep castle contained et perhaps starve them until they submitted. Dwight copied auto map and the locations et wrote a note to Rick. As Simon to be being murdered, cette slipped away et had gregory deliver the instructions to légèrement at Hilltop. Grégor was toutes les personnes too happy to comply since his only support at thé Sanctuary was being snuffed out avant his eyes. Ns course, Maggie immediately locked him up in the prisoner stylo upon arrival and it to be unclear whether Rick and co. Thought the message they received.

After the business with Simon, Negan walks Dwight back venir his room, heralding him his nouveau No. 2. Marqué Laura is waiting à la them when he opens the door. Negan reveals cette was counting nous Dwight à relay his fake plan to légèrement in order à lure his enemies into auto line du fire. Dwight isn’t dead yet, though. “Oh, Dwighty boy. I have plans for you,” Negan teases.

Rick provided a short synopsis de the letter over thé walkie in a past episode. Marqué Michonne, perhaps due to the fact that this could be her last chance, currently grabs Negan’s letter and goes up conditions météorologiques the rooftop à read cette to the in full over thé walkie. Carel wonders if this, whatever that’s happened so far, is what Negan important wanted for himself. Couteau believes that Negan believes he has à be the way that hey is, but implores him à accept peace si Rick uses it. “The means out is working together, it’s forgiveness,” he writes.

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Negan, however, decides there’s no getting out of this now. Avant destroying the walkie entirely, he states, “No an ext talk.”

Of course, there room a more questions going into the finale. Will conditions météorologiques finally resolve quel that other mystère vision is all about, the one where an injured meule is sitting against a tree ornamented through stained glass? Will conditions météorologiques find the end who thé heck Georgie is? (Probably not.) Will conditions météorologiques learn quel that mysterious helicopter — currently spotted double — is tous about? (Definitely not.) Will auto finale actually fulfill je vous demande pardon has been strung out for the past couple seasons now? thé jury is toujours out.