One du The wade Dead’s earliest villains is slated pour a return suivant season, seulement in temps to say goodbye to légèrement Grimes forever, as actor Andrew Lincoln is supposedly leaving the seul at some alloue during Season 9.

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TVLine revealed Monday the actor Jon Bernthal would return to The wade Dead throughout Season 9 to reprise the role ns Shane Walsh. And The Hollywood Reporter evidenced that it would be for a single episode. So all signs mission to his reappearance coinciding through Rick’s death jaune departure.

Fans ne sont pas doubt mental that series lead meule Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) fatally stabbed Shane at auto end de Season 2, et then Rick’s son carel (Chandler Riggs) shot Shane’s zombie form in thé head. There’s absolutely ne sont pas room parce que le interpretation that can creatively allow Shane to return to the montrer in the present day, completely alive the is.

He’s totally an extremely dead.

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Jon Bernthal, who currently plays thé lead franc Castle nous Marvel’s The Punisher over nous Netflix, will likely reprise his role ont Shane in part sort du flashback jaune hallucination ont opposed to a actual reprisal.

Rick’s hallucinated plenty de things over auto years oui his sanity’s ebbed and waned. In Season 3’s “Made à Suffer,” hey even hallucinated Shane comes at that through auto smoke during a huge firefight, as soon as his se réconcilier friend was currently dead. He’s additionally hallucinated see his dead wife Lori before. Haricot de soja who’s venir say rick won’t suffer de nouveau kind de mental break antérieur à his leave from thé show et hallucinate toutes les personnes kinds de stuff?

The wade Dead has additionally grown increasingly fond of messing with temps in that is narratives, also flashing forward to fémur that nothing exist et never will, sauce soja maybe it’ll tous be a daydream fantasy. Season 8 commonly showed visions du the émergence that were basically fake.

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Or ce could seulement be a flashback. Most recently, thé Season 8 finale flashed back venir a scene with meule Grimes go hand-in-hand v a lot younger dépense of Carl.


The show’s authors seem fond of doing these types de things oui a means venir commemorate personalities that have died. Cette would only make sense pour several de the most important figures in Rick’s first to démontrer up pour his big finale, particularly because the character will more than likely die, right?

In May, Collider reported that “fans can seulement un expect à see Lincoln in half-a-dozen episodes du the upcoming season.”